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New Issues – July/August 2016

New Issues – July/August 2016

July/August New Issues by John Cahill

‘Bear Yo-Yo’s Time Travel Adventure
It has come to my notice that there are quite a few varieties in this issue. There are colour changes, not just different print runs and alterations to the picture. I have shown both cards of number 30 the original with the severed head dripping with blood and the reprint with the leg of chicken. I assume they changed the picture after some complaints, not quite PC! Scan 004

Brioche Pasquier ‘Pitch’ ‘Team Super Schools’ (5?)
The Teamsuperschools characters are used under licence from
The idea to get children to exercise no matter what their position in life is a must to avoid problems in later life.
There is a unique code on the reverse of the card for you to acquire a pedometer; you need 5 codes to apply so maybe there are 5 cards in this set?
Card size 80 x 60 unnumbered and undated, scan 002

Starbucks Restaurants ‘Airside Andy’ (5)
Airside Andy‘s App allows children to enter a Virtual World. The App takes you through the airport activities from arrival to departure and all in between. You down load the App from iTunes or Google and play by visiting
Card size 85 x 55 unnumbered and undated scan 001

Stream Foods Ltd. ‘National Geographic Kids’ Animal Stickers (53)
The stickers are issued in pairs in Fruit Bowl and School Bars packets; they can also be collected with the National Geographic Kids Magazine. On the reverse of the Fruit Bowl box is a poster offer which can be obtained by calling the hotline number.
The poster is double sided on one side it has spaces for four categories; – Grasslands, Ocean, Polar and Rainforest. Each of these categories has spaces for six stickers. The other side has spaces for 29 stickers with a height chart to compare your height with that of the animal depicted. The reverse of the stickers and the poster are packed with information for you to absorb.
Sticker size 80 x 60 unnumbered and undated, scan 003

Panini UK Ltd.
Frozen Fever
The stickers depict a further adventure of Reino and Hielo, Always and Forever.
Sticker size 75 x 55 numbered on reverse. Scan 005
The Simpsons ‘Springfield Live’
A further series of stickers with adventures and mishaps from the Simpson family.
Sticker size 70 x 55 numbered on reverse. Scan 008
The Lionguard Roar!!!
There are many Jungle animals depicted in this set as with the Disney Junior channel.
Sticker size 77 x 55 numbered on reverse. scan 006

Captain America Civil War
Although we recorded this issue in May/June number 317 we missed displaying the packet on page 84. I know many of you collect the Panini packets as against the complete sets so we have shown the packet here. Albums are available on all above sets. Scan 007
England Adrenalyn XL
A further set of ‘Official Trading Cards’ for you to enjoy with the Euro 2016
Card size 90 x 65. Scan 010
Panini have also issued a set of Euro 2016 figures to go with the cards for all you football fans
I have shown the reverse of the packet which depicts all 24 to collect. Scan 011

Topps Europe Ltd. ‘Shopkins’
This is a set of stickers depicting the characters in the Apps game.
Sticker size 85 x 62 scan 009

McDonald’s Corporation ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ (1)
The single A4 game card is available from all restaurants in the UK. It depicts some of the antics that the Angry Birds get up to in the very successful movie. The card has a plain back and takes the form of a push out and make game.
Card size 297 x 210 Scan 012

My thanks for help this issue goes to: Peter Wood, Steve Cottingham, Mike Leighton and Dave Turnbull


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