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Saturday, 28 April, 1990
Rivermead Centre – READING

Our Commemorative card was a humorous representation of one of the original “The Burning Question – Have You Any Cigarette Cards” postcards, featuring a man who has become indifferent to the fate of his ship and is being pestered by a small boy in a sailor suit who is weathering the swells far more successfully.

Saturday, 27 April, 1991
The National Motor Cycle Museum, Birmingham

Saturday, 2 May, 1992
Pudsey Civic Centre, Leeds

Saturday, 24 April, 1993

[date unknown] 1994

Saturday, 29 April, 1995

We were made most welcome by the Cotswolds Branch. They had never hosted a Cartophilic Convention before but Branch Secretary Tony Gardner was noted as having a definite flair for organising meetings; it was his idea to host this, the biggest one of all. Which was a roaring success. In fact, because of this, he would become Convention Organiser for the entire Cartophilic Society. But we didn’t know this yet.

Saturday, 27 April, 1996
The Lawn, Lincoln

It is 1996, just two years after the founding of The Lincolnshire Cigarette Card Club and already they were co-hosting (along with the Humberside Branch) the Cartophilic Society Annual Convention. Lincolnshire were certainly living up to their aims “to promote the hobby of cigarette card collecting within the local area”. Our Commemorative card for this event showed the Cathedral and the address was given as “at the Lawns”, but in fact, this is incorrect, it should have read “The Lawn”. This amazing building actually opened as the Lincoln Lunatic Asylum in 1820, and it was supposed to be one of the most humane, in fact within twenty years they could proudly state that no form of mechanical restraint was in use. In 1905 it was renamed the Lincoln Lunatic Hospital, becoming The Lawn Hospital in 1921. It closed in 1985, when the Council bought it to use as a venue for events, including our convention, until August 2016 when it removed the glasshouse and sold the rest of the premises for a new business headquarters, cafe, restaurant and theatre. The Commemorative card for the convention was unusual because it has a double back, one side was for Lincoln Branch and the other side for Humberside. If you are wondering why, it was to reduce printing costs, as both these branches then issued the card, without the inscription, as half size, with a new front, without needing new artwork for the reverse.

Saturday, 26 April, 1997

We had a hat trick of hosting branches this year, Winchester and Solent, Hants and Dorset, and Hants and Surrey, which meant there is no shortage of willing helpers. This was not the first time the trio have been linked together – when Winchester and Solent first thought of starting a branch, their first job was to agree on a club name which would not included Hampshire, to avoid confusion with the two other local branches, namely Hants and Surrey and Hants and Dorset. All three were mentioned on the most attractive commemorative card showing three ocean liners, a familiar sight in the area, and proof of Southampton`s daily trade in leisure travel. The artwork was designed by Paul Marchant.

Friday and Saturday, [date unknown], 1998
Harvey Hadden Centre, Nottingham

For the Sixtieth Anniversary of the founding of The Cartophilic Society we changed to a two day event, and found ourselves visiting Nottingham for the first time, even though the area has always been one of the spiritual homes of Cartophily, as the home of John Player, and the castle on the hill which featured so prominently in its advertising is visible from most of the surroundings. We were based at the Harvey Hadden Centre, and Nottingham and East Midlands Branch were hosting. As a quick Society Round up Ted Knight was President and Tony Gardner doing an amazing job, in fact because of his success at Cheltenham in 1995 as part of the Cotswolds Branch, he had become Convention Organiser for the entire Cartophilic Society.

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April, 1999
Winsford Civic Hall, Cheshire

1999 saw us in Winsford, being hosted by Timperley? We had done our research by studying our sets of W. Williams & Co “Views of Chester”, and the follow up from the following year “Views of Chester – As It Was”. Quite a bit has changed from those days though! The commemorative card for this year was based on Alice in Wonderland.

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