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Comic Book Auctions

Comic Books? You are probably like me, not that interested. But wait. Comic Book Auctions, whom I have never heard of until today actually sell magazines and papers of all vintages, and several come complete with their original “free gifts”, lots of which we are interested in! In fact its probably the only place you will ever see the paper and the free gift still being sold together. Their most recent sale was on August 30 - you can still view the catalogue at https://www.the-sa

Did you see

London Auctions had a day in The Sun recently. Their sealed box of football stickers sold for the grand sum of ..... Visit to read the whole story. Now they are still collating the other results so we can't yet bring you a prices realised list. But it will also appear on their site so if you spot it before we do tell us!

The chase is on

Calling all baseball collectors! A super rare Rookie card of Zion Williamson is on the loose, and its valued at $500,000. Even the Vice President of Panini America admits he hasnt heard of anyone finding it yet. You might have it without knowing. Its in the "National Treasures" series and it has the NBA logo from a jersey embedded in it, as well as Williamson’s autograph. Blowout Cards has offered to pay a $500,000 bounty for this version of Williamson’s Rookie Patch Autograph, and they


CORNWALL BRANCH1975 – 2013 Kernow a’gas dynergh Founded in 1975, for many years this Branch was run by collector Roy Worgan of Truro, and a band of dedicated fellow enthusiasts. Before becoming Branch President Mr. Worgan had been Branch Secretary. He was still actively collecting and exhibiting cards almost until his death at the age of 94 in 2018, and in fact was dubbed “Mr.Cornwall” by the Cartophilic Society magazine when his life membership certificate was presented at our Li

Cheshire Branch

CHESHIRE BRANCH2011 - present Our story is also the story of the Timperley Card Collectors Club. We write it now to record the passing of our former Branch President and Society Life Member John Drew, who passed away in April 2020. The son of a card dealer from Bridgewater Somerset, it was he who decided that a club in the Cheshire area must continue. Timperley, who you can read about by clicking HERE, had been founded in 1978, but its organiser could not continue beyond the end of 201

Lincolnshire Branch

LINCOLNSHIRE BRANCH 1994 - present The Lincolnshire Cigarette Card Club was formed in November 1994, and its aims were to promote the hobby of cigarette card collecting to collectors in the local area, whether these be long term collectors who frequently met together at fairs, or new members who might be encouraged to start collecting if they were introduced to the pleasures of cards. We believe our first venue was the Poachers Inn, at Kirton Holme, near Boston, now The Poachers Country H

Nottingham & East Midlands Branch

NOTTINGHAM and EAST MIDLANDS BRANCH1990 - present day We believe we were founded in 1990 by David Hunter. At first we met bi-monthly, on Thursdays, at 7.30pm-9.30pm at the Royal British Legion Club, in Gotham, Nottingham. Many years ago, and just into the Second World War, a blacksmith operated from a little thatched building on the site, and once the remaining men came home it became a kind of meeting place. The building burnt down in the 1950s, but it was decided to rebuild it as a prop

Hants & Dorset Branch

In 1945 we have a record of the Cameric Club having a “Bournemouth Branch”. However in a list of Branches in the “Cameric Notes and News” Volume 10, New Series, May 1956, Bournemouth is not mentioned. Where did it go? The earliest record of a Cartophilic Society Branch is in 1988 when we were meeting at Corfe Mullen Village Hall, which was located behind the Co-Op. We met one Sunday of every month except for August, between the hours of 2 and 4.30pm; and our secretary was Mr Chris Po

Chiltern Branch

CHILTERN BRANCH Chilterns branch no longer exists, but records tell us their Annual General Meeting in May of 1980 was presided over by the Chairman J. M. Young In July 1980 an article appeared in the Cartophilic Notes and News concerning their branch fair and auction in Aylesbury on Sunday May 18. This could possibly be the same event as the AGM, as it includes reference to the fact that Clifford Duge and Fred Piper came up from London, John Walton and Len Matthews from Hampshire, and se

North East Branch

NORTH EAST BRANCH We spent many years using the Gateshead Civic Centre as a meeting place; we used to meet there on the first Thursday of every month. Then we moved to the Dunston U.T.S. Stadium, Wellington Road, Dunston, Gateshead, NE11 9JL. There is actually a very interesting webpage about Dunston U.T.S., not only a good read, but it also includes directions on how to reach the stadium by road and public transport.