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CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2019

CSGB Postal Auction Archives 2019

Welcome to our archives for 2019

These are just as posted on our website on a monthly basis, but following on. The entire catalogues are still available for download. We hope you find this new system easier to follow, and to work with. But if you missed any here are the links

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CSGB January 2019 Auction
Well, this is the last time I will mention the England cricket team. No sooner had I written about how well they were doing then they got thrashed in the next Test Match. I was of course thrilled that they overcame that setback to win the series 4-1, and a fine series it was too. Great credit must go to both teams, and I thought the Indian team and their captain gave the retiring Alastair Cook a terrific send off.
As I had had a few queries recently, I reiterated to bidders that they would always get the lot at the lowest possible price, allowing for reserves and other bids. The very nature of our hobby is that we all have a good idea of the value of cards, and I do indeed get a lot of very similar bids on some lots. As can be seen in the prices realised for PA557, there were 8 lots with tied bids, meaning the first bidder won that lot. I also had to ask that people who bid by email include their address with the bids, I sent a lot a while back and the member had moved without informing the Society, so it went to his old address. Fortunately he got the cards eventually, but you now know why I ask for confirmation of addresses when you bid by email, and of course we accept bids by post.
And so on to the highlights. The auction started with a couple of Anstie Royal Portrait silks, ten lots of Guinea Gold New Series 1 cricketers, five lots of rare Cope Scandinavian Actors & Actresses, some Maltese and North African cards, a set of Liebig Menu cards, some Duke Fishes & Fishing, some more Ogden’s early cards, some Taddy type cards in great condition and ending in five lots of Donaldson Sports Favourites, which, although not in the best condition had low reserves because of it.

CSGB February 2019 Auction
Firstly, can I say that I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is odd writing this in the past tense, but because of publishing deadlines I am doing this the week before Christmas! I would like to thank all the members who have given me great feedback and encouragement for running the auction, it is much appreciated.
There was to be plenty to look forward to in 2019, firstly the Annual Convention in Nottingham, which reverted to a Friday and Saturday, the 26th and 27th of April, as we were unable to book the venue for the Sunday. There will be more mention I am sure, but one cannot have too many reminders.
So now on to the highlights this time. There were some Anonymous Beauties PLUMS, 2 more Brown Bros. Types of British Aircraft, a section of Actresses and Film Stars on which the vendor had set very low reserves, some Faulkner and B. C. Co. (China) South African War Scenes, a scarce subject from Salmon & Gluckstein Heroes of the Transvaal War, a section of Taddy types in top condition, 4 lots of early Barratt cards, 3 Lusby Scenes from Circus Life and another section of early Ogden’s cards.

CSGB May 2019 Auction
Here is what we wrote in April : By the time you are reading this, the AGM and Convention will only be about a month away. I was certain that there will be more information about this marvellous event in other parts of our printed magazine. As always, I was really looking forward to it, and to seeing how the City has changed since we were last here. The lots were to be available for viewing on both days at the Convention. On Friday viewing between half past 2 and half past 3, on Saturday from 12 until 1 pm. We asked that our frequent and infrequent bidders should take advantage of attending the viewing, I, like my predecessors, maintained this auction to be the best in terms of quality and scarcity with some very high value sets and types, so always well worth a look. Also when you came that you introduced yourselves so that we might know you better in the future when we saw your name on a bidding sheet.
And so on to the highlights. The scarcest type card was a J B Johnson National Flags & Flower Girl. Amongst the sets were Smith Famous Explorers and Battlefields of Great Britain, Churchman Footballers (Coloured), Players Old England’s Defenders and Mackenzie Actors and Actresses, also known, I believe, as Music Hall Artistes. There were three Wills Boer War Medallions, some more Ogden’s early types, ten Smith A tour Around the World (Script back) and five Rutter Flags and Arms of Countries.

CSGB June 2019 Auction
Highlights included Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., Duke Fishes & Fishing, Allen & Ginter World’s Racers, a Van Houten selection, Pattreiouex Cricketers, Spanish/Latin American types, early Ogden’s, Taddy Football…., (breathe…..) Rutter Girls, Flags & Arms, Franklyn Davey Birds and some Taddy Russo-Japanese War.

Plus this super set – its Allen`s Australia “Cricketers Coloured” which had an estimate of £230 – 250

CSGB August 2019 Auction
Oh to be in England now that summer’s there! Whilst writing this in mid-June, it was not very warm and the rain was affecting the cricket World Cup with three games abandoned so far. I shouldn’t have grumbled, it had given me the chance to get the auction listing and scans done early. There was a bright future, hopefully. My wife and I had been successful with the Wimbledon ticket ballot and had tickets for Court 1, with its new roof, so we were guaranteed a whole days play. I had also been watching some of the women’s football World Cup, which made me wonder if there were any sets of cards issued for this, but I could only find a sticker collection, I was sure there would be both cards and stickers for the men’s event, but this was a step in the right direction.
And so on to the highlights. There were two more Brown Types of British Aircraft amongst the first few lots of rare or unusual mainly trade cards, some Kensitas silk flowers, both M and P size, three Wills Locomotives & Rolling Stock alternative subjects, another selection of overseas issues, some early Actresses from both Cadle and Cope, more Rutter Girls, Flags & arms, some Ogdens Actresses Woodburytype, Beauties & Military P/C Inset, Beauties Green Net backs, Taddy types in top condition, Ed. Smith War Portraits and three Fairweather Historic Buildings of Scotland also in top condition.

CSGB October 2019 Auction
Anyone want to buy a large cricket collection. Only joking! That is what I wrote on the Saturday afternoon of the 3rd Ashes Test. As you will know, England managed a magnificent 67 all out in their 1st innings, with only Root and Bairstow out to good deliveries, the rest just threw their wickets away. What on earth was Ben Stokes doing, playing at such a wide ball when England were 30 odd for 3! I was a great fan of Stokes, but that was plain stupidity! I know I said previously that I would not mention the cricket again, but it is tragic to see how far our test team has fallen! This was supposed to be our big chance with Smith out of the side, but Labuschagne, his replacement has done so well. Our chances would surely diminish when they are both in the side. And so I turned on the highlights on that Sunday evening, having avoided any news broadcast, so the outcome was unknown. Root was out early to a poor shot and a thorough thrashing appeared to be on. Bairstow and Stokes played a good partnership and one starts to think they have plenty of time, maybe they can at least get it close or possibly, miraculously, they could pull it off. Then they lose 3 quick wickets to bad shots and a ridiculous run out, and it will soon be over. In comes Archer who starts hitting the ball around and you think steady on, play for Stokes to get a century and he gets caught on the boundary. Broad is out second ball and only Leach to go, but he did make 90 odd as night watchman, but that was against Ireland. Then of course Stokes starts keeping the strike and smashing the ball all around the ground. He is going to have some fun and go down fighting. But he and Leach are still there and the scores are getting closer and closer. Out of desperation Paine calls for a crazy LBW review and loses, the Australians have none left. Leach should then have been run out, but Lyon fumbles the ball and he makes his ground. After Lyon’s ending careers comments previously I have no sympathy! I am on the edge of my seat. Stokes is hit on the pads, huge appeal, not out and they are out of reviews. Ball tracker shows it was out, the luck is with England. Leach gets a single and the scores are level, Stokes smashes the ball to the boundary and England have won by 1 wicket, unbelievable. Well done Ben Stokes, just do not play such a poor shot again if you are batting at 30 odd for 3! And my cricket cards are not for sale!
But our auction cards were – so on to the highlights. There were some Hill Fragments from France, part sets of Cohen & Weenen Celebrities, Hill Colonial Troops, Cadle Actresses BLARM, Taddy British Medals & Decorations, and Russo-Japanese Series in top condition, Kinney Famous Running Horses-English, more Ogden Actresses Woodburytype, Beauties & Military P/C inset and Beauties Green Net back, Ed. Smith War portraits, six more Lowney Bird Series, some rare early Churchman types, Allen & Ginter Worlds Racers, Page Woodcock Humorous Sketches, and at lot 150 something rather unusual for us, that being a large collection of around 625 cards catalogued about £2600. We requested that anyone who was interested in that lot should please ring for further details.

There is no archive of this years sales yet but you can read the separate ones at P.A.565 January 2020 P.A. 566 March 2020 P.A.557 May 2020 P.A.558 July 2020 Our next Postal Auction….

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