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Are you constructing yet ?

If so how do you get the whistle box to "fold" rather than crumple into a mess ? And has anyone made one that makes any noise at all yet let alone impersonates a goldfinch ? But anyway it has been great hearing from everyone who has told us they are spending their time, just as their ancestors may have done, a century ago, with making an Owbridge whistling goldfinch model. I wonder if Owbridge ever imagined that their simple novelty card would have a second lease of life, and prove to be just

Our Annual Card Convention

Well for the second year running it is April, and yet again we are unable to hold our Annual Card Convention. In person at least, but we have plans to mark the un-convention-al weekend with another special online event. And whilst we work on that you can read the stories of our past conventions, right from our first ever Annual General Meeting, held on March 16, 1940 at Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street, in London. Convention Archives 1938-1949 Convention Archives 1950-1959 Convention

E J Newbegin –

with grateful thanks to Mr. G. Hoare This firm was founded in 1807, and their cards issued approximately 100 years later between 1900 and 1908. They were based at the Eagle Works in the High Street in Sunderland. And they were large enough to also commercially overprint postage stamps - have a look at The earliest listing of them within a cartophilic work (or at least that we know of) is in June 1950 in Col. Bagnall's Catalogue of British Ciga

PA 572

Going, Going Gone ? just a few hours for you to lodge your bid - don't miss out! I wrote my last lot of jottings in October, because of printing deadlines of course. I did not give a thought to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so my apologies for that. I am writing this a few days before the big event, so I hope everyone had an enjoyable time, or at least as good as was possible given the restrictions and hopefully common sense. And so on to the highlights. We have som


Ever since our society was founded, one of our main aims was to record, research, and classify every single tobacco and trade card issued between the end of the nineteenth century and the present day. And all of our members have worked together to make this happen. Our records started out as typed lists, then were printed in our magazine, finally being converted into book form for ease of access; these books were also a way that new members could join in and start adding their own new d

New Silk Update

You can now download our latest update to Reference Book 138 : Handbook of Worldwide Tobacco & Trade Silk Issues at -

All About Us

Last Updated : 11 December 2020 This is the story of card collectors past ... without whom we would not be here. So please read on, about collectors, just like you, who wanted to make sure such things were recorded for the future, and in simply doing that made the paths that we now follow. We are proud to pass on their stories, so that you, in turn, can pass them to generations of Cartophilists yet to come.  So, the first thing you may be asking is what is a Cartophilist? Cartophily

Our Library

Did you know we also have a library? Since we first started writing our reference books and publishing our magazines we have been keeping a copy of every one for the future, even when wartime restrictions meant we could only produce our magazines to order we still managed to print one for the library. In later years, we have added to thins by way of donations and purchases to cover books by other writers, and on subjects as diverse as cigarette packets, football cards, gum cards, postcards,


Yes, TODAY is it, the LAST CHANCE, the day the hammer falls for all the lots in our catalogue. So dont miss out by missing the auction .... Remember non-members are welcomed to bid, but you must pay 10% buyers premium. Our members do not pay this. Well I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and tis staying fit and well, this wretched virus is lingering longer than most people would have thought. All auctions, including ours, seem to be doing very well, but I cannot wait until we can resume


Bournemouth was a Branch of the Cameric Club. The first mention we have found of them is in “Cameric Notes and News Magazine”, Volume 1, new series, no 13, dated May 1947, which tells of a new member at their branch meeting, so they must have been in existence already.Their next mention is in Volume 6, new series, no 6 dated December 1951, when they appeared on the back cover in a similar advertisement, which reads “The Lancashire, Yorkshire, Reading and Bournemouth Branches join with the