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postal Auction P.A.565 January 2020

postal Auction P.A.565 January 2020

Where does the time go! I am writing this in the week before Christmas, and another year has flown by. By the time you get this we will be in to 2020, so I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

I hope 2019 was a success in finding those elusive odds to slim down your wants list, and that 2020 will be just as good. I am looking forward to the Convention at Salisbury, not so far for me to travel, but I have to confess I do enjoy going further afield to places that I may not have been to before. I am sure there will be more information about the Convention elsewhere in this and the next issue.

This time I have plenty to write about. I am starting to get a bit short of lots for the auction, no need to panic just yet, but if anyone is thinking of entering lots then please get in touch. As they say on “Flog It”, quality always sells, and this is true for our auction. Sets and odds of scarce cards in nice condition are sought after, please refer to the prices realised so you can see what sells and what does not. Remember though, the prices realised shown are not for the previous auction, but the one before that. I prefer vendors to quote a reserve, but am willing to offer advice in that area.

After my previous grumbles about the cricket at least England managed to draw the Ashes series. Credit must go to the Australians as anything other than a loss when playing away from home must be considered a reasonable result. However, I do believe both teams to be rather weak, with the exception of Steve Smith. I am writing this in the week before the rugby World Cup quarter-final; I am hoping of course that England manage to beat the Australians and go on to win the tournament, but if I was a gambler my money would be on New Zealand.

And so on to the highlights this time. There are 2 more Waterman Army Pictures, Cartoons, etc., Muratti Actress FROGA and Beauty CHOAB, Robinson & Barnsdale Colin Campbell advert card, 2 Bell Footballers, a Smith Advert card, some Donaldson Sports Favourites including a very rare boxer, Lambert & Butler Jockeys (with frame), Edwards Ringer & Bigg Birds & Eggs, Edmondson’s Popular Sports, Lowney Bird Series, Fairweather Historic Buildings of Scotland and Martin V. C. Heroes.

Please have a good look through the Auction List which appears below the illustrations, you can either click to read the file direct or download it; included within is the usual mix of sets and types, tobacco and trade. I look forward to receiving your bids. If a member wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only too happy to oblige. However due to the cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email. Please email your requests to me and I will try to respond as soon as possible. If a member requires any more information about lots, then please contact me by phone, email or post and I will do my best to assist.

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