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Postal Auction P.A.570 – November 2020

Postal Auction P.A.570 – November 2020

Some pre-auction jottings from our Secretary…. I hope everyone is staying fit and well. Like everyone else, I am still missing attending various fairs and auctions; let’s hope that things can start to improve in the not too distant future. I would like to inform you that there are quite a few lots in this auction with very low reserves. These have been set by the vendors as they just want their lots to sell. The first batch starts at lot 13 through to lot 31, and the second at lot 119 through to lot 131, the final batch starts at lot 135 through to lot 138. As can be seen, this last batch are in mixed condition. We have a set of Smiths Battlefields of Great Britain plus another 4 types, two Typhoo plastic Football Club Plaques, a Taddy Footballer, two Kinnear Jockeys, a couple of Faulkner Our Gallant Grenadiers, a part set of Anglo The New James Bond, some more Donaldson Sports Favourites and Golden Series in top condition, 2 Churchman Bobby Jones, a Franklyn Davey bird, American Eagle Occupations for Women and 5 Hill Lighthouse Series. Please have a good look through the Auction List; there is the usual mix of sets and types, tobacco and trade. I look forward to receiving your bids. If a member requires any more information about lots, or wishes to see a scan of a lot they are considering bidding on then I am only too happy to oblige, however due to the cost of printing and postage this will only be possible by email.

And now, to the results – Spirited bidding this time, and more than one tied bid, where more than one person bid the identical amount. In these cases, marked in our results with an asterisk, the first bid received is the winner, so do bear this in mind when our next catalogue appears, and if you really want an item bid soon!

Our top priced set was Lot 32 Smith “Battlefields of Great Britain”, 6 cards being Good condition, 18 Good to Very Good, rest Very Good. Estimated at £340-380 it sold for £400. This is a specimen card

S548-050 : F. & J. Smith “Battlefields of Great Britain” (1913)

The highest price for a single card was brought by Lot 100, a type card by Churchman from their “Famous Golfers 1st Series” in the large size, of course it was card no. 7, Bobby Jones, (or, as he appears here R.T. Jones). This card was in Very Good to Excellent condition, estimated at £85-90 and sold for £210. And here it is:


Here is the rest of the catalogue complete with prices realised. Remember the minimum reserve on each lot of our auctions is just £5 – though some lots may have higher reserves.


Lot NoDescriptionConditionEstimateHammer
1Type CARRERAS Flags of the Allies (Pin as Mast). Small print loss by mast o/wVG£25-30£21
2Type GOODBODY Boer War Celebrities CAG. General Warren. Light Brigade back.VG£30-35£42
3Type TADDY Prominent Footballers (no footnote). A Archer, Brighton & Hove Albion.VG/EX£18-20£23
42 Types BARRATT (Anon) Film Stars. BAR-398 b. Lilian Harvey & Shirley Temple.VG£10-12£14
5Set (13) CWS Comic Scenes of CWS Products. COO-355, HC-131 with a) varieties.G/VG£35-40£30
6Type HOLLOWAY Winged Angel Cards. HH-116. 3. Portuguese language back. Glue stainVG£15-18£12
72 Types LINOSAIR (Anon) Parrot Series. LIN-190 b. HL-38 nos. 1 & 8.G£12-15£13
82 Types NESTLE Comic Scenes with Dogs. HN-27 nos. 2 & 12.G£12-15£32
9Type PALATINE Animals Rapidly Becoming Extinct. The Bison. Tiny tear. UnrecordedG£12-15£17
102 Types RIMMEL Modern Comical Conversation Cracker. HR-22 nos. 2 & 13.G/VG£18-20£15
11Type SPENCER, TURNER & BOLDERO Our Walls of Iron. Semaphore Signaller.G£15-18£26
126 Types WEST SUSSEX EDUCATION COMMITTEE School Attendance Cards Set 17AG/VG£10-12£12
1321 Types RAY War Series (26-100). 2F, 2G, 7VG, restG/VG£6-7£52
143 Types LAW Types of British Soldiers. Seaforth Highlander, Scots Grey & Royal LancasterF£6-7£7
152 Types MARTIN VC Heroes nos. 12 & 23 + JONES BROS. Spurs Footballer A Young.G/VG£6-7£13
164 Types PLAYERS Actors & Actresses. H.337 nos. 7, 14, 15 & 25.G£6-7£15*
177 Types PLAYERS England’s Naval Heroes (Narrow, desc)H.353 nos.5,9,14,16,17,21 &25G/VG£6-7£44
1810 Types PLAYERS Military Series nos. 2, 21, 29, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43 & 45.G/VG£6-7£48
1915 Types PLAYERS Old England’s Defendersnos.2,8-10,17,24,27,28,30,32,33,35,39, 45,49G/VG£6-7£65
2012 Types PLAYERS Gallery of Beauty (Narrow) nos.3,13,15,18,29,34,36,39,40,45,46,50.G/VG£6-7£34
216 Types PLAYERS Famous Authors & Poets (Wide) nos. 1, 3, 4, 9, 17 & 18.G/VG£6-7£30
227 Types PLAYERS Gallery of Beauty nos. 7, 11, 23, 15, 46, 49 & 50.G/VG£6-7£34
233 Types PLAYERS Famous Authors & Poets (Narrow) nos. 8, 12 & 16.G/VG£6-7£10
2416 Types TADDY Heraldry Series nos. 1, 2, 5-7, 9, 11-13, 15, 16, 18-20, 23 & 24. 2F, restG/VG£6-7£70
257 Types TADDY Honours & Ribbons nos. 11, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22 & 25. 1F, restG/VG£6-7£32
2612 Types TADDY Orders of Chivalry nos. 4, 6-8, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21 & 25. 4F, restG/VG£6-7£40
277 Types TADDY Sports & Pastimes nos. 4, 5, 17-19, 23 & 24.G/VG£6-7£75
2816 Types+4 dups TADDY Admirals & Generals nos.2-7,11,12,15,16,20,28,29,31,33,36. 7FG/VG£6-7£80*
2941/48 DRAPKIN Photogravure Masterpieces. Ref book 113 item 420. 1P, 9F, restG/VG£6-7£55
3011 Types CHAS J MITCHELL Actresses FROGA (Brown back)4xHamer 7xLindon mantillaG/VG£6-7£46
318 Types SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Heroes of the Transvaal War. 1VG, 1G/VG restF/G£6-7£32
32Set SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain. 6G, 18G/VG, restVG£340-380£400
33Type HARTLEY South African English Cricket Tour 1929. E L Dalton. Cat. £100.F/G£25-30U/S
34Set GOODIES Wildlife.EX£15-18U/S
35P/Set GOODIES The Monkees 2nd Series. – nos. 1, 2, 7, 8, 13-15, 17 & 24.EX£35-40U/S
36Set MITCHELL Famous Scots.EX£40-45£35
37Type TYPHOO Football Club Plaque. Chelsea.EX£10-12£8
38Type TYPHOO Football Club Plaque. Millwall.EX£10-12£14
39Type DRAPKIN Cinematograph Actors. Elvere Dolores Cassinelli.G£7-8£6
40Type KINNEAR Jockeys (Different, Large Caption) Nightingal. Cat. £140.F£25-30£20
41Set (L17) SCHIMMELPENNINCK Cigar Bands European Cup Finals 1956-1972Mint£15-18U/S
42Set (XL25) ALVARO Cigar Bands FIFA World Cup Espana 1982Mint£12-15U/S
43P/Set 24/25 JUNIOR EXPRESS WEEKLY Jeff Hawke Space Gen. – no. 14. 1F, restVG£40-45£40
44Type ODEON CINEMA MANCHESTER Ian Carmichael in The Big Money. Small creaseVG£6-7£5
45Type YATES & HENDERSON Sheffield Wednesday Season 1934-5 Harry Burgess, creaseG£25-30U/S
46Type YATES & HENDERSON Sheffield Wednesday Season 1934-5 Ellis Rimmer, creaseG£25-30U/S
47Type BARRATT Cricketers, Footballers & Football Teams. A E R Gilligan, Xmas Club back.VG£15-18£12
48Type PATTREIOUEX Cricketers Series no. 45 M Leyland, Yorkshire.VG/EX£7-8£6
49Type PATTREIOUEX Cricketers Series no. 63 H Strudwick, Surrey.VG/EX£7-8£11
50Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 2. Kashan Cigarettes back.VG£10-12£15
51Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 3. Albion Gold Flake Cigarettes back.VG/EX£10-12£15
52Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 4. Albion Gold Flake Cigarettes back.VG/EX£10-12£17
53Type SMITH Battlefields of Great Britain no. 5. Glasgow Mixture Cigarettes back.VG/EX£10-12£13
54Type FAULKNER Our Gallant Grenadiers (No Clause) no. 9.VG/EX£10-12£15
55Type FAULKNER Our Gallant Grenadiers (No Clause) no. 10.VG/EX£10-12£8
56Type FRY With Captain Scott at the South Pole no. 16.VG£7-8£6
57Type FRY With Captain Scott at the South Pole no. 17.VG£7-8£6
582Types COHEN WEENEN Home & Colonial Regts(100)CIV& Canadian Mounted PoliceVG£10-12£17*
59Type BROOKE BOND Place the Face Bingo. Hoffman, Nixon & Starr.VG£12-15£10
60Type COHEN WEENEN War Series no. 4.VG£6-7U/S
61Type COHEN WEENEN War Series no. 15.VG£6-7U/S
62Type HILL Battleships & Crests no. 9.VG£18-20U/S
63Type PHILLIPS British Warships no. 16.VG£6-7£6
64Type PHILLIPS British Warships no. 18.VG£6-7£6
65Type (F80) PHILLIPS British Warships HMS Owl.VG/EX£12-15£17
66Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no. 16. Rear-Adm. Sir D Beatty.VG/EX£12-15£11
67Type TADDY Admirals & Generals (with comma) no. 20. Vice-Adm. Sir John R Jellicoe.VG/EX£12-15£21
68Type TADDY Orders of Chivalry no. 20.VG/EX£18-20U/S
69Type TADDY Orders of Chivalry no. 21.VG/EX£18-20£15
70Type WILLS SCISSORS Boxers. Sam Langford.VG£6-7£9
71Type WILLS SCISSORS Boxers. Spike Robson.VG/EX£6-7£9
72Type CLEVEDON Famous Cricketers no. 4. Tiny pink mark back o/wVG/EX£6-7U/S
73Type HOADLEYS Cricketers (Black front). G Morgan NSW.VG£10-12£8
74Type WILLS Cricketers 1896 Chatterton. Faint glue stain back o/wVG/EX£60-70£85
75Type WILLS Australian & South African Cricketers, blue frame, Vice Regal. W A Shalders.VG/EX£10-12£16
76Set (24) AUSTRALIAN LICORICE English Cricketers.VG£180-200U/S
77Set (36) SWEETACRE Cricketers (Minties). 6G/VG, restVG£280-300U/S
78Set (16) DUDGEON & ARNELL 1934 Australian Test Team.VG/EX£80-90£70
79Set (18) HOADLEYS English Cricketers (English subjects).VG£150-180U/S
80P/Set 48/56 ANGLO The New James Bond 007. -nos. 1, 2, 36, 37, 41, 42 & 54.VG/EX£280-300U/S
81Type DONALDSON Sports Favourites (black back) no. 274 Baksi, boxer.VG£6-7£11
82Type DONALDSON Sports Favourites (black back) no. 302 Yardley, cricketer.VG/EX£6-7£11
83Type DONALDSON Sports Favourites (black back) no. 303 Don Bradman, cricketer.VG/EX£6-7£25*
84Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 7.VG/EX£18-20£26
85Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 8.VG/EX£18-20£26
86Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 20.VG/EX£18-20£26
87Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 42.VG/EX£28-32£24
88Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 49.VG/EX£28-32£24
89Type DONALDSON Golden Series no. 53.VG/EX£28-32£24
90Type ADKIN Sporting Cups & Trophies no. 7. Tiny edge chip o/wVG/EX£12-15£10
91Type BAKER Beauties All Nations (Albert Baker back) Italian. 3mm corner crease o/wVG£12-15U/S
92Type CARROLL Louth All Ireland Champions no. 18, Duffy.VG£20-22£26
93Type CLARKE Cricketers no. 26, J Briggs (Lancs).G/VG£65-70£65
94Type CLARKE Sporting Terms. Cricket. Point.G/VG£40-45£35
95Type COPE Bridge Problems no. 4.VG£18-20£26
96Type COPE Golf Strokes no. 11, Abe Mitchell.VG/EX£15-18£12
97Type COPE single card issue Boxer –Jess Willard, New World’s Champion.VG£35-40£32
98Type COHEN WEENEN Famous Boxers (Black back) no. 18, Jack Johnson.VG£15-18£34
99Type CHURCHMAN Men of the Moment in Sport 1st (L) no. 7, Bobby Jones.VG/EX£85-90£85
100Type CHURCHMAN Famous Golfers 1st (L) no. 7, Bobby Jones.VG/EX£85-90£210
101Type EDWARDS, RINGER & BIGG Beauties CERF. H 57 no. 10.VG/EX£35-40£46
102Type FRANKLYN DAVEY Birds no. 3, Buff Breasted Merganser.VG£45-50£80
103Type FAULKNER Cricketers Series no. ,4 Abel, Surrey.G/VG£90-100£80
104Type HIGNETT Actresses Photogravure. Mrs Langtry.VG£30-35£48
105Type HIGNETT Animal Pictures. Gorilla & Leopard.VG/EX£20-22£26
106Type HIGNETT Yachts (black back) Niagara.VG£40-45£35
107Type HILL Football Club Captains no. 51, South African Rugby Team.VG£35-40£28
108Type KINNEAR Jockeys. Tod Sloane. JustG/VG£40-45£45*
109Type PHILLIPS General Interest W J Bassett (West Brom) Faint marks back o/wVG£25-28£34
110Type PLAYER Actresses Lady Clancarty.VG£18-20£24
111Type AMERICAN EAGLE Occupations for Women. Jockey.VG£45-50£90
112Type KIMBALL Savage and Semi-Barbarous Chiefs & Rulers. Kitete.VG/EX£20-22£25
113Type MAYO Prizefighters (Caption at top). Tommy Ryan. Corner knocks o/wG/VG£35-40£70
114Type HALL Actors & Actresses, Fancy Borders. M’lle Sarah Bernhardt.VG£10-12£10
115Type MANDELBAUM Comic Types. Sporting Girl.VG£40-45£65
116Type DUKE Terrors of America XL Size. BEFORE ELECTION. Faint marks backVG£18-20£16
117Type RICHMOND CAVENDISH Beauties AMBS. H.373 no. 7.VG/EX£35-40£50
118Type RICHMOND CAVENDISH Beauties AMBS. H.373 no. 10.VG/EX£35-40£60
119Set + 3 dups CARRERAS Women on War Work. 6F, 10G, 14G/VG, restVG£12-15£90
120P/Set 139/140 CARRERAS Raemakers War Cartoons (Black Cat) + 5 Carreras. 4FG/VG£12-15£20
121Set GALLAHER The Allies Flags. 6F, restG/VG£6-7£12
122Set WILLS SCISSORS Britain’s Defenders (Green back) 3F, restG/VG£12-15£10
123Set (50) ADKIN Soldiers of the Queen. 21 with glue/back damage, 10F, restG/VG£12-15£16
124Set WILLS (AUSTRALIA) War Pictures (Specialities). 3G/VG, restVG£12-15£19
125Set WILLS (24) Britain’s Part in the War.G/VG£6-7£5
126Set WILLS Allied Army Leaders. 3G/VG, restVG£6-7£5
127Set WILLS Military Motors (Not passed by censor). 4F, restG/VG£6-7£23
128P/Set 52/59 ADKIN Soldiers of the Queen. 12F, restG/VG£12-15£40
12967 Types WILLS Transvaal Series (White border, descriptive).G/VG£12-15£21
130Set WILLS Medals. 25G/VG, restVG£12-15£10
131P/Set 37/111 GALLAHER The South African Series + 2 dups. 7F, restG/VG£12-15£46
132104 Types DUTCH TOBACCO. Actors, Actresses, Beauties, Birds, Sport, etc.VG£60-70£75
13316 Types AFRICAN TOBACCO (No UTC). Actresses, aircraft, wildlife, etc.VG£18-20£15
134Set (32) AMALGAMATED PRESS Makes of Motor Cards & Index Marks.VG£25-30U/S
13523 Types BAYTCH BROS. Fighting Favourites. 6P, restF£6-7£32
136116 Types DONALDSON Sports Favourites. Football, 2 Snooker, 16P, 58F, restG£35-40£42
13727 Types DONALDSON Sports Favourites. Speedway. 4P, 11F, restG£12-15£34
13837 Types DONALDSON Sports Favourites. Boxers. 3P, 6G, restF£6-7£5
139Type DUKE Musical Instruments of the World X size. Organ & Piano.G/VG£15-18£26
140Type DUKE Musical Instruments of the World X size. Drum & Bass Drum.G/VG£15-18£26
141Type HILL Lighthouse Series, NO frame line, no. 3. Faint crease o/wG/VG£10-12U/S
142Type HILL Lighthouse Series, NO frame line, no. 10.G/VG£15-18U/S
143Type HILL Lighthouse Series, NO frame line, no. 12.G/VG£15-18£23
144Type HILL Lighthouse Series, NO frame line, no. 16. Crease o/wG/VG£6-7U/S
145Type HILL Lighthouse Series, WITH frame line, no. 19.G£10-12£8
1462 Types SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS Admirals & Warships USA. Colorado & OhioF£6-7U/S
147Type TYPHOO Our Empire’s Defenders, no. 7. Faint crease o/wG/VG£6-7U/S
148Type SINGLETON & COLE Famous Officers, no. 23.VG£6-7£13
149Type LAMBERT & BUTLER Motors, no. 25. JustVG£12-15£17
150Type ERB Portraits of His Majesty. Honorary Admiral of the Fleet. Faint crease o/wG/VG£6-7£5

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