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    john cotton

    a topic discussed on here previous is, a dedicated website, listing all cards, new issues, and all known varieties, as well as the cards now issued in the USA


    Great, thanks for this information, and we will add it to the web links section.

    We are just about to start changing the forum. The plan is to have this new issues section so that our readers can tell everyone about new cards that they hear of or see. This will enable anyone interested to buy them or start collecting them as soon as they can. They will also be gleaned for the new issues column, where more details will appear, along with pictures. Any other relevant information like the website you mention will also appear here. However details of cards you can no longer buy or collect as new will now appear in the section for trade research.

    I’m trying to fathom out how to add the planned new threads and delete ones that have not been answered for years. Also to add details so they stay at the top of the thread! Work in progress, but progressing slowly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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