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The Wants List

The Wants List

Do you need missing cards ?
Would you like to know a bit more about a certain set or issuer ?
Are you writing an article and need research info ?

Here are a few people in that same boat.
So why not jump in and either save them, or become a fellow traveller ?

Contact us via the form at

Lets start with African Tobacco Manufacturers : Postage Stamps Rarest Varieties – is there anyone out there who is willing to help make a checklist of all 100 cards ? Remember a list starts with just one card.

a member is looking for one card from the Kelloggs 3D “Animal Series”, the missing specimen is ‘crocodile’. Its a fairly modern card, dating from about 1970. Although they are after various other odds, this one seems to be the longest outstanding card they need to complete any set.

We have had a request for further information about a set of Kane Products Limited “Dogs”. This has a serial number of HX205 in the LCCC Catalogue and that style of number means the set was also issued by other companies. However though the collector has checked in many volumes and catalogues they have been unable to find the other issuer (s) of this set. Does anyone out there know? As a subsidiary but connected question these HX numbers appear from HX 1 to HX204 without a break, but then continue at only intermittent numbers from HX 211 to HX 290. What happened to HX 204 to HX 211? Finally are there other collectors who have any information
about this Kane Products ‘Dogs’ set. It is a most attractive one, with names, presumably the breeder? But how were these breeders selected? Did they win best in class or similar at a major show? If you know tell us!

We had an email from a keen collector seeking modern Everton football player cards by a range of manufacturers. His list appears below so please do go hunting through your moderns, even just for one – you know how it feels to get even the one! He will either swap or buy.

PlayerSetYearCard ReferenceType of Card
Dixie DeanFosse Soccer Stars 1919-1939 : Series 6199817Base
BadgeTopps Premier Gold2003-2004C8bBlue Foil
Andrew JohnsonTopps Premier Gold2006-2007R7Star Player Rainbow Foil
Phil Jagielka/Tim HowardTopps Premier Gold2013-2014DA-PJDual Autograph
Lacina TraoreTopps Premier League Match Attax Extra2013-2014EX10Extra
Romelu LukakuKickerz2014-2015n/aGold Star
John StonesKickerz2014-2015n/aSilver Star
Tim HowardTopps Premier Gold2014-2015PAR-THOPremier Jumbo Autographed Relics
Leighton BainesTopps Premier Gold2014-2015CAA-LBCrowning Achievement Autograph
Tim HowardTopps Premier Club2014-2015A1Autograph
Phil JagielkaTopps Premier Club2014-2015A7Autograph
Phil JagielkaTopps Premier Gold2015-2016PA-PJAutograph
Tim HowardTopps Premier Gold2015-2016PA-THAutograph
Phil Jagielka/Tim HowardTopps Premier Gold2015-2016PC-JHPure Class Dual Autograph Book Cards
Aaron LennonTopps Premier Club2015-2016PWS-AL-hMatch Worn Shirt / Home
Romelu LukakuKickerz2016100Base
Leighton BainesKickerz2016101Base
Tom DaviesTopps Now2016-2017N87Base
Aaron LennonTopps Premier Gold2016-2017SA-ALSponsor Autograph Jumbo Patches
Oumar NiasseTopps Now2017-201827Base
Everton (Baines)Topps Now2017-201854Base
Wayne RooneyTopps Now2017-201868Base
Everton (Sigurdsson)Topps Now2017-201871Base
Theo WalcottTopps Now2017-2018110Base
Leighton BainesTopps Match Attax Ultimate2018-2019AU-LBAutograph
Gylfi SigurdssonTopps Now2018-201921Base
Jordan PickfordEnglish Premier League Prizm2019-2020CB14Colour Blast
RicharlisonEnglish Premier League Prizm2019-2020CB17Colour Blast
RicharlisonEnglish Premier League Prizm2019-2020K7Kaboom
Jordan PickfordEnglish Premier League Prizm2019-2020S35Signature
Seamus ColemanEnglish Premier League Prizm2019-2020S50Signature
Andre GomesPanini Gold Standard2019-2020BB-AGBullion Brand
Seamus ColemanPanini Gold Standard2019-2020BB-SCBullion Brand
Gylfi SigurdssonPanini Gold Standard2019-2020BBS-GSBullion Brand Signature
Theo WalcottPanini Gold Standard2019-2020BBS-TWBullion Brand Signature
Gylfi Sigurdsson/Theo WalcottPanini Gold Standard2019-2020GD-SWGolden Duals
Theo WalcottPanini Gold Standard2019-2020GAG-TWGood as Gold Autographed Memorabilia
Theo WalcottPanini Gold Standard2019-2020MG-TWMarks of Gold

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