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CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2017

CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2017

Welcome to our archives for 2017

These are just as posted on our website on a monthly basis, but following on. The entire catalogues are still available for download. We hope you find this new system easier to follow, and to work with. The links to the other years are

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CSGB January/February 2017 Auction (P.A.548)
We hoped that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, and were now fully recovered and raring to carry on with your collecting!
As usual, the auction contains a great mixture of sets and types, both tobacco and trade. Highlights include 2 Maynards Football Clubs, a set of Somportex Battle Medals – still in their original packets – 6 lots of Fairweather Historic Buildings of Scotland, the first batch of some Guinea Gold and Tabs Cricketers, Mitchell Actresses FROGA, some American issues and Players Famous Authors and Poets (Narrow card).

CSGB March/April 2017 Auction (P.A.549)
This appears to be missing.

CSGB May 2017 Auction (P.A.550)
The five hundred and fiftieth auction and our Convention Auction. I know it is a cliché, but where had the last 12 months gone? The days and weeks seem to have flown by! I would like to take this opportunity to thank vendors who supply material for our auction, and of course also the people who bid, without you the auction could not carry on.
As has been the case for a few years, there was no live auction at the Convention. However, the lots were available to view on the Saturday between 1:30 and 3:30, and on the Sunday between 12 and 1. Bidding sheets were also available, as seeing cards always encourages people into placing a bid, and we always had several bids left at the Convention. We also used to enjoy putting faces to the names of frequent bidders, and vendors! The auction did not actually close until Saturday 6th May 2017.
The highlights this time included a Charlesworth & Austin Cricketer, a Quinton Actress FROGA, 10 lots of trade sets of transport subjects in very nice condition, 8 Ogden’s Actresses Collotype offered individually, some Battle Scenes by both Duke and Gail & Ax, Taddy County Cricketers and Prominent Footballers, some early Barratt issues, Kinnear Jockeys, Smith Champions of Sport and much, much more.

CSGB June 2017 Auction (P.A.551)
Written a week before the Convention, so no comment on the event, but I expected it to be a great success as usual. I hoped that all who attended had a great time and managed to find some of the elusive cards on their wants lists. I was really looking forward to a few days in Stratford, my wife and I always used to take the opportunity to have a short break to coincide with the Convention, unless it was held fairly close to home, such as Bracknell 2016, where we just stayed the one night.
And so on to the highlights – 2 Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., 2 Old Calabar advert cards featuring dogs, Actresses FROGA & BLARM, some more Faulkner Our Colonial Troops (Union Jack Cigarettes), Nautical Terms, 6 more Duke Battle Scenes, Allen & Ginter Natives in Costume, Freeman Actresses FRAN, 4 Taddy Actresses Collotype, sadly not in the best condition, but the reserves reflect that, Cope Footballers, H C Lloyd Actresses and Boer War, some seldom seen Trick Billiards by Hignett and no less than 9 scarce Wills Punch Cartoons, 2nd Series.

CSGB August 2017 Auction (P.A.552)
I hope everyone enjoyed the Convention at Stratford on Avon, what a superb venue! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, spent more than I intended so no different to the norm! My only slight disappointment was the lack of viewing of the auction lots. It would have been great to have seen some more people introduce themselves and have a look at the lots. However, we sold 116 out of 150 lots so cannot really grumble too much, and of course I do realise the priority of looking through the dealer’s stock!
And so on to the highlights this time. There are 2 Brown Bros. Types of British Aircraft, a good selection of cricket sets and part sets, 6 more Faulkner Our Colonial Troops, 5 Gail & Ax Battle Scenes, the first few of a batch of Donaldson’s Sports Favourites in mixed condition, but the reserves recognise that, some more overseas types, an unrecorded Barratt die cut moth, a Taddy Royalty, Actresses and Soldiers and 9 Taddy Prominent Footballers with London Mixture backs. Apart from the afore mentioned Barratt card there were also a few other unrecorded cards listed; by the way if you come across any items I have listed as unrecorded and you have some information or other cards from that series then please get in touch. The Society does try to list all cards, and I am a firm believer that if you have the only known card it is more valuable than an unrecorded card; after all more collectors will know about, and dream of buying a card if it is recorded. If they don’t know it exists they cannot search or hope to buy

CSGB October 2017 Auction (P.A.553)
These jottings were written on the Sunday after the day/night test against the West Indies. I had to say that I am not a fan of day/night matches, but if it helps Test cricket to thrive then I think it must be considered. However, my greater problem was the West Indian team. I realise that all sport goes in cycles of domination, but how the mighty are fallen. I think the England team back in the 1980s was a reasonable side, but just totally outclassed by a fabulous West Indian team that included Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenidge, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Michael Holding and Andy Roberts (apologies to the great names I have missed). The roles were now reversed, that current England side was pretty good, but they still had a long way to go to be classed as great. However, they still managed to thrash the West Indies by and innings and 209 runs in 3 days. I was of course thrilled that England won, it is a mild form of revenge for the maulings we used to suffer, but could only hope that the next 2 matches were more competitive. This was supposed to help improve England for the Ashes tour this winter in Australia. Unfortunately, Test cricket seemed to be largely dominated by the home teams, so it would be marvellous to retain the Ashes this winter. I believed the problem to be that West Indian athletes can make more money in U. S. sports like basketball, or by plying their trade as a privateer in 20/20 cricket, as some of their star players are already. Hopefully some of our major stars, such as Ben Stokes, will not follow this route.

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