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Our Annual Card Convention

Our first ever Annual General Meeting was held on March 16, 1940 at Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street, in London. You can read about that, and all those which followed, by following these links

Convention Archives 1938-1949
Convention Archives 1950-1959
Convention Archives 1960-1969
Convention Archives 1970-1979
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Convention Archives 2000-2009
Convention Archives 2010-2019

You will note these dates stop at 2019. That is because in 2020 our Annual General Meeting and Card Convention fell foul of the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

We broke the news in our March/April magazine, as shown, and on this website, but we also announced good news – we had already rescheduled and booked the same venue for October.

We felt certain that this plague would go ahead, but as October neared it refused to go away, so we had to cancel the event completely, for the first year ever. Then we had a brainwave. Why not hold the event online? There was not much time, but we were supported by our good friends, and approximately 150 visitors were treated to galleries of cards, articles about local manufacturers, even a chance to browse the stocks of participating dealers, visit other card collecting websites, and to view a new reference work on New Zealand cricket cards that was being offered in this country for the first time. We were really delighted, and will continue to hold an online event in future, hopefully in conjunction with an actual event, so that all our members, wherever they live in the Country, or the World, can come along in virtual form. Also that visitors to this website will have the chance to see what happens, and maybe might come along on the second day if they spot it and live close enough.

We also received some lovely emails – and here are just a few

I have spent two days reminiscing about all the cards of my youth that I thought I had forgotten. I never knew they dated from so far back, or could be so beautiful; mine were just the adhesive backed Players and Wills. Thank you for a lovely weekend. PS when is your next actual convention? M.S.F

A big THANK YOU to Webspinner Supreme Michele and the various contributors for making this breakthrough digital convention something very unifying and unique. Please express your appreciation through the Visitor Gateway for this very special event. John JJ (On his 2nd Visit to the Card World Wonderland)

I only picked up this event from twitter on Monday and am glad I did. Very interesting, and your newsletter is a fun read – plus there is a lot of work goes in to it as well. Whilst I don`t collect cards, I will have a look into adding a few to my collection of other items.

You didnt mention my favourite set Aplin and Barratt Whipsnade [Zoo]. Its a lovely coloured set very naturalistic Here are two more links you might like to look at and
Though they were only in Wiltshire for a short time I`m sure this info from before their move will interest your readers

a good event, if there is a fault its that you could have had a few more places to buy cards from, but I did enjoy it.

You may not know this but at every physical convention we issued a commemorative card like the one we show here. We have gathered these together on a separate page which you can view at

If you have any of these cards that we do not show, please tell us, so that we can update our records. You can get in touch with us at :

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