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Hants & Surrey October Auction – Now Accepting Bids

Hants & Surrey October Auction – Now Accepting Bids

In July, we topped 500 bids. I think this is the first time this milestone has been reached. This does seem to show that more collectors are realising that cards sold in auctions such as ours can be purchased for the price bid, and not having to work out how much extra the cost of Commission, VAT., and feed for posting can be. Of course we cannot match the larger auctions in diversity and quantity, but we do still get quite a lot of quality cards, usually at a reasonable price when compared to the catalogue price.

In this auction ‘The collection’ this time is listed at Lots 11-51. It includes four sets which catalogue £1000 or more and also features a number of lots which are difficult to find anywhere. On the other hand, there are a number of the more easily obtainable series, most in decent condition, but all reserved at a low figure. In the single card section, the obvious ‘stand out’ items are the footballer of Marcus and Singleton & Cole. Also the Kuit card is the last of this batch, and may well be the last one I ever get to auction.

Hopefully something will ‘grab’ you, the bidders.

Happy bidding


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