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Nottingham & East Midlands Branch

Nottingham & East Midlands Branch

1990 – present day

We believe we were founded in 1990 by David Hunter.

At first we met bi-monthly, on Thursdays, at 7.30pm-9.30pm at the Royal British Legion Club, in Gotham, Nottingham. Many years ago, and just into the Second World War, a blacksmith operated from a little thatched building on the site, and once the remaining men came home it became a kind of meeting place. The building burnt down in the 1950s, but it was decided to rebuild it as a proper club under the Royal British Legion banner.

We moved to The West Bridgford Conservative Club, 28 Rectory Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6BG. We still kept to the same day and start time, though some of our members liked to get there earlier, but we closed earlier at 9pm. We had a guest dealer at every meeting, and we encouraged members to come along and exchange their swaps. There were an average of around 10 to 12 members each time, and that gave all of us good time to have a look at all of the cards on offer without feeling too overwhelmed or panicked, as well as do a few exchanges amongst ourselves, and enjoy a good chat.

In 1998, which was the Cartophilic Society`s Sixtieth Anniversary, we proudly hosted their Annual Convention and AGM at the Harvey Hadden Centre in Nottingham. Ted Knight was President and Tony Gardner Convention Organiser. We were in Nottingham for the first time, even though the area seems one of the spiritual homes of Cartophily, being the home of John Player, and the castle on the hill which featured so prominently in its advertising is visible from most of the surroundings.

We also hosted in 2006, when the Society President was Derek Jenkins and Robin Short Convention Organiser. We were delighted to see Tony Gardner, now a Councillor Emeritus. And David Hunter was there, stalling out as one of the 60 dealers, though this was his final time. However he was only stopping to give himself more to devote more time and effort into publishing and researching his fine series of military cards. Another friendly face belonged to David Stuckey, celebrating his 100th edition of Card Times Magazine.

Our Convention hat-trick came in 2019. After a quick change, when we were advised to move from our original venue of a former television studio now part of Nottingham University, to the De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre. The change was made after we had started issued advertising materials, so check out the pair of advertising flyers which also feature on

We were also the venue chosen to premiere the Society`s new “swap area” scheme, where anyone could bring in Pokémon and Panini/Match Attax 2018/19 season cards and swap them for others they needed. The scheme was mainly to attract new younger collectors, but we found a range of ages were interested, and we saw steady swapping all day. We also arranged to give free advice and valuations to anyone bringing in cards that they had inherited or acquired.

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