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Our daily diversion, where we hope to introduce you to the huge range of cards and subjects that our hobby covers, and you can test your card knowledge, just for fun, to see if you can identify the card before we publish the answer at about 8pm. There is an additional challenge running with the first three cards, and that is to identify the theme, which will be revealed on Monday night, in good time for you to investigate taking part in it. So lets move on to this week`s final clue… which is …


whilst Saturdays and Sundays clues were …


SATURDAY – AMA-305 [trade : UK] Amalgamated Press (“Champion”) “Sportsmen” / “Famous Football Captains” (1922-1923) 44/66

SUNDAY – L250-200.2 [tobacco : UK] R. J. Lea “Old Pottery & Porcelain” second series (1912)
card 93 (from a five part set of 250 cards)

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