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Last updated 15 April 2021

At the moment though we are for the most part released an events page may still seem to have little purpose, for all our Branches and Clubs are locked down, just like the fairs and markets we used to showcase here. However once we start up this page will return to its former purpose and bring you future dates and happenings.

However, there are still many events taking place in the virtual world; though they too are altered, many auctions are still taking place and some even allow viewing of lots in prebooked time-slots, if you live nearby, and come equipped with your own personal protective equipment. Alternatively, much time can be spent looking at online auction catalogues, which have many advantages, not least the fact you can access your bookshelves, wants lists, and notes whilst viewing. And auctions still allow commission bids and even bidding live through the internet, though it is always best to phone and have a chat about how this works with the actual auction house some time in advance – rather than clicking in a moment before the lot comes up.

So lets see what is coming up next….

will now be 21 April

LOCKDALES AUCTIONS, near Ipswich in Suffolk, can be found at

Their last auction was on Wednesday 3 February – and prices realised are at :


LODDON AUCTIONS, of Reading in Berkshire, can be found at :

And Later On – In May …

Tim Davidson Auctions Ltd For Latest Auction Dates & Listings - 0115 986 8550


Their website, and calendar, is at



Dont miss the specialised Cigarette and postcard auction at Reeman Dansie in Colchester, including a large collection from a deceased estate. Now not much is known yet but the advert, showing here, is able to feature “one of a set of twenty Taddy “Clowns” so it must have been quite a collection and one that included cards of some vintage. Anyway, we will tell you the moment we hear more, and add the link to the catalogue as soon as we are able..

Now as I am rather fond of auctions, I will be able to add links to any rarities that I come across whilst browsing in general sales catalogues – and may I ask you to please join in by sending us a link to any you encounter, either in auction catalogues, local and national newspapers, as well as in online auctions.

These will also be broadcast through our front page newsfeed until this page takes off as our “Whats On” section.

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