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Roy Davis

Roy Davis

Tonight we mourn one of our collectors and dealers, Roy Davis. 

I first met him about twenty years ago, when he ran Middlesex Sports Cards Auctions out near Heathrow in Middlesex. These were interesting sales and always included many scarce items in very fine condition.
Our paths crossed again at the Cartophilic Conventions, and by then he was dealing online as R J Davis card auctions. Amazingly I have managed to track down a copy of one of his  catalogues online, this dates from 2012, and it is complete with pictures. There are 40 pages, but do take time to read it and to marvel at all the wonderful items that list contains. You can see it at

He also regularly stalled out at card fairs, and at our convention, where he was one of the dealers who buyers would come straight in and ask “Where is… ?” so they could head straight there. His stock was never cheap, but it was always quality; if you bought something off him it would be as best as he could find, and it used to take him a long time to complete the sets he offered for sale; he never inserted make-weights; there was never any cards you felt you needed to mark off to try and replace in the future.

As he grew older, he found the travelling tiring, and the early starts not so enjoyable, something that sadly comes to us all too soon, and he decided to sell up his remaining stock, plus, in a move many of us found surprising, his much loved collection. These three sales took place in 2019. Sadly his cards were simply all catalogued as being “the collection and stock thereof” rather than being separated into two categories, but with a bit of careful thought and consideration it was possible to spot which were his, and even those of which he had a special fondness for.

I am not sure why, but the card we show above is tagged “Roy Davis” in our media gallery. So was it a favourite card? One which raised the highest ever total at one of his auctions? Or did he use it in his advertising? If you can solve this mystery please tell us at

And now we can but pass on our condolences for a life that was ended sooner than any of us would have thought, when he still had much to do, and many memories left to share.

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