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Kane-ine Questions

Kane-ine Questions

We have had a request for further information about a set of Kane Products Limited “Dogs”. This has a serial number of HX205 in the LCCC Catalogue and that style of number means the set was also issued by other companies. However though the collector has checked in many volumes and catalogues they have been unable to find the other issuer (s) of this set. Does anyone out there know?

As a subsidiary but connected question these HX numbers appear from HX 1 to HX204 without a break, but then continue at only intermittent numbers from HX 211 to HX 290. What happened to HX 204 to HX 211?

Finally are there other collectors who have any information
about this Kane products ‘dogs’ set. It is a most attractive one, with names, presumably the breeder? But how were these breeders selected? Did they win best in class or similar at a major show? If you know tell us!

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