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Edward Wharton-Tigar 1913 – 1995

June 14 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the passing of this truly great cartophilist. We thought you might like to remember him too - and for the benefit of new members, find out who he was. Edward Wharton-Tigar M.B.E. F.C.I.S. was born in 1913, and had started collecting cigarette cards before he was ten years old. He did not just collect though, he wanted to know more, and became our second research editor; he worked not only on our magazines, but also on a book called “Un-numbere

our next postal auction

A really interesting sale this time with lots of scarce types, and an amazing COMPLETE set of Commodex "Super Cars, which you can read more about below the auction catalogue. Now remember you do not have to be a Society Member to bid - the only difference is that non-members pay buyers premium of 10% - members do not.So if you intend bidding on a lot of cards, it just might be worth looking at our membership page ... THE CARTOPHILIC SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN LTDpresents their latest AUCTION

Convention Challenge

Remember a while ago, when we were holding our virtual Convention, we showed you the start of a list containing all of our Annual General meetings and Conventions like the one this advertising flyer comes from - this being Stratford-On-Avon, all the way back in 2011. Well at that time, it was definitely more gap than list but many thanks are due to so many of you who helped fill those blank spaces in, to the point that we think it is time to give it another airing and try and net the last few.

Cartophilic Questions and Answers

Welcome to our newest page. If any of our readers are searching for information, advice, or missing cartophilic material of any kind, please get in touch with us. And please do join in, there is no charge to make a request. Send your questions, and answers, to BOX 1 :A reader writes : I am in the middle of some family history research and I was hoping to try and find out if the Wine Merchants “Hedges & Butler” of Regent Street London ever featured on any ca

A Pokemon “Box”?

Many collectors of Pokemon were astounded by the appearance of a Charizard card in the ring at a boxing match, even more so when they learned it was a BGS 10 first-edition which the owner paid $150,000 for, and one of only three in the World ! You can see it at - at which point we must say our featured card is not the same type. However it has led to Pokemon "hitting" the news in a br

Anyone for Tennis?

Is there, (or are there), any collectors of tennis cards reading this who would like to put on a virtual display here for Wimbledon. The tournament runs from the 28th of June to the 11th of July 2021. Do contact us at And our card is : G040-550 : USA122b [tobacco : OS] G. W. Gail & Ax (USA) "Novelties (Girl on Object)" large (1899) Un/25

Branch and Club News

Calling all Branch/Club Secretaries and Branch/Club visitors. Please can you let us know of any news regarding your re-openings, or of any virtual events that you have planned? This page has come in response to suggestions by several visitors to our virtual convention, and it seems an excellent idea, especially at the moment when everything is (hopefully) just about to start up again, and nothing may be as it was before, but it is going to need your help to keep it current. You dont nee

May 12 1803 – birthdate of Justus von Liebig

A tribute, by Patrick Marks The nineteenth century saw a huge level of development in the food industry, with inventions from making cocoa more useable by Cornelius Van Houten to the development of products using the essence of meat, namely Liebig or as it was known in Britain, LEMCO. The developer of Liebig as a product was the outcome of the work of Justus Von Liebig, who was a German scientist, born 1803 in Darmstadt. He studied agricultural and biological chemistry and became renowned

Enter the Twilight Zone

Today is Twilight Zone Day. The strangest thing about the day is that it is May 11 every year, but I have looked everywhere and not found any site that claims to be able to tell you why. Maybe it is just a date plucked from thin air, in a supernatural fashion. Since I know very little about the series, and it is always interesting to hear from other people, I have asked Mr John Devaney to weave you a tale about it. He is no stranger to us, having been a previous editor of our magazine,

The “Best” Card Scene ever?

Have your smelling salts ready ! We have some hot news to impart for our Virtual Convention The next edition of The Card Scene Magazine, issue 38, will be available by the end of the month. The stunning front cover of our "George Best Special Edition" proves this will be a true feast, and a must for all football fans. You can subscribe to The Card Scene Magazine, and be sure of your copy, on their website at And there is more, as it is being issued in