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We regret there will be no Cartophilic Convention this year. We believe it is the first year we have ever missed, but our decision has been made on grounds of safety and of health. It may turn out that coronavirus has been entirely defeated by October, though recent developments are starting to suggest the opposite. And as a large proportion of our collecting friends fall in the demographic age of those who are unkindly most affected by this scourge, we do not feel comfortable with the risks of hosting such an event

HOWEVER…. there are plans brewing to hold an online event of some kind.

We await to see how auctions and fairs will be affected by the threat of a new spike and lockdown. At the moment auctions are operating online and viewing / collection must be booked in advance and conducted by means of masked social distancing.

We have temporarily moved our auction updates on to our top trio of newsfeed boxes. They will pop up to the front as auction day nears, and again when the prices realised are available. In this way you can spot updates far more easily.


We are going to use this spare space to show you a new card every day. Some will celebrate a topical event and others will be a card from our gallery that we need your help to identify.

Today’s card is one from our gallery that is just a picture, nothing to identify it by way of issuer, title or number. So can you tell us what it is. No prizes, only thanks. You can contact us HERE with your answer

This one is from Carreras “Ripley Believe it or Not” (1934) and its card 31.

And there’s an article on the facts here

This also includes a link to a checklist of all the cards in the set

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August 8

Welcome to another week in our World Well another week has flown past. We hope that you enjoyed it? And if you bought anything interesting in the card world, do let us know.  [caption id="attachment_1779" align="alignleft" width="1