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Cartophilic Questions and Answers

Cartophilic Questions and Answers

Welcome to our newest page. If any of our readers are searching for information, advice, or missing cartophilic material of any kind, please get in touch with us. And please do join in, there is no charge to make a request. Send your questions, and answers, to

BOX 1 :
A reader writes : I am in the middle of some family history research and I was hoping to try and find out if the Wine Merchants “Hedges & Butler” of Regent Street London ever featured on any cards, especially one of their partners Frank Hedges Butler who was a larger than life character involved in the early days of ballooning, aviation, and motoring. He died in 1928. The company was quite a large concern and traded for some 300 years.

BOX 2 :
Does anyone have a complete copy of the first ever, wartime, Cartophilic Notes and News Volume 1 number 1 for sale at a reasonable rate?

BOX 3 :
Still seeking Jones Bros! Looking for missing cards, or images of them, from the 1911-12 Jones Bros “Spurs Footballers” set, to use in a reference article. Missing cards are original E.H. Lightfoot and Team Photo(s) from 1910-11 and 1911-12 seasons. Please email

BOX 4 :

A keen magazine collector asks “Does anyone know anything about the separate printed indexes for our magazine and for the Cartophilic World? I would be very interested to know which volumes have them, and which volumes do not, also when they started (in other words the first ever index) , and when they stopped.”

Actually I have a few of these myself, but cannot answer this question. I would also be interested in the answer as I will add them into the magazine index which is currently being prepared.

BOX 42 :
Is there anyone out there who would be willing to scan a few pages from their copies of our first printed magazine “The Bulletin” – I have a bound volume which has small pieces clipped out – these are :
Vol.VIII March 1940 – need page 49/50
Vol.IX April 1940 – need page 67/68
Vol.XVII December 1940 – need page 135/136
Vol.XXI April 1941 – need pages 167/168
Vol.XVIII November 1941 – need pages 225/226
The intention is to restore this wonderful book for posterity in such a way that the removed bit will be printed on sheets of paper that are simply slid in behind the missing part so as to make the text visible through the gaps.

also after physical copies, depending on price, of
“The Bulletin” – Vol.1 – issues I through VII (August 1939 – February 1940)
“Cartophilic World” – Vol.3 – Issue 29 (July 1945)
“Cartophilic Notes & News” – Vol 13 – Issue 129 (January February 1985)

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