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to Today`s “Card of the Day”
Independent Bookshop Week

Our daily diversion, where we hope to introduce you to the huge range of cards and subjects that our hobby covers, and you can test your card knowledge, just for fun, to see if you can identify the card before we publish the answer, every night at about 8pm.


and yesterday`s card was…

… still a mystery. We believe it to be an advertising card for the David Walliams book, “The Worlds Worst Children” which was published in 2017, the date this card was uploaded to our media gallery. So who out there knows more? And can anyone scan the other side for our newsletter? Many thanks if you can, to either!

Our Latest Newsletter Publication

June 18

Lets start with many thanks to everyone who took part in our quest to hunt for and record the dates and venues of our Annual General Meetings, and those of the Cameric Club, and also our Annual Card Conventions. If you look at this list now you will