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At the moment this page may seem to have little purpose, for all our Branches and Clubs are locked down, just like the fairs and markets we used to showcase here. And even when restrictions ease, as they must, one glorious day, we fear it will be quite a time before they are back to normal, or some of our members feel they would be safe to wander round them.

However, there are still many events taking place in the virtual world, so let us shift gear and give this page over to those.

First off, though they too are altered, many auctions are still taking place and some even allow viewing of lots in prebooked time-slots, if you live nearby, and come equipped with your own personal protective equipment. Alternatively, much time can be spent looking at online auction catalogues, which do have many advantages, not least the fact you can access your bookshelves, wants lists, and notes whilst viewing. And auctions still allow commission bids and even bidding live through the internet, though it is always best to phone and have a chat about how this works with the actual auction house some time in advance – rather than clicking in a moment before the lot comes up.

So lets see what is coming up in late January and early February….

Tuesday 2 FebruaryLoddon Auctions of Reading in Berkshire, an ephemera auction, including cigarette and trade cards. Though reduced in length from the planned three day event, it is still worth a read. Their website is

Next sale here is to be confirmed. Watch this space!

Tim Davidson Auctions Ltd For Latest Auction Dates & Listings - 0115 986 8550

Wednesday 10 February Tim Davidson Auctions of Nottingham is running a postal auction of sports memorabilia, ephemera and cigarette and trade cards. As this is a postal auction, you must get your bids in well before closing date. Their website is

Next sale here is the 17th of March, and that is a public sale, where lots fall under the hammer on that day, live online.

Now as I am rather fond of auctions, I will be able to add anything I find whilst browsing in general sales catalogues, and may I ask that you all please join in by notifying us of anything remotely cartophilic that you encounter, either out of auction catalogues, or in local and national newspapers, as well as in online auctions if it is rarity enough.

These will also be broadcast through our front page newsfeed until this page takes off as our “Whats On” section.

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