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The “Best” Card Scene ever?

Have your smelling salts ready ! We have some hot news to impart for our Virtual Convention

The next edition of The Card Scene Magazine, issue 38, will be available by the end of the month. The stunning front cover of our “George Best Special Edition” proves this will be a true feast, and a must for all football fans. You can subscribe to The Card Scene Magazine, and be sure of your copy, on their website at

And there is more, as it is being issued in conjunction with the “Bestie 75 Tribute collection” – a set of 75 Trade Cards that follows the remarkable career of George Best – one of the most charismatic and naturally gifted footballer’s the world has ever seen.

This “Bestie 75 Tribute collection” will be launched on Saturday 22 May 2021 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the date on which George was born in Belfast in 1946. “Best” of all this fantastic collection can now be pre ordered on and anyone who were quick off the mark and pre-ordered would have qualified for a FREE bonus set of 7 Preview Cards for immediate delivery. Hopefully some of our readers were, and did…

The close connection between the magazine and the card series will also make it very collectable in years to come and is bound to be a “Best” seller.

Still not decided? Well here is a review….


This utterly unique 75-card series is nothing less than a pocket-sized gateway to the glory days of the most idolised footballer who ever lived! With digitally enhanced football, fashion, and marketing photography and revealing background storylines, this lovingly created trade card series takes you on a remarkable journey to a special place
at the heart of the swinging sixties and beyond. A place where an unassuming and charming Irish football legend became the first showbiz ‘ace face’ celebrity of the game. After George Best, football would never be the same again and these awe-inspiring cards explain why and show how it all came to pass.
As we slowly emerge from lockdown, what better way to celebrate the dawn of a new sporting era than to look back and reflect on the glories of what went before and perhaps instill an excited expectation of those yet to come. These beautifully designed cards are a precious and very collectable limited edition release of the highest quality. They have been launched in unison with a promotional, George Best themed edition, of “The Card Scene” magazine which serves to place the “Bestie 75” Anniversary Tribute Card Series into a wider historical context with the serious collector in mind.
“The Card Scene” has had no hesitation in declaring the launch of this card series as The Football Card Event of the Year!
Cornerstone’s “Bestie 75” Anniversary Tribute Card Series has set a new standard of excellence, both in terms of scope and design, in the history of the football trade card. Magical, transformative, moments in sporting media time have been comprehensively captured in a stylish sequence of cards the like of which would have made George Best very proud. As a card collector himself, George appreciated the significance of these small windows into the past for preserving the history of the beautiful game for future generations. The “Bestie 75” collection is a window through which lies an enchanted golden goal kingdom where Georgie once ruled as the undisputed Prince Charming of Football. The “Bestie 75” series is dedicated to the memory of what made George Best truly the Best!

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