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North American Reference Book (RB151)

North American Reference Book (RB151)

Two years in the making, this week`s featured book is the North American Reference Book

This contains all C19th tobacco insert series, including special printed albums and banners but not photographic issues, pins and silks.

There are in total 357 pages, with 250 colour illustrations and about 2600 cards shown in total.

There is an introduction, followed by an Index based on the World Index references and followed by a handbook section that is in American Card Catalog sequence (N, A and G numbers). The book contains all updates by Chris Benjamin and Forbes/Mitchell as well as quite a few completely new series. Almost every series is illustrated (every backlisted set is in large size so that it can be read), and every unnumbered series is listed in full, with illustrations of nearly every untitled card. Over 90% of the cards listed have been compared with the actual cards and updated where necessary. There are of course additions to many of the incomplete lists and illustrations of subjects.



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