The home of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain


For almost a hundred years Our society members have collected and researched tobacco and trade cards on sport and non sport themes, and from this research we have published a wide range of reference works. These have been continually updated and are now considered essential guides for collectors.

Each of the blocks below contains a link to a page all its own, and you reach that by clicking on the blue headings at each start point. So lets start with:


this is the place to view lots of different cards. Its currently being re-captioned as well, which will tie it even closer to our reference books.


this is where we sell brand new copies of all our reference works. Do note that Society Members receive a discount on our books; yet another privilege of joining us.


this is the home of our vast collection of vintage and modern reference books plus papers and typed listings. There is a full catalogue, and details of how the library operates.


this page tells the story of our card collecting magazine, in all its variations, since it was first issued in 1939. There’s also the beginnings of a cover gallery. 

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