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For the benefit of new visitors, every day in this space there is a new card. Its issuer, set title, and date will be revealed in the evening so you have time to have a think, or a look through the search engine of your choice, and see if you get the solution before we print it. And if you know any fun facts or interesting information about any of our cards, issuers, or subjects, or they bring back any memories, tell us at

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USA/F347 [trade : OS) Jenny Wren Flour (USA) “Birds”

Any additional information we are sent or find out about our “Cards of the Day” will appear in our free weekly online “Notes and News” newsletter, uploaded to this site just as Friday night turns into Saturday morning. And all visitors, not just Society members, are welcomed to read it. It is, of course, based around cards but also visits other collectables and current events.

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