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august 1

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This week there is a new system that you may not even have noticed. As we are bringing you ever more news, thanks to our ever growing squad of reporters, but only have three news feed boxes, our news moves fast, perhaps faster than you can read it. Fear not! If you click the title, in bold, of any article within those three boxes, and go to the bottom of the page which appears, you will see PREVIOUS ARTICLE. Clicking that will from now on take you back through the week (until you reach our “end of the week” tile) so you can catch up on anything you might have missed. And as long as you pop in once a week you will always stay up to date with the news of the Card World. And if you are wondering how you become a news reporter, you simply watch out for any card news in your local area or specialist subject and send it in via our contact form HERE

Liebig Meat Extract Co. Ltd. (1898) ‘Moths of Central Europe’ S555

Now this week is set to be warm so why not join the butterfly count ? It runs until August 9th –  spend just 15 minutes looking for butterflies and moths on a list you can download HERE. Then you submit your total at   If you are not keen on taking part, just sitting and watching butterflies flutter about in your garden is very restful! But watch the white ones if they head towards your cabbages….though there is also fun to be gained from watching the caterpillars slowly digesting their way through the leaves, and if they eat enough to turn into chrysalises they may hatch into next year’s butterflies. 

W.D. & H.O. Wills (1938) ‘Butterflies and Moths’

I have to admit I’m not keen on butterfly cigarette cards which show them on a plain background, rendering these beautiful creatures a bit too like those poor souls pinned for all eternity in a dusty museum. Trade cards, on the other hand, show butterflies to their best with naturalistic backgrounds and vivid colouring. Just look at Brooke Bond  “British Butterflies” and “Butterflies of the World” both are glorious.

Cigarette Card

D. Buchner & Co. (1888) ‘Butterflies & Bugs

However my favourite butterfly sets are ones like this American “Butterflies and Bugs” by Buchner, and  the BAT/ Players overseas Drumhead “Butterflies Girls Bodies” with the girls in question being 1920s flappers. But I must stress that this set has been reproduced, so always check the backs before paying. This one has been done really well, with the notice of reproduction pretty undisguiseable, but some sets just have a line just at the bottom border which can be trimmed off by those with intentions of deception.

Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd. (1905) ‘Billiard Terms’

Well as I type this, on the 31 July, The World Snooker Championship has returned to Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre. But no spectators in this topsy turvey year. We have had two amazing discoveries, firstly that there is actually a billiards card in our media gallery for me to be able to upload, as shown here, and secondly that there is a website devoted to everything relating to snooker and billiards, and it has a page showing a few of the 700 cards which he states are thought to be available. An amazing tally. The link direct to that page is

We noticed that he is keen on swopping or buying, and is also looking for cards – the 1902 Ogden Edward Diggle – and a Charles Dawson from any set. He is also looking for any collectors who share his interest, and who wishes to help write an addition to the section of the site. You can contact him direct via a link on the site.

SATURDAY will be FA Cup Final Day – and this year it is between Arsenal and Chelsea. I am not a big football fan but if pressed would pick Arsenal as my team. And they do have the advantage as they have won the cup the most times of any club, 13 victories since their first, in 1930, when they beat Huddersfield Town 2-0. Arsenal and Chelsea have also met before in the final, the most recent in 2017. But whoever wins, may it be a fair, and an exciting game. Fans cannot ask for more. 

The first of August is also Yorkshire Day, the largest county in the UK, and home to Our Yorkshire Branch. We are sorry that the area is currently back under restriction and we send thoughts to all local collectors and wish them all the best. In case you are wondering why this day was chosen it marks the Battle of Minden, a date long associated with Yorkshire military history as soldiers from that County, especially the Light Infantry were in the battle. It  was also the day that the Yorkshire Ridings Society chose to make their first protest against the 1974 local government reorganisation which removed the historic and much loved North East and West Ridings and simply called the County Yorkshire. on which note our Yorkshire Branch archives are currently being rewritten so if you can add any wizard gen please do. Check what we have already added HERE

Now August the second is Friendship Day – it’s always the first Sunday in August. Since 1958 anyway. Originally it was a promotion by the National Association of Greetings Cards, but this was seen as a gimmick purely to promote sales. Ten years later in the 1930s, the founder of Hallmark cards reintroduced it and made the date 2nd of August. The holiday died out in WW2. However in the 1950s it started to make a comeback.

Also on August 2 is International Forgiveness Day. So if there is a card friend you haven’t seen for a while, or someone you would like to say sorry to, just pick up your phone or Skype them. In these times we all need our friends more than ever. So make this the day you get back in touch. And who knows, you might get a phone call from a friend you had been missing as well! 

Brooke Bond “Famous People”

August 3 would have been the birthday of Dolores Del Rio who appears to great effect on Player’s Cigarettes Film Stars, 2nd series (1934) card number 15, showing HERE. She was the first Latin American star to really crossover and become a mainstream star in Hollywood, Ramon Novarro was her cousin and she had a long relationship with Orson Welles. She married three times, but not to him.  The link between Welles and our card of H G Wells is that Orson Welles once sent America into total panic by reading The War of The World’s over the radio, but as if it was a broadcast of actual events as they happened. Read that story HERE

Stephen Mitchell & Son (1927) ‘Clan Tartans’ M757-4400

August 4 is the birthday of Sir Harry Lauder. He was a Scottish entertainer who started off working down a coal mine as a young boy, entered a works talent contest and won. This changed his life. He was given his knighthood in 1919 partially due to his spending the First World War going over to the warzone and entertaining the troops. Some of his cards appear on a website devoted to his life and work, the card page is   And by the wonders of modernity you can hear him even today – here he is at full cry with one of his most loved hits “Roaming in The Gloaming”, preserved forever on YouTube at ;

John Player “Dogs” (1925) card 6

August 5 is Work Like a Dog Day. This not only pays tribute to all the dogs who work to help us or make our lives easier, it thanks all those whose dogs come to work with them and don’t help – mine has a tendency of borrowing things off other peoples units when I am otherwise engaged refilling mine, and not saying where it came from so I have to guess where to put it back….apologies to anyone so affected. I try my best. Molassine dog food issued a great set called “Dogs at Work” to give you a starting point but there are lots of dogs at work on all manner of sets. See how many you can spot! 

Kinney Bros. (1889) ‘Surf Beauties’

August 6 is actually Wiggle Your Toes Day. This should be done every day as a major cause of bad feet is simply for them to have spent their entire lives being squeezed into unsuitable footwear.

There is an even simpler remedy, once a day take off your shoes and socks and go out in your garden and stand on the earth. If you don’t have a garden just walk round your house barefooted. It’s an amazing feeling. 

August 7th would have been the birthday of Billie Burke. Who appeared on many cigarette and postcards. THIS is just one She appeared on stage and screen and married the theatrical impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, then just when her career was winding down at the stirrings of the second world war she took a part in a minor film playing a witch. The witch was called Glinda The Good; but the film turned out not to be so minor as it was “The Wizard of Oz”. In its original form there were to be fewer songs, indeed on first screening it to the studio bosses they wanted to remove Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” because they thought it was too long. 

An enjoyable meeting [courtesy of Lea Valley]

To other news, I have been working behind the scenes on the Branch Archives this week but am getting rather confused about starting dates.  I know our first was London and our second Humberside (founded 1964). East Anglia followed on 21 March 1970 and the much missed West Country in 1973. Then the system starts to fall apart a bit, which is why I need your help. We have Cornwall and Sussex penned in for 1975 but in a vintage copy of Cartophilic Notes and News magazine it gives the meeting dates for eight branches none of which are those two –  the eight are East Anglia  Humberside, London, West Country as logged above, plus Midlands, North West, Reading, and Yorkshire.  So if anyone can give us a founding date for the last four, or any branches not yet mentioned, please contact us HERE

Watford 2000

Now you may remember that I mentioned a London Branch Golden Jubilee Coldstream Guards commemorative cards a few weeks ago that had been listed cheaply on eBay? Well I seem to have bought it myself. I’m now getting quite a little collection of these, so does anyone else out there collect them (apart from our archivist, whose eBay identity code I now know off by heart) and would you like to compare notes. Sadly I have no swops but I might be interested in acquiring your duplicates! 

Well sadly that’s all for another week. Stay safe out there, as our hope for normality seems to be slowly slipping away again.  And we hope to see you here again next week, same time, same location!

Almost forgot! As of today if you miss a newsletter don’t worry. By popular demand a link to the previous edition will now appear. And here’s last week’s…. July 25

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