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Are modern sets too large?

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    Sam Whiting


    I have just been doing some filing of the recent Panini ‘Road to Euro 2016’ cards. If you haven’t seen them I do recommend them as they are very well produced indeed. That said it left me with a question in my mind…

    With well over 300 cards in the set are many modern sets becoming too big? If I will struggle to complete it (buying 10 packs at a time or full boxes for some sets) I wondered how others feel about it? Even the recent Topps Minions set is over 170 cards?! Surely parents must struggle to keep up with children nagging for more and more cards as they struggle to complete their set of minions?

    What do you think guys?



    Hi Sam ,
    I don’t chase the modern issues of Panini , Merlin or any of the football issues but the figures you quote initially cause a sharp intake of breath . The cost and the uncertainty of completion would deter me from taking on such a task …but that said I’ll contradict myself and say that I’ve collected ‘ vintage ‘ sets with similar numbers (288 and over 200 cards) without batting an eyelid , so maybe the expansion is fitting at this time and might reduce depending upon cost and collectors .

    Steve Flemming

    Anything over 100 cards in the set seems excessive, and as a case in point try collecting the 1907 Taddy’s County Cricketers – 238 cards all up with many of them bringing > 50 Pounds/card with the Northant’s ones for some reason often going for more than twice that! Can anyone tell me why?

    In October 2000 a complete set of these cards sold in Melbourne for $21,000 (Not inc. commission) and I often wonder whether they would be that value today…

    I’ve got a handful of them and the sheer number (and cost) prevents me from even thinking about collecting them!!!


    i would think one of the largest modern day trade card sets. would be dr who battles in time. issued over 4 or 5 years the basic set numbers 01-1075 + the test set. odd limited. several unnumbered and reprint cards its an impressive set.


    When I collected football cards at school (Panini etc) all the sets were huge! We used to think it was a ploy to get us to keep buying the packets of stickers (and of course there was always a few, the same few, that everyone needed to complete their album) But if you look at the subject matter, all the clubs involved and each player being featured on a sticker, you are not going to get a set of 50.
    Whilst on the subject of football I have to applaud all the collectors who are so passionate about collecting their team and are just as interested in the history of it as in the modern stars of today. Not many collectors of other subjects are so enthusiastic, mores the pity.

    Chris Corner

    Steve Flemming, I have been led to believe that Taddy were a London firm and so concentrated on subjects close to London. Northants cards are much harder to find, as are some of the midlands counties. I’m told the same is true of the Prominent Footballers, the London teams are supposed to be much easier to find than the others. I believe Taddy were a premium brand so cards were issued in smaller numbers than say Players or Wills.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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