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Loddon Auctions three day sale 9-11 March

Stamps, postcards, sporting memorabilia, and 500 lots of cigarette cards, trade cards and related items. you can enjoy browsing all of the lots at or just view the cards at

Hants & Surrey Branch Postal Auction

Greetings to all readers from the Hants and Surrey Branch. We are getting ready to come out of hibernation with a grand postal auction in April. Have a good look through this catalogue as there are some really exciting items included. And remember that bidding is open to all collectors, whether you are a Cartophilic Society member or not. Hants & Surrey Branch of the C.S.G.B.Special Postal Auction - closing date 11th April 2021 Please submit your bids by email to hand

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China Connection 3

M757-300 [tobacco : UK] Stephen Mitchell & Son "Money" (1913) 1/25 Whilst China was not the first to issue actual coins, (that honour goes to Greek inhabitants of the area we now call Turkey), they were the first country to issue banknotes, at first regionally and privately, and then through the state, which first printed them in 1024.   Of course it depends on what you call coinage as the Chinese were using shells three thousand years ago. And their early coinage was

China Connection 2

Tea is China's national drink, so much so that there is a China National Tea Museum. The oldest type of tea, and the most popular there today is Green Tea which has been brewed for thousands of years. For this you select the newest and youngest leaves of the plant, and leave them to dry naturally. It is supposed to have many benefits for health which adds to its popularity. Black tea is the second most popular and the most widely available. It is again made from the newest leaves but th

China connections 1

Strangely, we still think of our tableware and ceramic ornaments as "china" to this day.  And yet that term was never intended to be it's name. It comes entirely from the land of its manufacture.This material, strong yet beautiful, was used in its home land for many years before it was introduced to other areas of the globe. Nobody knows how it came to be invented, or even the year the original piece was produced, but it is estimated that the first piece was made "somewhere between 25 and 225

Pancake Day

Though this card is amusing, there is a serious side to Pancake Day as it allows for the using up of ingredients that may go off over Lent - milk, eggs, fats, flour, etc - because Pancake Day, or rather "Shrove Tuesday", is always the day immediately prior to Ash Wednesday, when Lent, and forty days of fasting, not feasting, begins in many religions. Many towns used to celebrate with races, where contestants carried a frying pan and would regularly flip the pancake as they progressed.&nbs

Happy Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine's Day Quest ended in victory thanks to Dennis Owyang, who tells us that this set is A560-310. So the full reference is now added to this image. And that full code is : A560-310 [tobacco : OS] American Tobacco Co. Ltd. "Beauties, Playing Card Superimposed" (1903) He also tells us that there are two printings, one has a joker card, whilst the other has no joker. Another interesting fact is that a similar issue, with and without a joker was also issued by the British-American


Ever since our society was founded, one of our main aims was to record, research, and classify every single tobacco and trade card issued between the end of the nineteenth century and the present day. And all of our members have worked together to make this happen. Our records started out as typed lists, then were printed in our magazine, finally being converted into book form for ease of access; these books were also a way that new members could join in and start adding their own new d

A rare sight

An occasional column where we show you amazing rarities. So "Hands Up" if you ever saw a cigarette card shooting pistol ? If not, there is one, dating from 1928, made of cardboard, and issued with a Boys Magazine, on sale right now .... in Brisbane Australia via eBay. Have a look at