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Every day in this spot we will show you a different card or associated item from our world. There will be a mixture of tobacco and trade, and UK and overseas. The issuer, set title, and date will be revealed late in the day to allow you a chance to test your knowledge. But if you know any fun facts or interesting information about the card, issuer or subject, or it brings back any collecting memories, please tell us via


Godfrey Phillips “Sportsmen – Spot The Winner 29/50


Liebig Card
Liebig ‘British Army Uniforms’ S239

You will find additional information on all our cards of the week in our regular weekly newsletter, which is open access, and free for every visitor to read. While it is naturally based on cards, it touches on other events, and other collectables. It is usually uploaded early Saturday morning, and this weeks is at

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November 28

"Notes and News" Welcome to another week in our world and it could be the start of something as it is reportedly going to lead to the  lifting of lockdown, even if only on a temporary basis for Christmas. Though t