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.....keep reading! A virtual tour of our branch archives will follow.This is a new project and needs YOUR help to fill in the gaps in our knowledgeFirst to appear is our earliest London Branch

London Branch

LONDON BRANCH since 1935We are directly descended from the original Cameric Club, which was founded in 1935. They started meeting at the Bonnington Hotel in London on a regular basis, it was not really a Branch, but any collectors in the area were welcome to come in and chat, which inevitably led to card swopping and selling. The Cartophilic Society, perhaps inspired by their success of the Cameric, had been formed in 1938. Its inaugural meeting was on the 15th of December 1938 at Anderto


Welcome to YorkshireBranch Secretary : Sam WhitingTelephone : 07793 676981It seems hard to find anything about our story, so if any locals or visitors can add anything please tell us!We know that in 1975, we were meeting regularly at 3pm on the third Saturday of each month, at Leeds Polytechnic, (Room H209). Our secretary was D. Williams of York.On June 27, 1987, our Branch Rally was held at Roundhay Rugby Union Club in Lidgett Lane, Leeds. Popular auctioneer John Knowles of Ti

West Country

Our much missed West Country Branch was founded in 1973 by Peter Wood, newly moved to the area, who started off as both Club Secretary and Treasurer.Based in Somerset, the Branch met at various venues including Taunton, Bath, and latterly at The Conservative Club in Keynsham High Street, where meetings took place on Sundays from 2.00pm-5.00pm.Their annual rally was held at the Community Centre, in Yate, near Bristol. Peter Wood retired as Secretary in 2006 and was deservedly made a Li

Welcome to South Africa

                  Please Contact :  Murray Morrison or write:  P.O.Box 22082, Fish Hoek, 2974, South Africa. We hope you enjoy visiting our South African Branch - in its virtual format. Our featured card is by Taddy & Co, one of the most famous and collectable issuers. This set is "Boer Leaders", issued in 1901. Let's start our story of South African Cartophily with this link to the history of t

Hants & Surrey Branch

  Secretary: Beverly Wright Telephone: 0118 9730334 Many of you will probably be aware that Vernon Young passed away on Thursday the 20th February, a very sad loss of a Friend to us all, a Gentleman who it was a privilege to have met. Clearly our heart felt thoughts are with Rhoda his Wife of many years. Vernon’s contribution to the Hants & Surrey Club stretches back many years and we will inevitably need to work very hard to keep the Club in good shape and to honour his memory. Verno

Nottingham & East Midlands Branch

Secretary: Alan Wain e-mail: Greetings to all card collectors! May we start by saying we offer a warm welcome to more collectors than you may think, as our club is quite uniquely situated and has "local" members from Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland! Once upon a time, before the events in the news overtook collecting as we knew and loved it, we held regular Thursday bi-monthly meetings at The West Bridgford Cons

Middlesex Branch

Secretary: Keith Johnson Tel: 01252 837754 Greetings to all card and ephemera collectors in the Middlesex Area. Current events have led to postponement of our very well attended, first Saturday of every month, ephemera and card fairs.  But watch this space.... 

Lea Valley Cigarette Card Club

Secretary: Debbie Fishere-mail: fisherfam@waitrose.comTel. 07501 854006Greetings to all card collectors in the Lea Valley area.Ours is a site which has changed an amazing amount through the centuries, and it's history is strangely summarised by its moving from a rural village with a tiny river trickling beneath overhanging foliage, and then that river eventually flowing into the great Thames. For this was an area entirely changed by the Industrial Revolution, and has even hosted

Sussex Branch

[caption id="attachment_8357" align="alignleft" width="300"] R & J Hill Views of Interest 2nd Series (1938)Card No.57 Lewes Castle[/caption]  Secretary: Ivan Elliott Tel: 01273 400024 Welcome to The Sussex Branch ! We cannot promise it will always be Sunny Sussex, but we can assure all card collectors of a warm and friendly welcome to our virtual site, and one day to our meetings! ALL ABOUT US;We used to meet once a month at Chailey Parish Hall, Chailey Green Road, Chailey Green, L