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Scarce References Spotted

Scarce References Spotted

Calling all cartophilists. Two rarer reference books are currently listed on eBay so have a look asap.

First up and just gone on is The Pinnace Collection Reference, that’s the blue cover one it’s £35 free post. And the link is

Why are eBay links so long! Easier to hunt for “Pinnace Book” you will also find a modern volume “Pinnace Photos of Football Teams Volume 1 Aberdeen to Huddersfield Town which is available in soft or hard back – and some of the smaller modern ones “The Pinnace Collection” where a single team is dealt with in each volume.

The second volume is Sweet Cigarette Packets by Mr. Hart published in 1993 and published by Murray Cards. This is a great bargain because it was originally sold at £6.50 and the eBay one is on at £6.49 free post. The link to that is

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