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    Hello i would like to introduce myself . I am kevan weston Auctioneer at Chesterfield auctions. I would like to inform your members of a extensive life long collection of cigarette , collectors cards which will be sold under the hammer on 25th Sept at chesterfield auctions. the cards inc players wills gallaghers,sunripe, typhoo, silks cards and many more . For further information visit or simply give us a ring numbers on website . Thanks


    Hello Kevan ,

    I’ve taken the liberty of adding a link to some of the cards on offer ….
    All the best .


    A cautionary word re card values and the real world. I had a 30 year collection of both cigarette and trade cards.
    There were 315 sets housed in 59 albums in plastic sleeves. 90% of these were in very good, even excellent condition. In the collection, 93 of the sets were listed as ‘not available’ in LCCC’s catalogue. Based on LCCC catalogue prices, they were ‘worth £26.768 after stripping out the VAT in LCCC prices. Now I know that the catalogue prices are LCCC’s SELLING prices but they are at least an indicator.

    3 months ago, I put the collection into one of the most well-known auction houses for cards. Last month they sold for £3500 (of which £700 was deducted for commission), leaving a net figure of £2800. Should I have expected a better sale price than 10% of LCCC’s selling price? You tell me.

    I post this for information and guidance of collectors.


    As you say David, the catalogue price in this case is nothing more than the price you would have to pay LCCC if you wanted to buy those cards from them. No way is it a realistic market price. On a good day a dealer may buy cards from you at 30% of his catalogue price. So maybe LCCC would pay 7 or 8 thousand for them or maybe not. In fact in recent years auction sites like Ebay have changed the market completely by putting buyer and seller in direct contact and cutting out the middle man (i.e. the dealer) and his profits. This has reduced prices drastically. You would get a much more realistic idea of the price by checking completed Ebay auctions to see what prices your sets have actually sold for.

    It’s not clear whether you sold your collection as a job lot but if you did that’s a very bad idea. Anyone wanting to buy a particular set will have to buy a lot of stuff he doesn’t want as well and that will depress the price. And as for £700 commission, that should be a lesson to avoid auction houses.

    It’s too late now but maybe you would have been better selling the sets individually via Ebay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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