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CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2018

CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2018

Welcome to our archives for 2018

These are just as posted on our website on a monthly basis, but following on. The entire catalogues are still available for download. We hope you find this new system easier to follow, and to work with. And if you missed the previous years here are the links

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CSGB January 2018 Auction
Well, my last jottings about the cricket almost came back to haunt me! The West Indies managed to win the 2nd test, albeit in my opinion with the help of an extremely generous declaration from Joe Root. I said to my wife, whilst watching the highlights of the fourth days play, that I thought it was an achievable target, and so it proved. I hoped that Joe did not give the Australians a chance like that should England be 1 up on the fourth day of the penultimate test, as a minimum lets retain the Ashes, or better still win the series!
There were some very rare items in this auction. Lot 45 is a Macdonald Football team, sadly only in poor condition, but they are not something one sees very often, indeed I could not remember ever having seen one. The team name has been trimmed from the card, but if anyone recognises the team, even this far after I would still be most interested to know which team is depicted. The card is illustrated in the magazine.

CSGB February 2018 Auction
By the time you read this, Christmas would have been over and we would have found ourselves in 2018. I hoped everyone enjoyed Christmas and were looking forward to a happy and peaceful New Year. I have to mention cricket again; at the time of writing this, England had just been humiliated in the third Ashes test and so had of course lost the urn. I was hoping they could avoid another 5-0 whitewash, but that was looking highly unlikely. It is no wonder that I collect cricketers from the golden age! The cricket authorities will have to look in to the game; if England cannot play competitively in Australia and vice versa, it will all become a bit predictable. It is not just the Ashes series; it seems the home side had a huge advantage over the visiting side, something that I did not recall previously. On which note, there were plenty of cricket subjects this time from Wills 1901, Barratt and Smith. Also from Barratt are 2 Military types. There are 7 Taddy Prominent Footballers with London Mixture backs and another selection of those South American and North African cards that are proving popular.

CSGB May 2018 Auction
Another Convention would soon be upon us. Again, at least for me, the last 12 months had flown by. Although we no longer had a live auction at the Convention, the lots were laid out and made available for viewing on both days – on Saturday between 2:30 and 3:30, and on Sunday between 12 and 1. As usual bidding sheets would be available at the Convention for those whose decision was made on sight rather than looking in the catalogue. However the auction itself would not close until Friday May the 4th, or Star Wars day as it had come to be known! We urged all collectors to please come in and view, many of our cards, especially in the Convention Auction are scarce and do not appear in those general online auctions which seem to be gaining such a foothold.
In my opinion, the star lot of this auction was a Macdonald Cricketer, it was lot 45. I have never seen one of these before, and judging by the catalogue value they are obviously very rare. Other highlights included Wills Cricketers 1901 and various Barratt Cricketers, a set of Colinville Football Internationals, seven Boys Magazine Famous Footer Clubs offered as individual lots, Taddy Prominent Footballers with London Mixture backs, Clarkes Sporting Terms, Barratt Cowboy Subjects, and a section of rare early Ogden’s cards.

CSGB June 2018 Auction
I wrote this just before setting off for Kings Lynn; I was really looking forward to the Convention, as always. I hoped many of you were able to come, buy lots of cards and view the auction lots. As usual, my wife and I were having a short break close to the Convention venue, and a chance to have a look around an area we have not been to before. Having a few days away also made the trip more bearable for my wife, as the whole trip did not just revolve around cards … well not quite!
And so on to the highlights. Without a doubt, the star this time was an Ogden’s English Actress, a post card size card with a catalogue value of £850, although this may have changed as the new Murray’s Guide was being released at the Convention. There were some other early Ogden’s cards also to be found, plus some Guinea Gold and Tabs Cricketers, some more North African and South American cards that have been proving popular, four Clarkes Sporting Terms offered individually, and some more Donaldson Sports Favourites, not in the best condition but the low reserves reflected that.

CSGB August 2018 Auction
I realised that writing this was bit late, but I hoped that everyone who attended the Convention had a great time and found plenty of cards to remove from their wants lists. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the venue was superb with great lighting and plenty of free parking. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for my article, about how I started collecting, in the Cartophilic Cup competition. I was thrilled, flattered and honoured, not to mention totally surprised to have won. The Council did extremely well to keep this to themselves, I had absolutely no idea. I promised, rashly, that when I could find the time I would attempt another article, but asked Mr. Editor not to hold his breath!
And so on to the highlights. There were two more Brown Bros. Types of British Aircraft, two sets of Kensitas Silk Flowers, a CWS Parrot, five Faulkner Our Colonial Troops and three Policemen of the World, four Sniders & Abrahams types, two Ed. Smith War Portraits, three of those fun Brooke Bond Place the Face Bingo cards, a set of Taddy Autographs in mainly VG condition and some more early and rare Ogden’s cards.

CSGB October 2018 Auction
Isn’t life strange? After many weeks of extremely hot weather and no rain, people moaning this is too much, it has been too hot for too long, we needed the rain, and the garden was really suffering and so on. Finally the weather changed, it became cooler and we got some of the much needed rain. And guess what? People are moaning; this was typical, just as the kids started their summer holidays, I had got my leave booked and after all that good weather when I was at work it had now turned cool and wet, how horrible now it was starting to get dark earlier. There`s just no pleasing some people! It could have been worse of course, they could have been fans of the Indian cricket team! They were certainly struggling to cope with English conditions. Of course, the England team struggled just as much in Indian conditions when they played in India a couple of winters back. As I wrote this, the football season had started again. I know we have had the World Cup, but football seems to be never ending, it is not even the middle of August! I must stop moaning though and write about the auction!
And so on to the highlights. There was a Young’s Naval Skit, a near set of Illingworth Comicartoons of Sport, a set of Coudens Sports Alphabet, five Taddy VC Heroes (101-125) offered individually, some more Canary Islands issues, two Lees Northampton footballers, a set of Pattreiouex Dirt Track riders, a Richmond Cavendish Yacht, some Davies Flags & Funnels and some more early and rare Ogden’s cards. There were also two unrecorded lots (lots 39 & 40) that featured in an article within our printed magazine.

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