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Latest Society Postal Auction : catalogue online

A selection of Auction Jottings…. from our Auctioneer I hope everyone is keeping well and that the lockdown is not proving too onerous. I have to say, like most of you, I am missing attending various fairs and meetings, and whilst I (and you) can bid by post or online in various auctions I do miss a day out looking at cards and meeting friends and fellow collectors. And so on to the highlights this time. There are some Tiedemanns Walt Disney cards, a good selection of Taddy types,

Kane-ine Questions

We have had a request for further information about a set of Kane Products Limited “Dogs”. This has a serial number of HX205 in the LCCC Catalogue and that style of number means the set was also issued by other companies. However though the collector has checked in many volumes and catalogues they have been unable to find the other issuer (s) of this set. Does anyone out there know? As a subsidiary but connected question these HX numbers appear from HX 1 to HX204 without a break, but the

PA558 May 2020

PA558 May 2020 AUCTION JOTTINGS I trust that everyone is keeping safe and well, and obeying the government guidelines about social distancing and not going out. The auction will continue to function normally as long as government restrictions allow it. I will try to post lots out to winning bidders around the middle of the week following the closure date. My last jottings were written in January before the sad loss of Vernon Young. I would like to pay my own tribute to him, and like every

P.A.557 May 2020

WELCOME TO OUR CURRENT POSTAL AUCTION Although the Convention has been postponed, the auction will still go ahead with the same finish date of 1st May. And unless there are more lockdown restrictions imposed I am aiming to send all the lots out to winning bidders on or about 6th May. Of course the most important thing is for everyone to follow the government guidelines. So please stay safe and keep well, and let’s hope that this wretched virus clears up soon. And so to the highlights

P.A. 566 March 2020

Well I hope 2019 was a success in finding those elusive lots to slim down your wants list, and that 2020 will be just as good. When I wrote this I was looking forward to the convention at Salisbury. While it is not so far for me to travel, I confess I do enjoy going further afield to places that I may not have been to before. Sadly recent events have seen this event temporarily postponed, and many others cancelled. And so on to the highlights of this auction. The auction starts with tw

P.A.565 January 2020

Where does the time go! I am writing this in the week before Christmas, and another year has flown by. By the time you get this we will be in to 2020, so I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I hope 2019 was a success in finding those elusive odds to slim down your wants list, and that 2020 will be just as good. I am looking forward to the Convention at Salisbury, not so far for me to travel, but I have to confess I do enjoy going furth

CSGB October 2019 Auction

Anyone want to buy a large cricket collection. Only joking! That is what I wrote on the Saturday afternoon of the 3rd Ashes Test. As you will know, England managed a magnificent 67 all out in their 1st innings, with only Root and Bairstow out to good deliveries, the rest just threw their wickets away. What on earth was Ben Stokes doing, playing at such a wide ball when England were 30 odd for 3! I am a great fan of Stokes, but that was plain stupidity! I know I said previously that I would not

CSGB August 2019 Auction

Oh to be in England now that summer’s there! Writing this in mid-June, it is not very warm and the rain is affecting the cricket World Cup with 3 games abandoned so far. I shouldn’t grumble, it has given me the chance to get the auction listing and scans done early. There is a bright future, hopefully. My wife and I have been successful with the Wimbledon ticket ballot and have tickets for Court 1, which now has a roof, so we are guaranteed a whole days play. I have also been watching some

CSGB June 2019 Auction

Highlights included Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., Duke Fishes & Fishing, as above, Allen & Ginter World’s Racers, a Van Houten selection, Pattreiouex Cricketers, Spanish/Latin American types, early Ogden’s, Taddy Football...., (breathe.....) Rutter Girls, Flags & Arms, Franklyn Davey Birds and some Taddy Russo-Japanese War. Our next Auction List will be available soon; there will be the usual mix of sets and types, tobacco and trade. I look forward to receiving you

CSGB May 2019 Auction

....but we are working on our next auction as we type! Here is what we wrote in April : By the time you are reading this, the AGM and Convention will only be about a month away. I am certain that there will be more information about this marvellous event in other parts of the magazine. As always, I am really looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see how the City has changed since we were last here. The lots will be available for viewing on both days at the Convention. On Frida