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Maynards Mystery – rebooted AGAIN

Maynards Mystery – rebooted AGAIN

Well we did not know what we were going to find out when someone casually sent us a little note to say our featured card of Liverpool is identical to the card of Celtic apart from the colour of the strip and the card title. We posed the question, “do any of you have any of these Maynards Cards, and could confirm that all of the cards are this same picture, just in different colours and retitled?

Well it turns out that there is an even more astounding reality as all but one of the cards have a double image. See this image, supplied to us by “A Reader”.


The text is not too clear at this size so the pairs are –
Arsenal – W Bromwich Albion
Aston Villa – Everton
Blackburn Rovers – Bolton Wanderers (see below)
Celtic – Liverpool
Fulham – Rangers
Huddersfield Town – West Ham
Newcastle United – Tottenham Hotspur
Portsmouth – Sheffield Wednesday

I must say that I really do like the way that the “opponents” strips have also been coloured in differently, and the way that some of the pairs have differing cloud formation and/or added shadows on the pitch.

UPDATED 29 March – thanks to bowbara – well originally we said “the odd man out is Chelsea, so there is almost certainly a missing card identical to Chelsea, and perhaps two, or four, totally different.” However look again, as we have been told that Chelsea is actually the same as the pair right at the top above it, Blackburn Rovers – Bolton Wanderers, making it into a trio…..

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