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Last updated 19 June 2021

Well here we are, steaming steadily towards our Century, for The Cartophilic Society was founded in 1938. And whilst we are starting to look forward to that happy event, we must also take some time out to remember, and to celebrate, all of those collectors, writers, researchers, and dealers who we met along the way, and who helped to make “today” possible. This landing page is actually a doorway into that amazing past, and it is full of wonderful things and amazing characters. So please step through, by clicking on any bold headline, and enjoy your journey. And if there are things you remember that we don`t seem to, do tell us at:

C.S.G.B. & Card Collectors Archive
last updated May 15, 2021

this section tells the story of our Society, and of how we arrived here. You will find the story of the cards we collect on lots of other sites, but we believe this is the only place you will find the stories of the many people who created our hobby.

Branch Archives
Our next work in progress, watch this space —-

Here you will find the stories of our regional branches, where local collectors used to gather together, when life was normal, to chat, share stories, and swap or buy cards. Hopefully reading of their past will keep them in our hearts until we can all meet again.

Convention Archives
last updated 19 June 2021

At the moment we are updating these – with many thanks to all our readers who have provided us with extra information.

A list of dates and venues will be found at and if you can add anything please do!

Magazine Archives
last updated 15 February 2021

this section tells of our adventures in print. It is currently under construction, and though it already includes the start of a “Card-World” cover gallery, the intention is to eventually have a list of all our magazines, and sample images of past issues.

Latest News