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Yes, TODAY is it, the LAST CHANCE, the day the hammer falls for all the lots in our catalogue. So dont miss out by missing the auction …. Remember non-members are welcomed to bid, but you must pay 10% buyers premium. Our members do not pay this.

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and tis staying fit and well, this wretched virus is lingering longer than most people would have thought. All auctions, including ours, seem to be doing very well, but I cannot wait until we can resume actually attending fairs and auctions. Let’s hope that things can return to normal as soon as possible.

Now I have had a few queries about prices in our auction. I would like to reiterate that winning bidders always receive their lots at the lowest possible price, allowing for reserves and other bids received. As I have said before, as collectors we know the value of cards but I never cease to be amazed at the number of tied or similar bids I receive on some lots. So to repeat, there is no skulduggery in our auction!

And so on to the highlights of this sale, where there is, of course, the usual mix of sets and types, tobacco and trade.. We have 2 Lambert & Butler Jockeys, 2 Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., 2 Barratt Chunky of the Challenger which are believed to be unrecorded, lots of Taddy types mostly in top condition, 3 more Smiths Battlefields, 4 Salmon & Gluckstein Owners & Jockeys, a Phillips Guinea Gold Advert Card, 2 Phillips General Interest, Churchman Boy Scouts A series and 2nd series and some more ATC Songs I.
Remember, if a member requires any more information, or wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only too happy to oblige. However due to the cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email. Please email your requests to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Bidding closes THURSDAY 31st DECEMBER 2020

1Type LAMBERT & BUTLER Jockeys, no frame lines. S Loates.G+£15-18
2Type LAMBERT & BUTLER Jockeys, no frame lines. C Wood. JustVG£18-20
3Type WATERMAN Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc. H.12 no. 1. King George V, W.VG/EX£60-70
4Type WATERMAN Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc. H.12 no. 15. Got Him – Good Dog!VG/EX£60-70
510 Types ANON Beauties (Nudes). Nos. 68-70, 72, 73, 75-79. French, plain back c.1916VG/EX£20-22
62 Types ANON (as ARIEL) Sporting Boys & Girls. Croquet & Tennis. HA-85.EX£10-12
72 Types BARRATT Chunky of the Challenger nos. 42 & 51 Unrecorded. Few creasesVG£24-28
8Type KLENE (VAL GUM) Footballers no. 35, Stoker, Nottingham Forest. Corner creaseG/VG£12-15
9Type KLENE (VAL GUM) Footballers no. 37, H Burrows, Sheffield Wednesday.G/VG£10-12
10Type NESTLE Advert Card. Condensed Swiss Milk. Child with dog & large tin. UnrecordedG/VG£18-20
11Type NESTLE Advert Card. Condensed Swiss Milk. Children with cat & large tin. Unrec.G/VG£18-20
12Type TYLER’S BOOTS Armed Forces Display Cards. TYL-050. Italy.VG/EX£18-20
13Type BROOKE BOND Place the Face Bingo. Hoffman/Goolagong/Taylor.VG/EX£12-15
14Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no. 27 Lord Grenfell.VG/EX£12-15
15Type TADDY Orders of Chivalry 2nd Series no. 11.VG£15-18
16Type TADDY Orders of Chivalry no. 24.VG/EX£15-18
17Type TADDY Territorial Regiments no. 25.VG/EX£15-18
18Type TADDY Victoria Cross Heroes no. 31.VG£30-35
19Type TADDY County Cricketers. De Trafford, Leicestershire. Very faint crease o/wVG£30-35
20Type THOMSON & PORTEOUS VC Heroes no. 23. Firms name on front at base.VG£12-15
21Type WILLS Cricketers 1896. Briggs, Lancashire. Glue stain all of back o/wVG£65-75
22Type WILLS Cricketers 1901 no. 9, (Plain background) F S Jackson.VG£20-22
23Set COPE British Warriors (Black backs).VG/EX£240-280
24Set ILLINGWORTH Cavalry.VG/EX£70-80
25Set (P12) WILLS Industries of Britain.VG£65-75
26Set (16) THOMSON Badges of the Fighting Flyers in slip flip album. Album F/G, cardsVG/EX£35-40
27Set (36) ALLEN Cricketers (Coloured). 3F, restG/VG£250-280
28Type FAIRWEATHER Historic Buildings of Scotland no. 39.VG£30-35
29Type FAIRWEATHER Historic Buildings of Scotland no. 40.VG£30-35
30Type FAULKNER Our Gallant Grenadiers (no clause) no. 11.VG/EX£10-12
31Type FAULKNER Our Gallant Grenadiers (no clause) no. 12.VG/EX£10-12
32Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 1. “Pinewood” Mixture back.VG/EX£10-12
33Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 2. “Kashan” Cigarettes back.VG/EX£10-12
34Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 6. Wild Geranium back.VG/EX£10-12
35Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no. 1, General Joffre.VG£10-12
36Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no. 11, Rear-Adm. C E Madden.VG/EX£10-12
37Set (56) SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS Australian Racehorses (Vert back)+variety. 1F,14G/VGVG£180-200
38Type SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Owners & Jockeys. Allsopp/Rose.G/VG£60-70
39Type SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Owners & Jockeys. Black/Vyner. Corner knocks o/wG/VG£60-70
40Type SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Owners & Jockeys. Finlay/Bottomley.VG£60-70
41Type SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Owners & Jockeys. H Jones/Larnarch.VG£60-70
42Type PLAYERS Football 1952-3 Fixtures (London teams) 8 page booklet.VG£12-15
43Type BARRATT (Australia) Columbia Pictures Famous Movie Stars no. 50. Rita Hayworth.EX£6-7
44Type SPORTING MIRROR Football Letter Cards. Series no. 10. SPO-160, HS-74.10.VG£10-12
45Type SPORTING MIRROR Football Letter Cards. Series no. 13. SPO-160, HS-74.13.VG£10-12
46Type HARRIS Beauties HOL. H.192 no. 9. Slight back damage o/wG£12-15
47Type BARRATT Cricket Team Folders no. 18. M.C.C. Team. Tiny faint corner crease o/wVG£16-18
48Set (24) CHIX Scottish Footballers. CHI-450. No. 1 F, restVG£100
49Type WAYFARER Supplements. Boxing. WAY-040, HW-13.2.3 Back marks, 2 pin holesVG£10-12
50Type WAYFARER ditto. Heavyweight Champ at 31. Len Harvey. Back marks, 2 pin holesVG£10-12
51Type COHEN WEENEN Heroes of Sport. Mlle. Marcelle, cycling.F£30-35
52Set SPORT Football Team Picture Books. SPO-040. 6 books each with 6 cards. Covers G,VG/EX£120-140
53Set (6) PHILMAR The Transport Transfer Book. 6 unused transfers in book, 1950’s.G£7-8
54Set (6) PHILMAR The Speed Transfer Book. 6 unused transfers in book, 1950’s.VG£7-8
55Type CLARNICO/POPPLETON Footballers. H Cope, Notts County. ZJF-360, HZ-4.VG£25-28
56Type CLARNICO/POPPLETON Footballers. F Gregory, Watford. ZJF-360, HZ-4.VG£25-28
5720 Types ANON. Actresses. 1950’s. 2 sheets of 10 stickers inc. Hepburn, Day, Taylor.F/G£12-15
58Set PLAYERS Army Life.EX£15-18
59Set (25) CHURCHMAN Warriors of All Nations.EX£20-22
606 Types OGDENS Australian Test Cricketers. RB115 item 21 nos. 8,12,14,21,23 & 36.VG/EX£10-12
6117 Types GALLAHER Famous Cricketers.VG/EX£20-22
628 Types PLAYERS Famous Irish Greyhounds nos. 4, 9, 24, 30, 40, 42, 49 & 50.VG/EX£15-18
639 Types MITCHELL Scottish Footballers nos. 2, 5, 8, 14, 20, 24, 39, 41 & 45.VG/EX£10-12
64Type MURATTI Crowned Heads no. 23.VG/EX£10-12
652 Types BARRATT Naval Ships. HMS Nelson, HMS Southampton. BAR-580, HB-63.G/VG£12-15
66Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no.3. Brig. Gen Sir Philip Chetwode.VG/EX£12-15
67Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (South Africa) no. 2. General Pau.VG/EX£12-15
68Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (South Africa) no. 4. General Sir H L Smith-Dorrien.VG£12-15
69Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (South Africa) no. 12. Adm. Sir Percy Scott.VG/EX£12-15
70Type TADDY Russo-Japanese War no. 1. Admiral Togo.G/VG£18-20
71Type COPE British Warriors (Grey back) no. 15.VG£10-12
72Type COPE British Warriors (Grey back) no. 20.VG£10-12
73Type OGDENS Liners. SS Tunisian(Guinea Gold Type)Cat.£220.Faint bends,glue on back o/wVG£90-120
74Type PHILLIPS Guinea Gold Advert Card. 65×43. Unrecorded.VG£60-70
75Type PHILLIPS Guinea Gold. Maj. Genl. R S S Baden-Powell. Tiny corner mark o/wVG/EX£35-40
76Type PHILLIPS Beauties HUMPS. 7 Gold Medals. H.222 no. 5.VG£50-60
77Type PHILLIPS General Interest. RB113 fig. 83 no. 11.VG/EX£25-28
78Type PHILLIPS General Interest. RB113 fig. 83 no. 12.VG/EX£25-28
79Type OGDENS Beauties & Military P/C Inset. 5 Spades.VG£18-20
80Type OGDENS Guinea Gold. Jockeys, Base D. T Loates.EX£6-7
81Type OGDENS Guinea Gold. Jockeys, Base D. C Wood.VG/EX£6-7
82Type OSBORNE Naval & Military Phrases (white border) Running Before the WindVG/EX£35-40
83Set PHILLIPS Screen Stars (Embossed). 7F, restVG£20-22
84Set (100) GALLAHER Tricks & Puzzles (Black backs).VG/EX£40-45
85Set R LLOYD Old Inns. 2 backs grubby o/wVG/EX£25-28
86Set HILL Magical Puzzles.VG/EX£50-60
87Set PLAYERS Dogs Heads by Biegel.EX£18-20
88Set HILL Modern Beauties.EX£20-22
89Set (24) ROTHMANS Prominent Screen Favourites.VG/EX£15-18
90Set CARRERAS Turf Famous Footballers. Neatly cut to size.2F, restVG£45-50
91Set (48) BROOKE BOND Forty Years of Cards in commemorative box.EX£6-7
92Set (27) CARRERAS Paramount Stars. No. 18F, restEX£25-28
93P/Set (48/50) F50 HILL Scenes from the Films. – Nos. 9 & 27. No. 40P, restVG/EX£70-80
94P/Set (22/24) NABISCO Footballers. – Nos. 2 & 12.VG/EX£32-35
95Set (L25) EDWARDS, RINGER & BIGG. Cinema Stars.VG£20-22
96Set (25) CHURCHMAN Sporting Trophies. 2F, restG/VG£25-28
97Set MORRIS Actresses (Black & White). 2F, restVG£25-28
98Set EDWARDS, RINGER & BIGG How to Tell Fortunes.G/VG£40-45
99Set CARTLEDGE Famous Prize Fighters + the 2 variations nos. 13 & 19.VG/EX£100-130
100Set OGDENS Shots from the Films.VG£35-40
101Set BAT Cinema Stars (201-300).VG/EX£35-40
102Set (25) WILLS SCISSORS Cinema Stars. 4F, restG/VG£35-40
103P/Set 60/85 ANSTIE Regimental Badges (Silk). Minimal fraying.VG£50-60
104P/Set 9/10 FAITH PRESS Boy Scouts. – No. L.C.C. I., 10.VG/EX£35-40
105132 Types OGDENS Boy Scouts. Mainly green backs, all from series 1 to 4. 5F, restG/VG£90-120
106P/Set 20/50 FRY Scout Series. 4F, restG£70-80
107Type HUNTLEY & PALMER Sports (No semi-circle). Walking. HH-108.2.12.G/VG£6-7
1082 Types SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Famous Pictures. Cherry Earrings, Kiss and be…VG£6-7
1092 Types CARRERAS Actresses & Their Pets nos. 18G/VG & 19F.A/D£6-7
1102 Types OGDENS Premium Coupons. 1903 & 1905VG£6-7
111Type GOLDS Motor Cycle Series (Blue back) no. 5.F£12-15
112Type WILLS Cricketers 1901 (Plain) no. 6. Glue stain rear, small stain front o/wG/VG£6-7
113Type MORRIS Boer War, 1900. Lieutenant Norwood. 7mm corner crease o/wG£12-15
114Type COPE Boxers no. 63. Lieut. McEnroy.F£6-7
115Type COPE Boy Scouts & Girl Guides(Scandinavian).G. Back slightly grubby o/wVG£12-15
116Type ALLEN & GINTER The Worlds Decorations no. 30. Standard size. JustG/VG£6-7
117Type ALLEN & GINTER The Worlds Decorations no. 38. Standard size. Back damageVG£6-7
118Type TADDY Coronation Series no. 8.G/VG£10-12
119Type SMITH Football Club Records 1917 no. 18, Raith Rovers.VG£10-12
120Type COHEN WEENEN Russo-Japanese War Series. Pobieda, Russian Battleship.VG£7-8
1215 Types COPE VC&DSO Naval & Flying Heroes.H.121 nos3VG,4F,14G,20G&40VG.A/D£15-18
122Set (54) JOHN SINCLAIR Film Stars (Series of Real Photos).EX£25-28
123Set (5) ROTHMANS Rare Bank Notes. Loose in sp. Album + 5 coupons.EX£6-7
124Set (L25) ROTHMANS Cinema Stars.VG/EX£6-7
125Type ROBERT SINCLAIR Playing Card.10Hearts.Foursome Tobacco,golf scene.G£6-7
126Types ATTENDANCE CARDS.ESA London7x10,ESA Londonx1,NSD Westminsterx2G/VG£6-7
1278 Types DICKSON ORDE Ships Through the Ages nos.1,8,13,15,16,19,23&24.VG£6-7
1286 Types SINGLETON & COLE Bonzo Series nos.4, 9, 15, 16, 18 &25.F/G£6-7
12917 Types GALLAHER Zoo Tropical Birds. 1 1st Series, rest 2nd Series.VG£6-7
130P/Set 31/60 A&BC GUM Beatles B & W. All with fake signatures on backs o/w 3F, restVG£25-28
1314 Types SHEPHERDS DAIRIES War Pictures nos.55-58. 55 & 57 light toning o/wG/VG£18-20
132Type SINGLETON & COLE Orient Line (Anon, 11 Ports on back). RMS “Ormuz”.VG£25-28
133Type SINGLETON & COLE Orient Royal Mail Line (Firms Name). RMS “Orontes”.VG£18-20
134Type HILL Naval Series no. 35.VG£6-7
135Type SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Heroes of the Transvaal War. Capt. Lambton.G/VG£6-7
136Type SOUTH WALES TOB. MFG. Views of London.Tower Bridge.Small faint cr. o/wG£6-7
137Set CHURCHMAN Boy Scouts, A Series. 6F, 13G, 5VG, restG/VG£120-140
138Set CHURCHMAN Boy Scouts, 2nd Series. 1F, 7G, 7VG, restG/VG£120-140
139Type TADDY VC Heroes-Boer War no. 47.VG/EX£10-12
140Type TADDY VC Heroes-Boer War no. 61.VG£10-12
141Type TADDY Sports & Pastimes. Skating.VG£10-12
142Type TADDY Prominent Footballers (No Footnote). H Stapley, West Ham United.VG£12-15
143Type CLARKE Cricketers no. 12, J Tunnicliffe.G/VG£70-80
144Type HILL Battleships & Crests no. 17. Tiny faint crease o/wVG£6-7
145Type ATC Songs I. Katy Mahone. With her beautiful nature and soul full of love.VG£18-20
146Type ATC Songs I. My Pearl’s a Bowery Girl. For at swimming….F/G£6-7
147Type ATC Songs I. Ting-a-Ling. For she had won my affections. Light stains front o/wG/VG£6-7
148Type WILLS Animals & Birds in Fancy Costumes. Coati balancing feather on nose.F/G£6-7
149Type WILLS Animals & Birds in Fancy Costumes. Hen with 2 fledglings.G£6-7
150Type WILLS Animals & Birds in Fancy Costumes. Turkey smoking cigar.F/G£6-7

Here are pictures of a few selected items. Remember if you would like to see any lots which are not illustrated, just please ask us via


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