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A Palace Panini Puzzle

A Palace Panini Puzzle

Some musings from our footballing friend “bowbara”…
To quote the legendary Bill Shankly, football isn’t a matter of life and death, its much more important than that.
And so the Premier League is upon us once again, and many fans hopes and dreams will quickly turn to dust, but, as ever, football trading cards have been released by Panini. Yes, the 2020/21 season Panini Adrenalyn XL cards are out, which personally I think are much better quality than the Match Attax. Now this season it is made up of 18 cards per 20 clubs, but although originally stated to be 360 cards, Panini, for some unexplained reason, have reduced the set by 4 cards, and all of these are in the Crystal Palace squad where numbers 131-134 are unnamed. Now as all Premier League sides have an official squad of 25 players its hard to see why Panini have made such a mess of this years offering – if anyone at Panini is reading and can tell us why, well the football world is awaiting your explanation. This year the set also includes 22 heroes, 22 elites, 9 defensive rocks, 9 game breakers, 9 lightning, 9 top keepers, 9 diamonds, the fantastic 3D mirror cards, 5 fire, 4 ice, 1 invincible, the football league trophy, and the “always incredibly hard to obtain” 8 golden ballers. Although foremost this is issued as a game, most seem to collect the cards simply for keeping them in the album – which is only available by buying a starter pack. It would be great to be able to just buy an album, or even better just a cover with additional leaves. Well as we all look forward to another great football season, I look forward to hearing if any of your readers can pass along any info on the 4 AWOL Crystal Palace players. This would be gratefully received.

PS I hope this is not too long I always get carried away with The Beautiful Game.

and on another note, apparently Tesco are giving away free binders for the recently released Panini Adrenalyn XL Premier League cards. Does anyone have any gen?

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