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Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April, 2010
Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, Southport

As promised in 2008, we were beside the seaside, in Southport, hosted by Yorkshire Branch. Southport has a huge claim to fame amongst comic book collectors as it was the home of Dan Dare, or more correctly of the vehicle in which we read his tales of derring-do, otherwise known as “The Eagle” comic! That’s why one of the cards on our commemorative card this year showed his fiendish foe, The Mekon; just one card extracted from a whole set devoted to the intrepid Dan Dare which was issued by Calvert. We were a long way from London, and many predicted it was a step too far. But we had set our compass in a North-West-erly direction before, in 1999, and not been disappointed by the turn out, members and public had come out en masse, perhaps to see what we were about. Dealers were happy, and there were a lot of them who made the trip. And buyers reported that they had found cards they have been looking for a long while. Of course, this did nothing to dispel the rumours that there were always different cards in Northerly and Southerly packets to stop too many people collecting too many sets too fast! Sadly, there were fewer overseas collectors than usual. Our Convention was affected by the several weeks of disruption to, and cancellation of, flights, which was all caused by Mother Nature, who unleashed a cloud of volcanic ash that drifted far from Iceland and proved that human planning is no match for weather and for natural events.

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April, 2011
Stratford on Avon.

This year, back to the home of Shakespeare, on a weekend that will be remembered by most for a Royal Wedding (William and Catherine). We also faced stiff opposition from a major literary festival.

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April, 2012
Lincoln Showground

This year we were hosted by the Lincolnshire Branch, and despite the worst the weather could throw at us, it was a very successful event with all dealers and collectors reporting good sales and good finds. Despite comments on the remoteness of the venue, almost 200 members attended, including quite a few from overseas, and 150 non members, many of whom had taken advantage of another trial of the “free entry” voucher in the local press. Five of these later joined the Society. The AGM took place on Saturday afternoon. Mr. G Howsden won the Cartophilic Cup for his superb “Britain in the Thirties: Part One” and came joint second with part two, then announced that he was retiring from writing for a while. The co-runner-up was Mr. Whiting with his excellent article on the grading of cards. The AGM concluded, and on to the auction – conducted by Mr Murray, with our porters for the day Messrs. Young and Short. As always the auction comprised many rare and good quality cards. The highest bid was for Lot No.49, a set of Turmac Sports & Pastimes silks, which sold for £420. Other results were Lot No.47 Taddy Royalty £360 – Lot No.45 Co-Op Buildings & Works £300 – and Lot No.130 Wills 1902 Football Series £320

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April, 2003

This was our 75th anniversary
Why is H G Wells our featured card, you may ask? Well he lived in the area, and, of course, keen readers of Wellsian fiction will know that the alien invaders in “The War of the Worlds” first land on a heath in Woking. Other cards show H G Wells himself, but this Brooke Bond is the only one we know that actually shows the long legged invaders. This was a very special event, marking the 75th Anniversary of the founding of The Cartophilic Society (in 1938). We were delighted to present the Cartophilic Cup to Mr. Devaney, and to bestow Life Membership on Mr Rogers, formerly our Postal Auction Secretary. The day was tinged with sadness, though, on hearing the announcement that our West Country Branch would be closing in the near future.

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 April 2014
Theatre & Convention Centre – SOUTHPORT

2014 found us on the Promenade just off the town centre and only a short walk from the rail station. Being a popular holiday resort, there was a good choice of accommodation available. A highlight for many was our special display of cards and ephemera to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. For posterity we record that The Council agreed the pricing structure for tables was to remain the same as last year. A single table in the centre of the room £40, a wall-backed single table £55, a double centre table £85, a double wall table £115, and a triple table £110 and £155. Additional tables were available at a cost of £20 each irrespective of place in the room. These prices were, of course, for stalling out over both the days. Opening times were 11:00 – 5:00pm Friday and 10:00am – 4:00pm Saturday Entrance was free for members, but non-members had to pay £2.50 and had reduced viewing times.

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April 2015
Perdiswell Golf & Leisure Centre – WORCESTER

We had been in Perdiswell before, in 2007. This year at Bilford Road, the Convention had a bit of a change from our usual Friday and Saturday events. We also opened the doors at 11 am until 5 pm on the first day (though members had the first hour all to themselves) and 10 am till 4 pm on the Sunday No live auction was taking place on at this year`s convention, but cards were still available to view and bids could be left.

Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May, 2016
Bracknell Leisure Centre – READING

the opening times this year were Saturday: Members: 10am-6pm and Non-Members from 12pm-6pm admission £3 – and Sunday everyone was welcome from 10am-4pm but non members had to pay a reduced rate of £2. The next venue was announced as Manchester. Again no live auction followed the AGM, but all the lots had been available to view over the weekend from 1:30 until 3:30, and on the Sunday from 12:00 until 1:00, and bidding was also now allowed from non-members, though they would be subject to the levy of commission, which our member bidders would not. Interested bidders were to leave bids on the forms which would be freely available in the room. Or go home and bid in post or by e-mail, as the auction actually closed one week after the convention, on Saturday May 7th. Our reasoning behind this was to allow collectors the chance to spend more time in the main hall with the dealers! The undoubted star lot of this auction was LOT 38 – an extremely rare card with a catalogue value of £1,000. It was a Robert Sinclair Footballer (Black & White On Card) believed to be issued in 1898, and so rare that this subject, C. Watts of Newcastle, was unknown in 2003 when the British Tobacco Issues Handbook was compiled. Our auctioneer remembered that a few years ago some more cards from this set came to light in an auction in the Northeast of England that was advertised in Card Times. Anyway this card is now “recorded”, and will forever be found listed under H.399 of the British Tobacco Issues Handbook and on the updates available via the CSGB website. We could not remember the last time such a rarity was offered in our auction. Other highlights included Brigham Tobacco Growing in Hampshire, about which there was an article in our printed Society magazine, three Ogden Actresses Collotype, some unusual trade items, some of which are believed to be “unrecorded”, a set of Allen & Ginter Wild Animals of the World, twelve different lots of Kensitas Silk Flowers, some more of the Murai issues, Taddy, and Barratt cricketers, A & BC gum issues, various sets of Footballers, three types from the cult Mars Attacks series, three more Ed. Smith War Portraits, and a type from Wills Waterloo, which you ought to know was never issued because it might upset our French Allies as we headed into war.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017
Leisure Centre – STRATFORD

It turned out we were not going to Manchester after all, there were problems at the venue due to the television programme ‘Robot Wars’ being filmed in the adjoining hall. It might have been fun though! So instead we relocated to a former venue, The Leisure Centre, Bridge Foot, Stratford upon Avon CV37 6YY. The site had always been popular with dealers & collectors, and it is just a short walk from the town centre and shopping area for non-card collecting partners. There was apparently a spot of difficulty for members booking hotel rooms, as the week before had been Shakespeare`s birthday and not only were the hotels full but the prices seemed to have gone up. Opening times on Saturday were 10 -6 for Society members and 12-6 for public entry. On Sunday entry time for all was 10 – 4. There were almost 100 tables booked. Auction 550 was not a live sale, but the lots were available to view on the Saturday between 1:30 and 3:30 and on the Sunday between 12 and 1. Bidding sheets were also available, as sometimes seeing something spurred people into placing a bid, and we always had several bids left at the Convention. We also used to enjoy putting faces to the names of frequent bidders, and vendors! The auction did not actually close until Saturday 6th May. Sadly there were not so many viewers as in previous years, but 116 of the 150 lots sold. The highlights this time included a Charlesworth & Austin Cricketer, a Quinton Actress FROGA, 10 lots of trade sets of transport subjects in very nice condition, 8 Ogden’s Actresses Collotype offered individually, 2 Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., 2 Old Calabar advert cards featuring dogs, Actresses FROGA & BLARM, some more Faulkner Our Colonial Troops (Union Jack Cigarettes), Nautical Terms, 6 more Duke Battle Scenes, Allen & Ginter Natives in Costume, Freeman Actresses FRAN, 4 Taddy Actresses Collotype, sadly not in the best condition, but the reserves reflect that, Cope Footballers, H C Lloyd Actresses and Boer War, some seldom seen Trick Billiards by Hignett and no less than 9 scarce Wills Punch Cartoons, 2nd Series.

Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, 2018
Lynnsport – KINGS LYNN

We could not believe it was ten years ago that we were down this way, though then we were visiting Norwich. This year, after searching the breadth of East Anglia, we had found “Lynnsport” a leisure complex run by Alive Leisure, with the usual easy level access for all visitors, catering facilities and car parks, plus great transport links. This year is that the local branches had agreed to provide free valuations to the general public and advice on any cards that their family collected in the past, or that were found in attics etc. And we can say branches, because this year two were co-hosting; The East Anglian Cigarette Card Club, based at Diss, and The Lincolnshire Branch based in Boston. The Cartophilic Cup was won by our postal auction secretary, Mr. Corner, for an entertaining article about how he started collecting. He took the opportunity to thank all of the members who had voted for him, saying he was thrilled, flattered and honoured, not to mention totally surprised to have won. The Council did extremely well to keep this to themselves, I had absolutely no idea. I promised, rashly, that when I could find the time I would attempt another article, but asked Mr. Editor not to hold his breath! Next year`s date and venue were announced, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of April, at Studio 7, the former television studio now within the Kings Meadow Campus of Nottingham University. No live auction at the Convention, but the lots were laid out and made available for viewing on both days – on Saturday between 2:30 and 3:30, and on Sunday between 12 and 1 – with bidding sheets freely available. However the auction itself would not close until Friday May the 4th. We urged all collectors to please come in and view, many of our cards, especially in the Convention Auction being scarce and seldom appearing in those general online auctions which seemed to be gaining such a foothold. The star of this auction was lot 45, a Macdonald Cricketer, it was lot 45. I have never seen one of these before, and judging by the catalogue value, obviously very rare. Other highlights included Wills Cricketers 1901 and various Barratt Cricketers, a set of Colinville Football Internationals, seven Boys Magazine Famous Footer Clubs offered as individual lots, Taddy Prominent Footballers with London Mixture backs, Clarkes Sporting Terms, Barratt Cowboy Subjects, and a section of rare early Ogden’s cards.

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of April, 2019
De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre – NOTTINGHAM

All change by the time of the AGM, we had gone back to our old practise of holding the convention on Fridays and Saturdays, though it was not of our choosing, we had been unable to book the venue for the Sunday. We were also not at Studio 7, the former television studio now within the Kings Meadow Campus of Nottingham University, as the owners were concerned there could be insufficient parking facilities. Instead our Cartophilic TARDIS was suddenly re-routed, and we were at the De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre, in Orston Drive instead. While just a mile separated the two, the change created quite a few sudden changes to our plans, and, interestingly, especially for ephemera collectors, this venue change was made after we had started issued advertising materials, so look out for these items, they may well be THE Cartophilic Collectable of the future. They have already been featured on the internet, check out:
We had forty-four tables, all booked up very quickly, the wall tables as usual were snapped up particularly fast, the extra hanging space you know, and all the leading card dealers were in residence, along with many smaller local dealers, even a few members taking a one off stall in order to reduce their duplicates box and make some money to spend on more cards. If you would like a table for one or both days at any future fair, we can usually accommodate, but you must enquire well in advance; our only criterion is that you must be a current member of our society at the date of the Convention. Attendance was high, and business reportedly very brisk. In fact several dealers will tell us later that they had found it one of the best events of recent years. Perhaps this has something to do with our new “swap area”, where anyone could bring in selected modern cards they had already and swap them for others they needed. A bit like a bring and buy sale, but better. We started with Pokémon and Panini/Match Attax 2018/19 season cards. The scheme was mainly to attract new younger collectors, but we found a range of ages were interested, and we saw steady swapping all day. We also arranged to give free advice and valuations to anyone bringing in cards that they had inherited or acquired. By the way, many thanks to Nottingham Branch for sponsoring this event, the third time they have co-hosted our annual convention. And here is a link to their website:
As well as a chance to visit the dealers, we also had the lots from our postal auction available for viewing on both days; on Friday between half past 2 and half past 3, on Saturday from 12 until 1 pm. We asked that our frequent and infrequent bidders should take advantage of attending the viewing, as this auction is always the best in terms of quality and scarcity with some very high value sets and types, so always well worth a look. This year`s highlights were a type card by J B Johnson from “National Flags & Flower Girls”, sets of Smith Famous Explorers and Battlefields of Great Britain, Churchman Footballers (Coloured), Players Old England’s Defenders and Mackenzie Actors and Actresses, also known, I believe, as Music Hall Artistes. There were three Wills Boer War Medallions, some more Ogden’s early types, ten Smith A tour Around the World (Script back) and five Rutter Flags and Arms of Countries.

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