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Presidential Pasteboards

Presidential Pasteboards

Today is Election Day in the United States of America. Though it does not affect us as directly as it does the residents of that Country and their immediate neighbours, it will have some bearing on our lives. So we can but hope you make the right choice. However, whoever you have a liking for, do make the effort to cast your vote. Across the Globe and throughout the centuries races, religions, ages, and genders have been persecuted for, and prevented from, voting. If we can currently vote, we must think of those who could not, and in some places still cannot vote for the candidate of their personal choice. Despite this, many elections have a low turn out of voters and very often the winner is only so by a slim majority, something which may well have been changed if everybody had their say. So I say every vote does matter, do bother to go, and if you cannot physically reach a polling station, find out how to register to vote postally next time, its very easy. But come on voters. Vote.. 

There have been 45 Presidents, including Grover Cleveland who served twice, as the 22nd and 24th President. Four were assassinated, some say due to a curse laid on them by Tecumseh, which you can read about at

The 46th will be elected very soon.

The first President was George Washington – shown here

Cigarette Card
A565-102 : USA/T70 [tobacco : OS] American Tobacco Co. “Historical Events Series” (1911)

The next nine were John AdamsThomas JeffersonJames MadisonJames MonroeJohn Quincy AdamsAndrew JacksonMartin Van BurenWilliam H Harrison – and – John Tyler

and if you have a few hours to spend you may like to find all the rest! Or other pictures of the above ten.

As you now know, American Presidents appear on many cards, especially in America. Our featured card at the top is Abraham Lincoln from Ogdens “Leaders of Men” (1924) card no.28. There are complete sets by such manufacturers as Allen & Ginter “Presidents of the United States” and these strange cards by Leroy Cigars. Consols Tobacco actually issued a set showing ” Ladies of the White House“, and some Presidents appear in Duke “Governors, Coat of Arms, Flags” which are listed as cigarette cards but which are actually folders. Ogden`s Guinea Gold and Tabs photographic cards also featured President McKinley and Mr. Bryan (William Jennings Bryan) who ran for the Presidency in 1900 but was not elected, losing out to McKinley. You may be thinking his name is familiar, and you would be right, he campaigned to ban the teaching of Darwin`s Theory of evolution in public schools. And check out :

There are also oddities –

This one satirises the 1876 election where Samuel J Tilden and Rutherford B Hayes sparred to such a degree that both candidates were certain they had actually won in three states and demanded recounts. It took six weeks to elect Hayes.

Cigarette Card
R.C. Brown (1877) ‘Political Cartoon – 1877 Presidential Election’ B139-1

Allen and Ginter “General Government and State Capitol Buildings of The United States” contains a card of “Presidents House

– and –

Gallaher “Irish View Scenery” card no.172 shows “President McKinleys Ancestral Home Dervock” – there is a rather fascinating article about this connection at

We hope you have enjoyed this little trail through the Presidents, and whoever wins may they serve their people well. After all, the people elected them.

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