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Our daily diversion, where we hope to introduce you to the huge range of cards and subjects our hobby covers, and perhaps to a new collection theme. In addition there is a daily quiz, where you can test your card knowledge, just for fun, and see if you can identify our card before we publish the answer, nightly about 8pm. And the first three cards of the week are clues to the week`s theme, which can now be revealed as “National Recycling Week”. Did you work it out? Read more at

Today`s card is :


…  and yesterday`s card was


W675-189.B [tobacco : UK] W.D. & H.O. Wills “Irish Industries” (February 1937) 23/50
why .B ? That is because this reverse starts with
Find out what A. is, and why it is an error set, in our Friday newsletter – along with the story of why it is so good to recycle glass bottles… 

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September 18

Welcome to another week, where things seem to be getting back to normal and then they are not. The weather has not been too bad though, and there have been several interesting auction catalogues. I have to say that I have been rather busy and sometim