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Handbook of Felts and Leathers

Handbook of Felts and Leathers

This useful Handbook is divided into two parts and provides comprehensive listings and illustrations of known ‘Felt’ and ‘Leather’ Designs issued by Tobacco and Trading Companies in North America, Canada & Great Britain between 1910 and 1915.

Part 1 relates to the ‘Felt’ issues, with 46 pages, including 20 pages and 450 coloured illustrations, and Part 2 details the ‘Leather’ Issues, with 28 pages, and including over 60 illustrations.

These miniature ‘Flannels’, ‘Blankets ‘ and ‘Rugs / Carpet’ designs, are most commonly referred to as ‘Felts’ in Great Britain, and they were issued by Tobacco & Trading Companies, mainly in North America, but also in Canada and Great Britain, in order to promote their products.

Many of the ‘Felt’ designs are uncaptioned and illustrations of all known / available felts from these sets are illustrated at the end of Part 1. A single example of a felt from each captioned set is also included.

Designs, embossed, imprinted or printed on leather, referred to as ‘Leathers’, were issued, mainly in North America, during the same period.

Most of the Leather Designs are captioned and are listed alphabetically. An example of a design from most of the recorded series is shown above or alongside the detailed entry.


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