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Our daily diversion, where you can test your card knowledge, just for fun, and see if you can identify the card before we publish the answer – fun yes, but we also hope to introduce you to the huge range of cards and subjects that our hobby covers. And if you know any interesting facts about the subject, set or issuer, please tell us at


and here is the answer to Yesterday`s “Card of The Day”


[trade : UK] Universal Cigarette Card Co. Ltd “Car Registration Numbers” third series (1987) Un/13

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Urgently seeking Jones Bros! A society member is looking for missing cards, or images of them, to complete 1911-12 Jones Bros “Spurs Footballers” set to use in a reference article. Missing cards are original E.H. Lightfoot and Team Photo(s) from 1910-11 and 1911-12 seasons. Please email

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