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Pancake Day

Pancake Day

Though this card is amusing, there is a serious side to Pancake Day as it allows for the using up of ingredients that may go off over Lent – milk, eggs, fats, flour, etc – because Pancake Day, or rather “Shrove Tuesday”, is always the day immediately prior to Ash Wednesday, when Lent, and forty days of fasting, not feasting, begins in many religions.

Many towns used to celebrate with races, where contestants carried a frying pan and would regularly flip the pancake as they progressed. 

YouTube has footage of several of these including

1927 –

1951 –

Other areas played football on Shrove Tuesday, of a rather rowdy kind. And that is also available to watch online. Start with this match from Alnwick, which took place in 1935,and can still be seen at –

You can find later footage, and also other towns – have a good look!

Sadly, none of these will be going ahead in person this year, due to our present locked-down state. 

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