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Are you constructing yet ?

Are you constructing yet ?

If so how do you get the whistle box to “fold” rather than crumple into a mess ? And has anyone made one that makes any noise at all yet let alone impersonates a goldfinch ? But anyway it has been great hearing from everyone who has told us they are spending their time, just as their ancestors may have done, a century ago, with making an Owbridge whistling goldfinch model. I wonder if Owbridge ever imagined that their simple novelty card would have a second lease of life, and prove to be just as entertaining to a whole new generation. In fact, we hear of readers making them to show their grandchildren, and we have to wonder if some time far in the future the cycle will again return! Anyway we will bring you updates on everyone`s progress as we hear of them. And do send us pictures of your completed models!

If you are not yet joining in, here is the card to download and print. And many thanks to Patrick Marks, from whose collection it has flown.


And don`t forget you can read the whole article about Owbridge Lung Tonic and their marvellous advertising cards, at

Now Easter fast approaches so if you have any cards showing rabbits, eggs, Easter bonnets, etc, please scan them and send them along. We will be having an Easter card of the day, plus galleries, so lots of cards are required. Please send your scans to

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