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New Silk Update

our latest update to Reference Book 138 : Handbook of Worldwide Tobacco & Trade Silk Issues is now ready to download at - - You will find we are also starting to gather together other updates. So watch that space!

Lockdales Catalogue

this is now on view at - and you will easily spot the most attractive cover with the Huntley and Palmers pair. Just click on that cover and the catalogue will appear. It is a paper sale, not just cards, but once the catalogue displays there is a handy category selector on the left hand side. Good luck and Happy Bidding!

breaking records

Breaking news - the most valuable baseball card was sold yesterday at auction - check out

Help wanted

these cards are all from our media gallery but have something missing from adding a full caption - so if anyone can supply the missing numbers off the back of the card, confirm a card is un-numbered, or any other info as requested please drop us a line via this one has no card number A560-180 : USA/T400-11 [tobacco : OS] American Tobacco Co. 'Beauties - Star Girls' (A) (1900) ?/25 this one has no card number A560-096 : USA/T412 [tobacco : OS]

Look its Typhoo

We are grateful to a member of The Ephemera Society for sharing the fact that Typhoo Tea cards feature on the December 2020 edition of their magazine and in an article inside. This is only available to members of The Ephemera Society, but you can see the cover at

New Year New Pokemon

Twenty years on from the very simple cards we show here, the latest set of Pokemon cards are ready for pre-ordering now. These will be called "Shining Fates" and follow on in many ways from last year`s "Hidden Fates" except that the new ones will contain 100 etched brilliant shine cards, including yet another version of Charizard. There are also going to be special tins, pins, and coins. The set will start to be released from February 2021, and taster pictures can be found at:

Breaking News

All change at Loddon Auctions, their three day sale will now be just the one day Tuesday the 2nd of February, and it will only be cigarette and trade cards. And in compliance with current restrictions it will be commission and internet bids only, no room bidding. Catalogues are not yet available but watch this space.

Great News for US collectors

eBay have announced that within the USA trading cards selling at below twenty dollars can be sent for less than a dollar, including tracking. Sadly there are no plans to introduce the service over here, but our American readers will definitely benefit ! You can read more at


Bournemouth was a Branch of the Cameric Club. The first mention we have found of them is in “Cameric Notes and News Magazine”, Volume 1, new series, no 13, dated May 1947, which tells of a new member at their branch meeting, so they must have been in existence already.Their next mention is in Volume 6, new series, no 6 dated December 1951, when they appeared on the back cover in a similar advertisement, which reads “The Lancashire, Yorkshire, Reading and Bournemouth Branches join with the

Candles for Advent

PRI-080 [trade : UK] Price's Patent Candle Co Ltd. of London 'Famous Battles' (A) (1910) Un/12 I have had a couple of readers ask about Advent Candles. They wondered how I said Advent starts on the 29th yet their candles have bands on that are numbered 1-24? I will happily explain. The idea of the numbered ones is that every day you burn the wax down to the next band and then extinguish the flame, lighting up again the next day until a further band is eaten. Those are actually the true ori