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August Adventures

Everything remaining on an even keel, two branches are holding meetings in August. Sussex Branch will be hosting on August 15 and London Branch on August 19. More details follow. And if your branch returns, tell us at

Happy Norfolk Day

to all collectors there, and to all members of the East Anglian Cigarette Card Club. Why not nip over to their website today - its at - and you can catch up with all their Norfolk News at - now we If anyone out there is doing something special to celebrate the day do let us know by emailing Our large card at the top is the Pedlar of Swaffham, from "Historic East Anglia" a set of twenty five cards iss

Artwork at Auction – 18 August

The July sale was cancelled, so the original paintings used to illustrate the Infantry Regimental Colours in the David J Hunter sets are now going to be auctioned by Tim Davidson of Nottingham on the 18th of August In the meantime, if you would like to reacquaint yourself with David Hunter cards we recommend reading the short monologue And while on the subject of David Hunter, his books of Famous Regiments on Cigar

Captain Scarlet Anglo Scarcity

One lucky bidder has snapped up a rare Captain Scarlet Anglo Confectionery shop display board through East Bristol Auctions. This amazing lot was not in a cartophilic sale though; it was sold as part of their toy sale on the 23rd and 24th of July ... The estimate was £200 - 300.  Find out what it actually sold for at :

under 3 months …

... before we hopefully all meet, at last, at Salisbury. Keep popping back to see our progress. A reader writes "which dealers have already booked their stands?" So come on, confirmed dealers; tell us, and email some pictures of your stock ... plus special event rarities to

Convention Challenge – last few missing

CAMERIC SOCIETY - dates & venues of 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945 - if they were held CARTOPHILIC SOCIETY - dates & venues for 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949 - just the date of 1998 at Harvey Hadden Nottingham one other curiosity is that I have been unable to find any reference to that 1943 AGM. Did we hold one or was it thought not feasible under wartime conditions? Happy hunting, and please email your discoveries to

Cartophilic Questions and Answers

Welcome to our newest page. If any of our readers are searching for information, advice, or missing cartophilic material of any kind, please get in touch with us. And please do join in, there is no charge to make a request. Send your questions, and answers, to BOX 1 :A reader writes : I am in the middle of some family history research and I was hoping to try and find out if the Wine Merchants “Hedges & Butler” of Regent Street London ever featured on any ca

Convention Archives 1960-1969

Saturday, 2 April 1960Caxton Hall. London A new age indeed, the dawning of the 1960s and an announcement, on the inside front cover of “The Cartophilic World” (Vol.13 No.145), “Annual General Meeting – Saturday 2nd April 1960, at 2.30 p.m”. This was to be held at Caxton Hall, Westminster, London. The editorial said “it is hoped that as many members as possible will attend. This is the time when you, members, decide who shall administer the Society for the following year and the o

Convention Archives 2010-2019

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April, 2010Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, Southport As promised in 2008, we were beside the seaside, in Southport, hosted by Yorkshire Branch. Southport has a huge claim to fame amongst comic book collectors as it was the home of Dan Dare, or more correctly of the vehicle in which we read his tales of derring-do, otherwise known as “The Eagle” comic! That’s why one of the cards on our commemorative card this year showed his fiendish foe, The Mekon;

Convention Archives 1990- 1999

Saturday, 28 April, 1990Rivermead Centre - READING Our Commemorative card was a humorous representation of one of the original “The Burning Question – Have You Any Cigarette Cards” postcards, featuring a man who has become indifferent to the fate of his ship and is being pestered by a small boy in a sailor suit who is weathering the swells far more successfully. Saturday, 27 April, 1991The National Motor Cycle Museum, Birmingham Saturday, 2 May, 1992Pudsey Civic Centre, L