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CSGB Postal Auction Archives – 2015

CSGB Postal Auction Archives – 2015

Welcome to our archives for 2015

These are just as posted on our website on a monthly basis, but following on. The entire catalogues are still available for download. We hope you find this new system easier to follow, and to work with. And if you missed 2014 here is the link – CSGB Postal Auction Archives – 2014

CSGB January/February 2015 Auction (P.A.536)
Up for sale in this auction were some excellent lots by rarer manufacturers, including a scarce Franklyn & Davey Bird, Edwards, Ringer & Bigg ‘Beauties’ (FECKSA), Kinney ‘Surf Beauties’ (shown here), Kinnear ‘Jockeys’ (different, large caption), Dukes ‘Gems of Beauty’ and an Allen & Ginter ‘World’s Champions card. In total there were 150 lots and plenty to bid on. The minimum bid for every lot remained at only £5

Liebig Card

CSGB March/April 2015 Auction (P.A.537)
Another 150 lots of top quality cards, including two Liebig S239 ‘British Army Uniforms’ one of which is showing here (catalogued at £150 each!)

Also listed was a set of Rutter’s ‘Comic Phrases’ (Lot 98), some Murai ‘Beauties’ (Lot 63/64) a Canadian Ritchie ‘Actresses’ card (Lot 57), Gloag’s Home and Colonial Regiments, Wills 1896 Cricketers, and Cooper Boer War Celebrities! Plus there were a wide range of sets available by Ogdens including the always popular Motor Races 1931 and Smugglers and Smuggling.

CSGB May/June 2015 Auction (P.A. 538)
This time our catalogue covered plenty of subjects on both tobacco and trade cards. As ever there were several sets to bid on – from Ogdens, Wills, Players and Churchman (a full set of Rugby Internationals at Lot 130) – as well as rarer types. For the boxing fans there were 8 Cope’s Boxers VG+ condition (lots 31-38) and two Cartledge ‘Famous Prize Fighters’ in Ex condition (lots 70/71). And Scouting collectors would have been pleased with this scarce Maynards ‘Girl Guides’ Pathfinder (Med-O-Creme back) (lot 72). There were some cricket issues in the auction too, including a Wills ‘Australian and English Cricketers’ 1903 (lot 115). And also a few previously unrecorded items – ‘Pegs Paper’ Egyptian Fortune Telling cards, and some Platignum Dinosaurs (that makes eight cards now known).

CSGB July/August 2015 Auction (P.A. 539)
This time around we saw more great cards with Cricket represented by some scarce Guinea Gold Base M cards (e.g. Lot 61) and a Taddy’s County Cricketers (see featured image). Other interesting lots this time included lot 19 Hill’s ‘Battleships and Crests’, as shown – lot 27 Churchman’s ‘Beauties`CERF – lot 82 Outhwaite ‘Army Pictures, Cartoons etc.’ – lot 142 Kinnear ‘Jockeys Set 1’ – and lot 148 Kinney ‘Famous Gems of the World’. Type collectors were not neglected with thirteen types of Kinney’s ‘Animals’, three Duke’s ‘The Terrors of America’, ten Ogdens ‘Pugilists & Wrestlers 2nd’ and ten Player ‘Old Englands Defenders’!

CSGB September/October 2015 Auction (P.A. 540)
This month there was is a good mix of types and sets from both the UK and abroad. Some sets I think worth calling out are the Churchman’s ‘Flags and Funnels of Leading Steamship Lines’. I expect many people have seen the Ogden’s set but the Churchman’s is a far tougher one to get hold of! There was also a set in VG/EX of Ogden’s Champions of 1936 which of course includes Jimmy Braddock and Jesse Owens. Types included Faulkner’s Kipling Series and Police Terms (both difficult sets to complete), and there were also some Spratt’s Prize Dogs, ATC Actresses as well as many cards from Allen & Ginter, Dukes, Goodwin, and Kinney. Plus this type card by LORILLARD Busts of Girls (Die cut) N267 no 4

CSGB November/December 2015 Auction (P.A. 541)
And so we closed another year with the last auction of 2015 (how time flies!), a good mix of types and sets with some unrecorded cards and a few silks including sets of Kensitas Silk Flowers. To summarise some of the cards available by theme … for military collectors there were several Gloag ‘Home & Colonial Regiments’ in VG condition, 2 Wills Scissors ‘Drum Horses’ in VG condition as well as a nice Typhoo ‘Our Empire’s Defenders’ card. For lovers of Actresses/Beauties – a very rare Shepherd Beauties ‘FECKSA’ and a nice Morris ‘Actresses’ ‘FROGA’ must have proved tempting! Whilst we didn’t have golf represented in the auction this time we had Football, Cricket and Rugby cards from Wills, Wilkinson, Boys Magazine, Adidas and others, plus 8 Cohen Weenan ‘Famous Boxers’ which always prove very popular. Some cards that didn’t really sit with a particular theme but that are also worth noting are several types from Faulkner’s ‘Street Cries’ and ‘Nautical Terms’ (as shown) with the majority in VG condition, plus some excellent Victorian trade cards from the USA from lot 139 onwards.

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