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CSGB Postal Auction Archives – 2016

CSGB Postal Auction Archives – 2016

Welcome to another of our yearly digests of Cartophilic Society Postal Auctions and results. We have now reached 2016. But if you missed the others, here are the quick links

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CSGB January/February 2016 Auction (P.A.542)
We started by wishing a Happy New Year to all, and hoping all had a wonderful Christmas, and that Santa brought you lots of cards or card related presents!

As of this auction the Council had decided that there was to be a change to Postal Auctions this year. Bidding was now going to be open to non-members, but they were to be charged a 10% buyer’s premium; members of course would not be charged this buyer’s premium, as had been normal. Another difference was that non-members were to be sent an invoice and the cards would not be posted to them until payment was received; members would still receive their cards with their invoice. That meant if a bidder was not a member already there was more of an incentive to join.

The auction itself contained some unusual trade items, some of which were believed to be unrecorded. There was also the first batch of a collectors` disposal of rare Japanese cards, one shown, mainly issued by Murai

CSGB March/April 2016 Auction (P.A.543)
The 2016 Convention was only a few weeks away! Following on from last year, there was no live auction at the Convention, but the auction lots were available to view on the Saturday from 1:30 until 3:30, and on the Sunday from 12:00 until 1:00. Bids could be left after viewing, but of course were still to be accepted in the usual manner by email or post. The auction actually closed one week after the convention, on Saturday May 7th.
The undoubted star lot of this auction was LOT 38 – an extremely rare card with a catalogue value of £1,000. It was a Robert Sinclair Footballer (Black & White On Card) believed to be issued in 1898, and so rare that this subject, C. Watts of Newcastle, was unknown in 2003 when the British Tobacco Issues Handbook was compiled. Our auctioneer remembered that a few years ago some more cards from this set came to light in an auction in the Northeast of England that was advertised in Card Times. Anyway this card is now “recorded”, and will forever be found listed under H.399 of the British Tobacco Issues Handbook and on the updates available via the CSGB website. We could not remember the last time such a rarity was offered in our auction, and hoped that it attracted plenty of interest.

Other highlights included Brigham Tobacco Growing in Hampshire, about which there was an article in our printed Society magazine, three Ogden Actresses Collotype, some unusual trade items, some of which are believed to be “unrecorded”, a set of Allen & Ginter Wild Animals of the World, twelve different lots of Kensitas Silk Flowers, some more of the Murai issues, Taddy, and Barratt cricketers, A & BC gum issues, various sets of Footballers, three types from the cult Mars Attacks series, three more Ed. Smith War Portraits, and a type from Wills Waterloo, which you ought to know was never issued because it might upset our French Allies as we headed into war.

CSGB May/June 2016 Auction (P.A.544)
Convention over for another year, our auctioneer hoped that all who attended had as good a time as he had; spent too much, but picked up some great cards and met up with a few people he didn’t see that often. It was also good to put a few faces to names of members who bid in the auction as they came up to view the auction lots.
Another change began with this auction as it had now been decided that we were to show estimates on the auction list. This was in response to some members who had said they were unsure how much to bid. The lower estimate was set to be slightly above the reserve stated by the vendor. For example; an estimate of £6-8 will denote a reserve of £5, an estimate of £25-30 will denote a reserve of around £20 and an estimate of £80-100 will denote a reserve of around £70. Obviously bidders could decide how much they wished to bid, and regular auction bidders know that an estimate was only a rough guide to what a lot may make, there being nothing certain in any auction!
The auction contained the usual mix of sets and types, including Caley Mickey Mouse Wisequacks, 3 more Ed. Smith War Portraits, Churchmans Football Club Colours, Mitchell Actresses FROGA B, a Taddy Footballer, a Wills 1896 Cricketer and football sets / types from various issuers.

CSGB September/October 2016 Auction (P.A.546)
Our great sporting summer continued. Sadly, England were their usual dismal selves at Euro2016, but no real surprise in that! Hopefully Sam Alardyce might be a miracle worker? In cricket, England had just drawn the test series against Pakistan, with another inconsistent display, top class one match and very ordinary the next. Lord Geoffrey of Boycott said that England should aim to score 600 batting first at the Oval, only managed 320 odd and in return Pakistan made 540, so game over and Geoffrey was right again. But the Olympics were wonderful! Team GB really excelled again, at the time of writing they had achieved 50 medals across many different sports, and most of our Superstars performed well, also some new names had come up with great performances and medals. It was also pleasing to see some of the global Superstars triumph, especially Usain Bolt beating a two time drugs cheat.

CSGB November/December 2016 Auction (P.A.547)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; I cannot believe that it is that time already!
Getting a little low on lots to be entered into the auction, so if any member would like to enter cards in a future auction then please get in touch. If you refer to the prices realised from past auctions you will see which items generally sell and which do not.
I would also like to reiterate a couple of points. Firstly, bidders will always get the lot at the lowest possible price, allowing for other bids and the reserve set by the vendor. For example bidder A bids £100 on a lot with a £50 reserve. If no one else bids they will get the lot for £50. However, if bidder B bids £75 on the same lot then bidder A will get the lot for £80, one step above the next highest bid. In the case of 2 identical bids the first bidder will get the lot at that price. I would also like to explain that I do get quite a few similar bids on many lots, given the nature of the Society this is only to be expected. Secondly, the Society only accepts bids in multiples of £1, it is too complicated to get involved in bids of £6.50 etc. and I then have to contact the bidder to see if they wish me to round the bid up or down to the nearest pound.
As usual, the auction contained a great mixture of sets and types, both tobacco and trade. Including this Churchman “Beauties CERF”

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