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Saturday 18 March 1950
Caxton Hall – LONDON

The 1950 Cartophilic Society AGM was held at Caxton Hall in Westminster, London. The meeting started at 2.30pm.

Caxton Hall was once the local seat of government, but after the creation of the much enlarged City of Westminster in 1900, it was renamed as Caxton Hall in order to commemorate the printer, William Caxton, who had not only once been almoner of Westminster Abbey but had set up the first printing-press ever known in England in an unused chapel there, the first book printed being “The Game and Playe of the Chesse” in 1474.

The Hall had been long associated with several cigarette card events. We are not entirely sure why.

1951 ?

Saturday 15 March 1952
Caxton Hall – LONDON

The AGM started at 2.30pm.

The Cameric Society had moved their meetings to Caxton Hall when they had left the Bonnington Hotel; in fact their last meeting at the Bonnington was Saturday 19th January 1952 at 2.30 pm, and their next on Thursday 7th February 1952 at Caxton Hall. And Caxton Hall was also to become the location of the Cartophilic Society meetings.

1953 ?

1954 ?

1955 ?


We believe this year may have seen the first auction to be held at any of our Annual General Meetings. The provenance is a letter in “Cigarette Card News” Vol.21 No.245 (March/April 1956) from W. M. Wright which thanks Col and Miss Bagnall for supplying a parcel of sets and other cartophilic material once it was first announced that the Cartophilic Society was holding an auction at our Annual General Meeting. These raised £52 12s 0d, a sum which was passed to The Society’s Treasurer.

On Saturday September the 22nd 1956, the Cameric AGM was held in the Tudor Room at Caxton Hall – and that included dealers tables. They reported a loss of £90 which was to be made up for by issuing “Notes and News” Magazine as bi-monthly instead of monthly. For the first time in many years, an election of Councillors was necessary owing to the fact that six nominations had been made. The three elected were Messrs Duge, Goodridge and Griggs. At the same event Mr. Duge was made Vice President, in recognition of his having been on the committee for twenty years.

On Saturday the 21st of September 1957, the Cameric AGM was held in the Tudor Room at Caxton Hall. It started at 10am and ended at 7 pm, though the AGM started 2.30 – the event included dealers, with the table just inside the door, as usual, being occupied by the LCCC. Other dealers were Universal, Mr. Sverdloff and Mr. Lillington, plus, it was the first appearance of The Wareham Trading Company. Two special visitors this year were Mr. & Mrs Cherry, the father and mother of our founder Eric; Mr. Cherry had been a regular but this was the first year his wife had attended.

In the AGM the club announced a surplus of funds over expenditure, Branch Reports were received from Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and Mr. Wilfrid Mawson of Blackpool was announced to have been made a Vice President for life, in recognition of his endeavours for Lancashire Branch and others neighbouring, running exhibitions etc. He estimated he had travelled 6,000 miles in the service of Cartophily since his retirement.

1958 ?]

On Saturday the 27th of September 1958 the Cameric AGM was held at the Kent Room in Caxton Hall. It started at 10am

1959 ?

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