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Our Library

Did you know we also have a library?

Since we first started writing our reference books and publishing our magazines we have been keeping a copy of every one for the future, even when wartime restrictions meant we could only produce our magazines to order we still managed to print one for the library. In later years, we have added to thins by way of donations and purchases to cover books by other writers, and on subjects as diverse as cigarette packets, football cards, gum cards, postcards, and coffee-table style visual masterpieces, which truly demonstrate what a wonderful world the card world is.

This simple decision has given us an amazing and enviable resource which is available for use by members, non members, the press and archivists. If you are not a current member of our society, but are working on a piece which does, or could involve cards, and would like to hear more, please email our librarian at:

 If you are a current member of the Society you can borrow up to two items at a time. Our books are normally loaned for one month, which should be sufficient. If you do wish to extend this, you must make a separate arrangement with the Librarian, but, as in all libraries, this depends
on whether that book has since been requested by another member. 

If you do fall in love with one of our own works, please don’t forget we also have a bookshop retailing all our current volumes. And members can advertise in our magazine for copies of older versions of our works, or for card related publications by other writers.

When a book is despatched it will come with a Society loan form plus a return address label. Please keep the packaging safe as you will need to refund that postage and return the form when you return the book. To safeguard our stocks, recorded delivery postage is to be used when returning books. Cheques are to be made out to CSGB, or we will accept the equivalent in postage stamps by prior arrangement.

Please note that if any book or item is lost, destroyed or damaged whilst in your possession, you are liable to pay the Society an amount which will be decided by the Council. In order to preserve rarer, earlier, or larger books, the Librarian may agree, and sometimes prefer to search for information within the books. However, the member must understand such a request may take longer to accomplish.

A03A & B C Chewing Gum CardsLaker, Ian19811stListing of IssuesLCCC
A04 A & BC Chewing Gum Cards-UpdateLaker, Ian20042ndUpdated listing of IssuesLCCC
A05 Abdulla / Adkin / AnstieGurd, Eric19431stCartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 5 Wallace-Homestead
A08 Advertising Trade Cards Kaduck, John 19761stAmerican Trade Card Pictorial RecordBettaga, Victor
A14 Aiguebelle,d’ Chocolaterie Bettega, Victor 19921stIllustrated Catalogue of Issues Murray, John
A21 American Advertisements Amstel, de Vries/van19731stAdvertisements, 1865 -1900Bray, C
A24 American Book of ChecklistsBray, Charles19501stHandbook – American Cards
A27 American Card Catalog (1946) Burdick, J R 19462ndHandbook of American Card Issues
A28 American Card Catalog (1953) Burdick, J.R 19533rdHandbook of American Card Issues
A29 American Card Catalog (1960) Burdick, J.R 1960Handbook of American Card IssuesKistler Printing Co
A30 American Card Catalogue (1967) Burdick, J.R 1967Handbook of American Card IssuesNostalgia Press
A35 American Playing Cards, Part I Hochman, Gene 1976Souvenir/World’s Fair/Sport/War/Rail etc.Hochman, Gene
A36 American Playing Cards, Part IIHochman, Gene 1977Transformation/Insert CardsHochman, Gene
A37 American Playing Cards, Part IIIHochman, Gene1979Advertising/Oddities/Teaching/etcHochman, Gene
A38 American Playing Cards, Part IVHochman, Gene19801stStandard Cards etcHochman, Gene
A39 American Playing Cards, Part V Hochman, Gene1980Complete Index / Canadian / Supp. to parts.1-4 ATC
A40 American Tobacco Cards ForbesR & Mitchell, T 1999Price guide & Check list Tuff Stuf Books
A41 American Tobacco Story ATC19801stStory of the American Tobacco Co.Paco Imperial
A45 Antigos Bilhetes Postais-PortugalGruner, Klaus 19891stPortuguese PostcardsIllustrated Figurina
A47 Antiques, AdvertisingLyle CurtisTony Ltd Lyle Price Guide to Advertising Antiques CSGB
A48 Appel F – Paris W- Tigar / de Magistris1990Cont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.1
A52 Ardath Tob. Gurd, Eric1943App.1 Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 6
A56As Marcas do Nosso Tempo Souza Cruz1984Marks of ‘Souza Cruz’CSGB
A64 Aubry / Dangiville / Hamelin / LaasWharton-Tigar, E C1st Cont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.7CSGB
A65Aubry / Dangiville /Hamelin / LaasWharton-Tigar, E C1stCont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.7 (App) Renniks Books
A70 Australasian MiscellaneousWharton-Tigar, E C1951Cartophilic Ref. Book No.20 CSGB
A73 Australian & N.Z. lndex – Part IWharton-Tigar, E C 19831stCartophilic Ref. Book No.30Orem, Preston
A74 Australian & N.Z. lndex – Part IWharton-Tigar, E C 19931stCartophilic Ref. Book No.33Simon & Schuster
A76 Australian Issues & ValuesSkinner, Dian19831stCigarette Cards – Illustrated Books Americana
A79 Australian Trade Issues – to 1945Wharton-Tigar, E C 19681stCart. Typed Listing No. 11AG Press
B08Baseball 1845-1881Orem, Preston19611stStory of Baseball – no cards
B11Baseball Card BookSeaver, Tom19851stBaseball Cards
B14Baseball Cards – GuideErbe, Ron 1982American Premium Guide to Baseball
B17Baseball Cards, Vol. 1 ,Encyclopedia Lipset, Lew 1983Baseball Cards, pre 1900
B18Baseball Cards, Vol. 2 ,EncyclopediaLipset, Lew1984Baseball- Early Gum/Candy
B19Baseball Cards, Vol. 3 ,Encyclopedia Lipset, Lew19861stBaseball Cards, 1909-1932Hamlyn Pub.
B24Baster & Viellemand Wharton-Tigar, E C1971Cont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.4
B28 BataiIle /BouiIion-Rivoyre / HutinetWharton-Tigar, E C1973Cont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.8
B33 Bill’s Bulletin, Vol.1Wareham, Bill1958Journal, Aug.1957 – Aug.1958
B44Bognard, FWharton-Tigar, E Printers, Sec.3
B48 Bon Marché Fronval, G Catalogue of Bon Marche Issues
B50 Bon Marché ThysebaertAlain Bon Marche Images etc.
B52 Bon Marche – Catalogue Boucicaut Catalogue of Images Boucicaut
B55 Bookmarkers, Collecting Coysh, A W 1974History of PictorialBookmarkers David & Charles
B58 A Notebook of boy scouts & girl guidesMarsh E20021stE Marsh
B59 A Notebook of boy scouts & girl guides Marsh E20042ndE Marsh
B60 A Notebook of boy scouts & girl guidesMarsh E2005Additions to 2nd editionE Marsh
B63BAT Chinese sundry back issues Owyang, Dennis2005?Ultimate GuideOwyang, Dennis
B65 British Cigarette Card Issues, Part 1Bagnall / W- Tigar1950Ltd Card Issues, 1888-1919 LCCC
B66British Cigarette Card Issues, Part 11 Bagnall / W- Tigar1954Ltd Card issues 1920-1940 LCCC
B71British Trade Index Wharton-Tigar, E C19621stCartophilic Ref. Book No.25 CSGB
B72British Trade Index, Part II Wharton-Tigar, E C1969Ltd Cartophilic Ref. Book No.27 CSGB
B73 British Trade Index, Part II Wharton-Tigar, E C1969Ltd Cartophilic Ref. Book No.27 CSGB
B74 British Trade Index, Part IV Wharton-Tigar, E C1997Cartophilic Ref. Book No.34 CSGB
B75 British Trade Index – to 1970 Young, V2006Cartophilic Ref. Book No.125 CSGB
B76 British Trade Handbook – to 1970 Young, V2006Cartophilic Ref. Book No.126 CSGB
B78 British-American Tob. Co. Wharton-Tigar, E C1952Ltd Cartophilic Ref. Book No.21 CSGB
B79British-American Tob. Co. lndexWharton-Tigar, E C19521stCartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 21CSGB
B80 British-American Tob. Co. Chinese Sundry Back Issues – the ultimate guideOwyang, D, Payne G, Smith M2007Illustrated guide Owyang, Dennis
B81British Tobacco Issues Handbook2003Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 135CSGB
B84 Brooke Bond Picture CardsHarrison, John19724thOfficial Listing of Cards Brooke Bond
B85 Brooke Bond Picture Cards Harrison, John 19755thOfficial Listing of CardsBrooke Bond
B88Bulletin, The, Nos.1-43 1943 JournalJun.1939-Feb.1943CSGB
B89Bulletin, The, Nos.1-43 1943 Journal,Jun.1939-Feb.1943CSGB
B90Bulletin, The C.W.1939-1947 1947 JournalJun.1939-Feb.1947CSGB
B94 Burning Bright Wharton- Tigar, E C19871stAutobiography of former President Metal Bulletin
C001 Calciatori (1976-1977)Panini, Franco2004Illustrated guide Gazzetta dello sport
C002 Calciatori (1985-1986)Panini, Franco2004Illustrated guide Gazzetta dello sport
C004 Cameric Notes & News, Nos.1-4 Cameric Club1943Journal-Nov.1940-Sep.1943
C005 Cameric Notes & News, Nos.1-50 Cameric Club1944Journal, Nov.1940-Mar.1944
C006 Cameric Notes & News, Nos.45-75 Cameric Club1946Journal, Oct,1943-April, 1946
C007 Cameric Notes & News, Nos.51-75 Cameric Club1946Journal, April 1944-April,1946
C008 Cameric Notes & News, Vol. 1 (New) Cameric ClubNew Journal, May 1946-Jun.1947
C010 Cameric Notes & News, Vol.1-3 Cameric Club1949New Journal, May 1946-Jun.1949
C012 Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.3-4 Cameric Club1950Journal, Jul.1948-Jun.1950
C013Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.4-5 Cameric Club1951Journal, Jul.1949-Jun.1951
C015 Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.5-6 Cameric Club1952Journal, Jul.1950-Jun.1952
C016 Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.6-7 Cameric Club1953Journal, Jul.1951-Jun.1953
C017 Cameric Notes & News, Vol. 7-8 Cameric Club1954Journal, Jul.1952-Jun.1954
C019 Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.8-9 Cameric Club1955Journal, Jul.1953-Jun.1955
C020 Cameric Notes & News, Vo1.9-10 Cameric Club1956 Journal, Jul.1954-Jun.1956
C021 Cameric Notes & News, Vols.1 0-11 Cameric Club1958Journal, Jul.1955-Jun.1958
C022 Cameric Notes & News, Vols.12-15 Cameric Club1964Journal, Jul.1958-Dec.1964
C028Card Collectors Annual-Australian1987/81988 Australian Annual 1987/8CSGB
C031Card Collectors Annual-Australian19891989 Australian AnnualCSGB
C033 Card Collectors Bulletin, Nos.1-30Burdick, J R1944Journal, U.S.A. Aug.1939-Jun.1944
C038 Card Collectors Bulletin, Nos.31-65 Burdick, J R1950Journal, U.S.A.,Aug.1944-Apr.1950
C039 Card Collectors Bulletin, Nos.66-100 Burdick, J R1956Journal, U.SA,Jun.1950-Jan.1956
C040 Card Collectors Price GuideHanes, Ted19791stUSA Gum CardsMagnacon
C042Cartoes Postais – Brazil Gasparian et al1991Postcard Exhibition-Brazil Royal Family Museu Imperial
C044artoes Postais – BrazilC Roberto, Yolande1992100 Years – Brazilian Postcards Museo da Imagem
C046Cartofilico Sudamericano – CatalogoMejia, Victor1960South American Card Issues
C056Cartophilic N&N, Vol.11966 Jan:1965-Dec.1966CSGB
C057Cartophilic N&N, Vol.2 1968 JournalJan.1967-Dec.1968CSGB
C058Cartophilic N&N, Vol.3 1970 JournalJan.1969-Dec.1970CSGB
C059Cartophilic N&N, Vol.3-4 1972 JournalJan.1971-Dec.1972 CSGBCSGB
C060 Cartophilic N&N, Vol.5 1974 JournalJan.1973-Dec.1974 CSGBCSGB
C061Cartophilic N&N, Vol.6 1976 Journal Jan.1975-Dec.1976 CSGBCSGB
C062Cartophilic N&N, Vol.7 1978 JournalJan.1977-Dec.1978 CSGBCSGB
C063Cartophilic N&N, Vol.8(85-96) Journal Jan.1979-Dec.1980 CSGBCSGB
C064Cartophilic N&N, Vol.9(97-105) JournalJan.1981-Dec.1981 CSGBCSGB
C065Cartophilic N&N, Vol.10(106-114) JournalJan.1982-Dec.1982 CSGBCSGB
C066Cartophilic N&N, Vol.11/12(115-128) JournalJan.1983-Dec.1984 CSGBCSGB
C067Cartophilic N&N, Vol.13/14(129-140) JournalJan.1985-Dec.1986 CSGBCSGB
C068 Cartophilic N&N, Vol.15/16(141-152) JournalJan.1987-Dec.1988 CSGBCSGB
C069Cartophilic N&N, Vol.16/18(153-164) JournalJan:1985-Dec.1986 CSGBCSGB
C070Cartophilic N&N, Vol.18/19(165-176) JournalJan.1991-Dec.1992 CSGBCSGB
C071Cartophilic N&N, Vol.19/20(177-188) JournalJan.1993-Dec.1994 CSGBCSGB
C072Cartophilic N&N, Vol.20/21(189-200) JournalJan.1995-Dec.1996 CSGBCSGB
C073Cartophilic N&N, Vol.21/23(201-212) JournalJan.1997 –Dec.1998 CSGBCSGB
C074Cartophilic N&N, Vol.23/24(213-224) JournalJan.1999-Dec.2000 CSGBCSGB
C075Cartophilic N&N, Vol.25/26(225-236) JournalJan.2001-Dec.2002 CSGBCSGB
C076Cartophilic N&N, Vol.27/28(237-248) JournalJan.2003-Dec.2004 CSGBCSGB
C077Cartophilic N&N, Vol.29/30(249-260) JournalJan.2005-Dec.2006 CSGBCSGB
C078Cartophilic N&N, Vol.31/32(261- ) JournalJan.2007-Dec.2008 CSGBCSGB
C194 Cartophilic Soc. – Australian Year Book No.1 CSGB1985Australian Year Book – 1985
C195 Cartophilic Soc. – Australian Year Book No.2 CSGB1986Australian Year Book – 1986
C198Cartophilic TermsGurd, EricLtd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 8CSGB
C198 Cartophilic TermsGurd, Eric1948Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 8CSGB
C209Cartophilic World, Vol.1-3 1946 JournalMar.1943-Feb.1946CSGB
C211Cartophilic World, Vol.4-6 1949 JournalMar.1946-Feb.1949CSGB
C213Cartophilic World, Vol.6-8 1950 Journal, Mar.1948-Dec.1950CSGB
C215 Cartophilic World, Vo1.7-9 1952 Journal, Mar.1949-Dec.1952CSGB
C216 Cartophilic World, Vo1.9-10 1954 Journal, Jan.1951-Dec.1954CSGB
C218 Cartophilic World, Vols.10-11 1956 Journal, Jan.1953-Dec.1956CSGB
C220 Cartophilic World, Vols.11-12 1958 Journal, Jan.1955-Dec.1958CSGB
C221 Cartophilic World, Vols.13-15 1964 Journal, Jan.1959-Dec.1964CSGB
C247 Cartophily Britannica, Vo1.2-41961Journal Inc.’Bill’s Bulletin’, ’59-‘61
C252 Celebridades & Mitos DelCima, Marcelo19891stPostcard Exhibition (Theatre)-BrazilAcademia Brasileira
C256 Chewing Gum Book, The Great American Hendrickson, Robert 19761stHistory of Chewing Gum & CardsChilton Book Co.
C257 Illustrated Guide for anonymous Chines packet and factory backs 2007 editionOwyang, D, Payne G, Smith M, Suter P, Wright P, Zhou X2007Illustrated Guide Owyang, Dennis
C258Catalogue of International Cigarette CardsThe LCCC 1982 1st Illustrated guide Webb & Bower, Exeter
C259 Catalogue des chromos del Choclaterie PoulainJean Francois Cholley2004Jean Francois Cholley
C260 Church & Dwight Hodge, J D1994USA Guide to Issues Hodge
C262 Churchman Wharton-Tigar, E C 1948Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 10CSGB
C262 Churchman Wharton-Tigar, E C 1948Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 10CSGB
C263 CibilsW-Tigar/de Magistris19882ndCibils – Beef Extract cardsVansevenant
C263 CibilsW-Tigar/de Magistris19882ndCibils – Beef Extract cardsVansevenant
C266Cigar, The Connoisseur’s Book of the Davidoff, Zino19691stInformation on Cigars McGraw-Hill
C268Cigarette & Trade CardsHowsden, Gordon 19951stHow to Collect – IllustratedNew Cavendish Books
C268 Cigarette & Trade CardsHowsden, Gordon 19951stHow to Collect – IllustratedNew Cavendish Books
C270Cigarette Card CavalcadeCruse, A J19481stIllustrated Guide to CardsVawser & Wiles
C272 Cigarette Card Collectors’ Handbook Bason, Fred1938Collectors’ Handbook Anscornbe, Robert
C279 Cigarette Card News, Vol. 1-3 LCCC19361stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’33-Sep.’36LCCC
C281 Cigarette Card News, Vol. 4-6 LCCC19391stJournal, LCCC, OCL’36-Sep.’39LCCC
C284 Cigarette Card News, Vol. 7-9 LCCC19421stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’39-Sep.’42LCCC
C285 Cigarette Card News, Vol. 9-10 LCCC 19431stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’41-Sep.’43LCCC
C286 Cigarette Card News, Vols. 10-12 LCCC 19451stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’42-Sep.’45LCCC
C289 Cigarette Card News, Vols.13-15 LCCC 19481stJournal, LCCC, OCL’45-Sep.’48LCCC
C292 Cigarette Card News, Vols.16-18 LCCC 19511stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’48-Sep.’51LCCC
C294 Cigarette Card News, Vols.18-19 LCCC 19531stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’50-Jun.’53LCCC
C295 Cigarette Card News, Vol.19 LCCC19511stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’51-Jun.’52,+lndex LCCC
C296 Cigarette Card News, Vols.19-20 LCCC 19551stJournal, LCCC, Oct.’51-Jun.’55LCCC
C297 Cigarette Card News, Vols.20-21 LCCC 19571stJournal, LCGC, Jul.’53-Jun.’57LCCC
C299 Cigarette Card News, Vols.22-23 LCCC 19611stJournal, LCCC, Jul.’57-Jun’61LCCC
C300 Cigarette Card News, Vols.24-25 LCCC 19651stJournal, LCCC, Jul.’61-Feb.’65LCCC
C301 Cigarette Card News, Vols.26-27 LCCC 19671stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’65-Feb.’67LCCC
C302 Cigarette card News, Vols.28-29 LCCC19691stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’67··Feb.’69LCCC
C303 Cigarette Card News, Vols.30-31 LCCC 19711stJournal, LCCC, Mar.’69-Feb.’71LCCC
C304 Cigarette Card News, Vols.32-33 LCCC 19731stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’71-Feb.’73LCCC
C305 Cigarette Card News, Vol.34 LCCC19741stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’73-Feb.’74LCCC
C306 Cigarette Card News, Vol.35 LCCC19751st Journal, LCCC, Mar.’74-Feb.’75LCCC
C307 Cigarette Card News, Vol.36/37 LCCC 19761stJournal, LCCC, Mar.’75-Feb.’76LCCC
C308 Cigarette Card News, VoI.37(38) LCCC 19771stJournal, LCCC, Mar.’76-Feb.’77LCCC
C309 Cigarette Card News, VoI.38(39) LCCC 19781stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’77-Feb.’78LCCC
C310 Cigarette Card News, VoI.39(40) LCCC 19791stJournal, LCCC, Lv1ar.’78-Feb.’79LCCC
C311 Cigarette Card News, Vol.41 LCCC19801stJournal, LCCC, Mar.’79-Feb.80LCCC
C312 Cigarette Card News, Vol.42 LCCC19811stJournal, LCCC, MaL80-Feb.81LCCC
C313 LCCCCigarette Card News, Vol.43 LCCC19821stJournal, LCCC, Mar.81-Feb.82 LCCC
C314 Cigarette Card News, Vol.44 LCCC19831stJournal, LCCC Mar.82-Feb.83LCCC
C315 Cigarette Card News, Vol.45 LCCC19841stJournal, LCCC, Mar.83-Feb.84LCCC
C316 Cigarette Card News, Vol.46 LCCC19851stJournal, LCCC, Mar.84-Feb.85LCCC
C317 Cigarette Card News, Vol.47 LCCC19861stJournal, LCCC, Mar.85-Feb.86LCCC
C318 Cigarette Card News, Vol.48 LCCC19871stJournal, LCCC, Mar.86-Dec.86LCCC
C319 Cigarette Card News, Vol.48/49 LCCC19871st Journal, LCCC, Jan.87-Dec.87LCCC
C320 Cigarette Card News, Vol.49/50 LCCC 19881stJournal, LCCC, Jan.88-Dec.88LCCC
C321Cigarette Card News, Vol.50/51 LCCC 19891st Journal, LCCC, Jan.89-Dec.89LCCC
C322 Cigarette Card News, Vol.51/52 LCCC 19901stJournal, LCCC, Jan.90-Dec.90LCCC
C323Cigarette Card News, Vol.52/53 LCCC 19911stJournal, LCCC, Jan.91-Dec.91LCCC
C324 Cigarette Card News, Vol.53/54 LCCC 19921stJournal, LCCC, Jan.92-Dec.92LCCC
C325 Cigarette Card News, Vol.54/55 LCCC 19931stJournal, LCCC, Jan.93-Dec.93LCCC
C326 Cigarette Card News, Vol.55/56 LCCC 19941stJournal, LCCC, Jan.94-Dec.94LCCC
C327 Cigarette Card News, Vol.56/57 LCCC 19951stJournal, LCCC, Jan.95-Dec.95LCCC
C328 Cigarette Card News, Vol.57/58 LCCC 19961stJournal, LCCC, Jan.96-Dec.96LCCC
C329 Cigarette Card News, Vol.58/59 LCCC 19971stJournal, LCCC, Jan.97-Dec.97LCCC
C330 Cigarette Card News, Vol.59/60 LCCC19981stJournal, LCCC, Jan.98-Dec.98LCCC
C331 Cigarette Card News, Vol. 60/61 LCCC 19991stJournal, LCCC, Jan.99-Dec.99LCCC
C332 Card Collectors News, Vol. 61/62 LCCC 20001stJournal, LCCC, Jan.00-Dec.00LCCC
C333 Card Collectors News, Vol. 62/63 LCCC 20011stJournal, LCCC, Jan.01-Dec.01LCCC
C334 Card Collectors News, Vol. 63/64 LCCC 20021stJournal, LCCC, Jan.02-Dec.02LCCC
C335 Card Collectors News, Vol. 64/65 LCCC 20031stJournal, LCCC, Jan.03-Dec.03LCCC
C336Card Collectors News, Vol. 65/66 LCCC 20041stJournal, LCCC, Jan.04-Dec.04LCCC
C337 Card Collectors News, Vol. 66/67 LCCC 20051stJournal, LCCC, Jan.05-Dec.05LCCC
C338 Card Collectors News, Vol. 67/68 LCCC 20061stJournal, LCCC, Jan.06-Dec.06LCCC
C339 Card Collectors News, Vol. 68/69 LCCC 20071stJournal, LCCC, Jan.07-Dec.07LCCC
C406 Cigarette Card Review – Vol. 1EHW1947 Journal, 1946-1947EHW
C407 Cigarette Card Review – Vol. 2EHW1947 Journal, 1947 EHWEHW
C410 Cigarette Card, The, Vol. 11939Journal, + Bulletin, 1-7 etc.
C415 Cigarette Cards & How to Collect Them Evans, I 019371stHistory & Collection of CardsJenkins, Herbert
C418 Cigarette Cards & NoveltiesDoggett, Frank19811stIllustrated Guide Joseph, Michael
C420Cigarette Cards, All About CruseAlfred A ‘Do You Know’ Book Perry Colour Books
C423 Cigarette Cards, Complete Catalogue LCCC19811stCatalogue of British CardsWebb & Bower
C425 Cigarette Cards, The Rep. of People etc.Hobbs, Graeme 19991stDissertation to Southampton University
C428 Cigarette Cards, The Story of Murray, Martin19871stHistory & Development of Cards Murray Cards
C430 Cigarette Cards – An OutlineGurd, Eric19421stAn Outline on CardsCSGB
C433 Cigarette Cards-Subject CatalogueGower, Frederick 1941Subject Listing Gower, F
C436Cigarette Pack Art Mullen, Chris19791stIllustrated HistoryHamlyn Pub.
C442 Cinema Stars on ‘Picture’ Postcards Shaw, Jim Listing of Cinema Stars Shaw, J.H.
C448Clarey / Dupuy / Gilbert-Clare etc. Wharton-Tigar, E C1975Cont. Cat. By Printers, Sec.11
C456 Coez / Dessain / Mazerand / Mertens Wharton-Tigar, E C 1977Cont. Cat. By Printers, Sec.13 Part 1
C460 Collecting Cigarette CardsBagnall, Dorothy 19651stHistory and How to CollectArco Publications
C462 Collecting for Pleasure & ProfitGaunt, Arthur19471stGeneral Collecting – Includes CardsSouthern Ed.Syn
C465Collecting Trade & Cig. Cards – Guide to GendersRoy19751stGuide to Collecting Pelham Books
C468 Collector’s HandbookKaberry, C J 19511stGeneral Collecting Guidance Oxford U.Press
C470 Collector’s MiscellanyParks, J1938Journal-1932-1938 Parks, J
C482Courbe-Rouzet Wharton-Tigar, E C 1971Cont. Cat. By Printers, Sec.2
C501 Cricket Cigarette & Trade CardsDeadman, Derek 19851stListing of Cricket CardsMurray Cards
C502 Cricket Cigarette & Trade Cards, a further listingHarris, Alan & Seymour, Geoff1993Listing of Cricket Cards (update)Murray Cards
C504 Cricket Collector Cards – Aust / NZ Circosta, Paul19951stListing of Cricket Cards, 1965-1996 Bookkeeper Pub.
D06 Deutschlands Katalog Spielhagen1951German inf. & Price List Spielhagen
D10 Devozione Publica e PrivataBorello, Laura Christianity on Cards / Artifacts
D15 Directory of Brit. Cig Card IssuersGurd, Eric1946Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 7CSGB
D36 Dresdner Kunstanatalt – GermanWharton-Tigar, E C 1978Cont. Cat. By Printers, Sec.14
D52 Dutch Embroidered SilksStevens, Alan Illustrations only Stevens, Alan
E10 El Cromo Antiguo en EspañaBolet, Juan Ral Illustrated guide Bolet, Juan Ral
E18 Engrav’d Cards Friedman, Terry1976Illustrated Trades-Men Cards,Leeds Lund Humphries
E34 Errors and Varieties Neilson, Bryce19861stBritish Cigarette CardsNeilson, Bryce
E35 Errors and Varieties-Limited EditionNeilson, Bryce19861stBritish Cig. Cards-Fully Illustrated EdNeilson, Bryce
F06 La Familia Zamorano a traves de la vitolfilia Cita tabacos de Canarias S.L.19991stSanta Cruz de tenerife
F08 Faulkner, W.& FGurd, Eric1942Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 1CSGB
F26 Figurine Panini, G19901st Illustrated History 1867-1985Panini
F32 Film Weekly Iliust. Listing of ‘Filmshots’ Issues
F51 Footballer, The IllustratedAmbrosen, Tony19891stFootball Cards Breedon Books
G06 GallaherGurd, Eric1944Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 4CSGB
G12Garantirt Aecht Ciolina, E.& ECiolina, E.& E1stIllustrated Issues – German Wissen
G38Gombert etc – GermanyWharton-Tigar, E C 1975Cant. Cat. By Printers, Sec. 12
G56 Guerin-Boutron Thysebaert / Berbez Guerin-Boutron Chocolat Cards
G65 Guinea Gold IssuesWharton-Tigar, E C 1959Ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 24CSGB
G66 Guine Gold Booklet Book Mark Illustrated Base descriptions Approx. 20
G70 Gum guide 2Hart, Paul2004Listing
H14 Half-TimeThompson, David 1987Football Cards,1890-1940Murray Cards
H28 Hill, R&J Gurd, Eric1942ltd Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 2CSGB
H54 Huntley & Palmer Vansevenant, E1989Catalogue of Cards & Diverse Vansevenant
H61 HwachingOwyang, Dennis2005Illustrated checklist (Beauties) Owyang, Dennis
I16 II Tempo Dipinto Fame et al 1995Illustrated Guide – pre 1900
I18 Illustrated Guide for anonymous Chines packet and factory backs 2007 editionOwyang, D, Payne G, Smith M, Suter P, Wright P, Zhou X2007Illustrated Guide Owyang, Dennis
I23 Imperial Tobacco Co. Imperial Tob. Co.19511stHistory og Company, 1901-1951Imp.Tob.Co.
I29 Ireland, History 2002 Magazine (Vol. 10 No. 2) History Ireland Ltd
J20 Jehenne & Sicard Wharton-Tigar, E C 1974Cont. Cat. By Printers, Sec.10
K12 Katz & Landsberg Wharton-Tigar / de Printers, Sec. 15Figurina
K12 Katz & Landsberg Wharton-Tigar / de Printers, Sec. 15Figurina
K18 Kemmerich de Magistris1986Kemmerich – Meat Extract IssuesVansevenant
K18 Kemmerich de Magistris1986Kemmerich – Meat Extract Issues Vansevenant
K22 Kensitas Flowers Wilmshurst, Roy19991stDetailed List Wilmshurst, Roy
K24 Kensitas Silk Flowers (1934 – 1935)Minns, Peter 20061stIllustrated Listing Grange Publishing
L04 Lambert & Butler Wharton-Tigar, E C 1948Ltd Cartiphilic Ref. Book No. 9CSGB
L10 Lawn Tennis on Tobacco CardsHurst, Derek19861stLawn Tennis Listing Hurst, Derek
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