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Convention Archives 1950-1959

Saturday, 18 March, 1950Caxton Hall – LONDON We are not certain that this was the first Annual General Meeting to be held at Caxton Hall (yet) but the venue was already associated with several cigarette card events. The AGM started at 2.30pm. Caxton Hall was once the local seat of government, but after the creation of the much enlarged City of Westminster in 1900, it was renamed as Caxton Hall in order to commemorate the printer, William Caxton, who had not only once been almoner of Westmi

Convention Archives 2000-2009

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April 2000Leisure Centre, Watford The year of the Millennium saw us at Watford Leisure Centre. This was the closest location to London at an affordable rate. The premises were spacious and had ample car parking, also, as usual, such places have good access for the less mobile. Yours truly was stalling out, for the only time ever (so far at least) with a table full of surplus items including a very nice Tuck Postcard Cabinet of three drawers and an opening lid top, t


Ever since our society was founded, one of our main aims was to record, research, and classify every single tobacco and trade card issued between the end of the nineteenth century and the present day. And all of our members have worked together to make this happen. Our records started out as typed lists, then were printed in our magazine, finally being converted into book form for ease of access; these books were also a way that new members could join in and start adding their own new d

Convention Archives 1938-1949

This is our latest project, which will eventually tell the story of our Annual General Meeting, and the card fair that slowly grew to accompany it, eventually becoming the focus for most collectors. We freely admit these are but bare bones, but they are at a point where we would really appreciate your help to start adding in the bulk of the material and memories. To make life easier we have decided not to include any pictures yet, and also to upload these files as continuous decades; however in

May 12 1803 – birthdate of Justus von Liebig

A tribute, by Patrick Marks The nineteenth century saw a huge level of development in the food industry, with inventions from making cocoa more useable by Cornelius Van Houten to the development of products using the essence of meat, namely Liebig or as it was known in Britain, LEMCO. The developer of Liebig as a product was the outcome of the work of Justus Von Liebig, who was a German scientist, born 1803 in Darmstadt. He studied agricultural and biological chemistry and became renowned

Enter the Twilight Zone

Today is Twilight Zone Day. The strangest thing about the day is that it is May 11 every year, but I have looked everywhere and not found any site that claims to be able to tell you why. Maybe it is just a date plucked from thin air, in a supernatural fashion. Since I know very little about the series, and it is always interesting to hear from other people, I have asked Mr John Devaney to weave you a tale about it. He is no stranger to us, having been a previous editor of our magazine,

The “Best” Card Scene ever?

Have your smelling salts ready ! We have some hot news to impart for our Virtual Convention The next edition of The Card Scene Magazine, issue 38, will be available by the end of the month. The stunning front cover of our "George Best Special Edition" proves this will be a true feast, and a must for all football fans. You can subscribe to The Card Scene Magazine, and be sure of your copy, on their website at And there is more, as it is being issued in

The Marquis of Lorne

Hard to believe that it is almost 150 years ago that the Marquis of Lorne appeared in a cigarette packet. So who is he, and why is he our card of the day during our Convention weekend? Lets start at the beginning, in 1871, when John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquis of Lorne married Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria. It was a short engagement, under six months. Just seven years later he was selected by Benjamin Disraeli to become the fourth Governor Gen

Roy Davis

Tonight we mourn one of our collectors and dealers, Roy Davis.  I first met him about twenty years ago, when he ran Middlesex Sports Cards Auctions out near Heathrow in Middlesex. These were interesting sales and always included many scarce items in very fine condition.Our paths crossed again at the Cartophilic Conventions, and by then he was dealing online as R J Davis card auctions. Amazingly I have managed to track down a copy of one of his  catalogues online, thi

a tribute to Mary Pickford

with many thanks to "bowbara" The actress that we know as Mary Pickford was born Gladys Louise Smith in Toronto Canada. There is some confusion over the day, it is variously quoted as April 8 or April 9. However if you do a little digging, you will find out that when she was very young, her father died, and as he had been born on April the 8th, she changed her actual date of birth (April 9) to his. The year is also not firm - it can be quoted as 1892, 1893, or 1894 - but though it appears n