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Last updated 15 February 2021


Here is the front cover of our latest magazine. It is entirely written by our members, and it’s only available by subscription. Read more about that by clicking HERE 

How far we have come since 1939, when we first published a regular magazine for collectors. There were earlier magazines published from other sources, but those were mainly price lists or catalogues of cards issued by dealers; whilst ours were true collecting magazines, with no prices or values, just information on new cards, research about earlier ones, articles on how to collect and to store your collection, and recent developments in the hobby. They also contained lists of updates since the publication of our reference books. This written content has always been supplied by members for other members alone to read. In later years a trophy, The Cartophilic Cup, has been awarded for the best article of a calendar year, and the winner of this is voted for by our readers.

Our society magazine has seen relatively few changes in all those years. Its first title was “The Bulletin : official organ of The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain”, it was edited by Eric Gurd and Issue number 1 was dated June/July 1939. How close to war that was to make the leap into such an undertaking. Yet the magazine was published, and despite wartime shortages, restrictions on paper, air raids and bomb damage, and contributors going off to war, it lasted until Volume 4, No. 43, (February 1943). Though published for circulation to members as individual stapled copies, there seems to have been a number of them which were subsequently bound into hardcover books. Anyone with more information on this please let us know.

That might have been the last of “The Bulletin”, but it was not the last issue of the magazine, as the next issue was re-titled. Now bearing the name of “The Cartophilic World” and proudly proclaiming they were “Devoted to the interests of Cigarette Card Collectors”. And so it remained, until 1964.

Then, perhaps in homage to the Cartophilic Society’s own “Notes and News” it became “Cartophilic Notes & News“. And “Cartophilic Notes and News” it stayed, right until May/June 2014. Does anyone know of a longer standing collectables magazine title?

And in July/August 2014, that edition was re-named, and it became “Card World“, perhaps to match our new website, perhaps so that it proved we were now more inclusive for collectors of all cards, though the first two editions did carry a subtitle “Successor to Cartophilic Notes and News“. We also welcomed back one of our former editors, Mr. G. Howsden

Below is our inaugural gallery of covers. There are still a few absences but we are well on our way. We have now found how to add issue dates and numbers (though they only show up when you click the thumbnail and reveal the whole magazine) so that readers can request or search for back issues by the numbering code. We have also found that if you hover on the right hand side of the image in full view form you get an arrow and can view all of the covers in order and continuously without returning to the thumbnail gallery.

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