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Southport 2010, 2014, 2022?

Southport 2010, 2014, 2022?

Apologies to all of you especially our more Northern members, who were expecting to go to Southport next. Circumstances beyond our control have made this impractical, but we will do our best to get there in 2022, and maybe even in April! Of course we have not yet made Salisbury in October, but fingers crossed (and toes) we will….

Our first trip to the golden sands of Southport came in 2010. We dont seem to have a note of the date, do you?
We were guests of the Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, and being hosted by Yorkshire Branch. Southport has a huge claim to fame amongst comic book collectors as it was the home of Dan Dare, or more correctly “The Eagle” comic, hence our striking image though this is not Dan Dare it is his fiendish foe, The Mekon; just one card extracted from a whole set devoted to the intrepid Dan Dare which was issued by F.C. Calvert & Co. Ltd of Manchester in 1954. You can read more about them at and at

It is not mentioned on the cards, but Calvert actually issued a tie in item, namely “Dan Dare Tooth Powder”, and this rather fun fact is advertised on the front cover of their special album in which the cards were to be inserted. The side view of Dan Dare in his helmet is actually the same as appears on their circular tins of tooth powder, see
And on the inside front of the album cover is the following wording:

This Album is presented by CALVERTS to Space Cadet ………………………………… who hereby undertakes to clean his/her* teeth regularly with DAN DARE TOOTH POWDER in accordance with Space Fleet Health and fitness requirements

By the way, on the back of card number 1, Dan Dare himself, it says “….Many of his valiant adventures are now history but they are perhaps best chronicled by Frank Hampson the distinguished artist whose complete dossier of Interplanetary Space travel is exclusive to EAGLE. It is from this artist`s work that much of the data for this exclusive series is compiled”.
We can but steer your spaceship to – where you will find other fascinating links to travel onwards to.

And before we leave Dan Dare, you might like to visit
this site has everything, including how to upload a Dan Dare screensaver, and themed icons, on to your computer

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th April 2014 found us back at the Theatre and Convention Centre, on the Promenade just off the town centre and only a short walk from the rail station. A highlight for many was our special display of cards and ephemera to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. It was also a sad event in other ways as it was the last time we would be holding our auction live on site.
I have not got a 2014 Commemorative card to show, do you? And if so, do you have a spare, as I collect them! Please get in touch via

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